Essay About Myself Introduction for Students and Kids

Essay About Myself

Essay About Myself: Essay about Myself is a topic commonly asked in middle or primary school. The primary goal of this essay is to help students discover themselves. For instance, they can reflect upon their strengths, weakness, and potential areas of improvement. This topic also helps students to present themselves to others in an interesting manner. Moreover, students can add or modify relevant information so that they can appear more appealing for a potential future employer.

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Hence, Essay about Myself is an important topic for students to practice and perfect. Moreover, most students may be able to present themselves well, however, not all will be able to articulate themselves effectively. The essay samples, along with writing tips and tricks provided here will help you deliver an effective essay about yourself. Furthermore, these guidelines will also help students to improve general writing and presentation skills. Consider adopting the following tips and tricks to secure more marks/ grades in your exams.

Essay About Myself Writing Tips and Tricks

  • Ensure that the essay begins with an introductory paragraph
  • The introductory paragraph must contain the history of the topic or any pertinent background information
  • Try to incorporate names, dates, places or other specifics that may provide more clarity or context to the essay
    Ensure the content is presented in small, digestible chunks. Large monotonous blocks of text may make the reader lose interest.
  • Express content in points wherever required
  • Avoid using jargons, unless required by the topic
  • Academic essays must follow a formal style of writing. Hence, slags are not allowed.
  • Organize content into headings and subheadings
  • When ending the essay, always use a concluding paragraph
  • Summarize important points and key takeaways in the concluding paragraph
  • Try to read through the essay before submission. This can help eliminate spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

Examples of Essay About Myself Introduction

Essay About Myself Sample 1 (350+ Words)

Billions of people have come and gone ever since the dawn of society. However, every single one of them is different from one another. Each person has their own hopes and dreams, weakness and strengths, likes and dislikes. Therefore, to one know oneself is essential.

My family hails from Kerala, though we are currently settled in Pune. Most people know me as Sam, but my family and close friends call me Alex. My father is an entrepreneur and is responsible for supplying raw materials for metal fabrications in my town. My mother is a nurse and caters to the needs of sick people at my town’s main hospital. My parents love their job, and undoubtedly devote most of their time for work. I have my brother who is pursuing his masters in business administration. He studied in the same school as me.

I am currently studying in class 7, from one of the most reputed schools in Pune. I am blessed to have friends who I can rely on. Moreover, my teachers are very supportive and caring, ensuring that I do not fall behind on my learning. I even managed to learn foreign languages such as French, which I hope may become useful one day. Academically, I may not be the brightest student, but I still manage to clear all my papers without any backlogs.

Strengths and Weaknesses
I believe that I have the skills required to easily socialize with people. I can make friends easily and without much effort. I love sports, especially football. I always take part in all the sports activities that my school conducts. I have even managed to achieve a few awards and trophies along the way.

One of my biggest weaknesses is that I cannot study for long hours. If I am studying a subject that I find uninteresting, then it becomes even harder to sit in one place and study. However, I do plan to overcome this weakness one day. I have even started meditating to help to develop focus and attention.

In conclusion, I may not be the brightest student in my class, but I would still be proud of myself for who I am. If I was ever granted a wish to be someone else, I always would choose to be myself.

Essay About Myself Sample 2 (350+ Words)

7.8 billion people currently live on earth, each with their own special identity. However, no two people ever are the same, even if they are twins. Granted, people may share some similarities, traits and even behavioral characteristics, but they can never replace one another. Hence, knowing oneself is crucial.

My Family
My family lives a few kilometers from a very popular beach in Goa. My name is Akhil and I live with my parents and three siblings. My father is an engineer and works for a reputed automobile company in Goa. My mother works as an accountant in a private bank in Goa. My brother is older than me and is pursuing his engineering from Bangalore. My younger sister is studying class 5 in the same school as me and my elder sister is pursuing her bachelor’s in management from a renowned college in Goa.

My Education
I am studying in class 11 from a reputed school in Goa. I am also very lucky to have friends that I can depend upon. My teachers, though strict, are very helpful. They do not let me go home with a doubt in my head. My school has many extracurricular activities such as swimming, karate, and yoga. However, swimming is my favorite activity and I spend hours practising. Academically, I almost always ace all the tests in my class. I am also the classes’ highest achiever. I have never secured less than 90% marks in all my previous exams and I plan to continue the same for the foreseeable future.

My Strengths and Weakness
I always keep practicing and revising all subjects. This is because I feel studies are very important and they are my “entry ticket” into much more promising fields and career paths in the future. My biggest weakness is that I am rather lazy and do not like to go outdoors. I do not like going on treks, hikes or any other activity that involves a lot of walking. However, I do plan to overcome this weakness by being more active and doing regular exercises.

In conclusion, I may not have the healthiest practices, but I certainly do aim to change that. I am still proud of myself and I will always try to improve my skills and abilities as much as I can.