Essay on Mobile Phone for Students and Kids in English

Essay on Mobile Phone

Essay on Mobile Phone: Essay on Mobile is an essential topic for students to comprehend because of its far-reaching implications. The mobile phone is an invention that is less than four decades old; however, its popularity grew exponentially over time.

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In 2019, more than 3.2 billion people had a smartphone, and in 2021, that number is expected to rise to over 4 billion. People readily adopt mobile phones because it is an integral instrument in today’s world. From net-banking to socializing, mobile phones have the capability to do any task a computer can and even more.

From an academic perspective, writing an essay on mobile phones is quite easy as most students are familiar with their advantages and disadvantages. However, to secure even more marks, students must present their essay in the best possible way. It must be engaging to read, it must contain detailed information, and it must be articulated well.

Essay on Mobile Phone 600 Words Essay

Why are Mobile Phones very Popular?

Cell phones are the most popular gadgets on the planet, even surpassing laptops and computers. Moreover, mobile phones are a technological revolution that has made many other products obsolete. For instance, the radio, camera, compass, video recorder, and even the pager are gadgets that are no longer needed.

Far-reaching Implications

All these gadgets are digitally emulated in mobiles phones, often surpassing the quality or fidelity of the original. Moreover, mobile phones have created many new opportunities and niches for people to explore. The most popular among these is vlogging – or video blogging. With just a smartphone camera, an individual has the potential to start a full-time career.

Pros and Cons of Mobile Phones

However, the mobile phone is considered as a “double-edged” sword. We shall explore some pros and cons of this device:


  • Mobile Phones are very Portable: Most mobile phones are no bigger than the palm of a human hand. Hence, they can be carried around almost anywhere. Due to this, traditional landlines are slowly being phased out in favour of mobile phones.
  • Mobile Phones are Connected: With the advent of 4G and the upcoming 5G, the world has become ever more connected. This level of connectivity helps people to stay in touch in the most remote and isolated places on the planet. For instance, Mount Everest, the tallest mountain peak has 4G coverage – which means mountaineers will be able to communicate or even stream their expedition to the world.
  • Cost Saving: With many cellular network providers, mobile plans are very cheap. In fact, it may be even cheaper than traditional internet service providers and offer more features. Some of these features include free text messaging, free internet calling and more.
  • Monitoring: Parents will be able to monitor their children and stay in touch whenever required. The parents will also be able to track their children, as many phones will have built-in tracking capabilities.
  • Learning Tool: Mobile phones have access to the internet, which means students will be able to learn whatever courses they wish. It is also convenient as students can learn when they want and where they want.


  • Increasing Cost: Though mobile phones are cheap, a smartphone, especially one with new functions and features are quite expensive.
  • Irresponsible Usage: According to recent research, mobile phones account for 31% of road accidents in India. Moreover, mobile phones can cause inattentional blindness, which means the individuals become distracted by their phones so much that they fail to notice something which is right in front of them. It can also reduce reaction times during critical situations (such as driving).
  • Rising E-Waste: With mobile phones manufacturers releasing new models of their phones every year, old models are improperly discarded for newer ones. This can cause toxic materials in the phones to leach into the environment.
  • Privacy and Vulnerability: Mobile phones have access to our bank details, credit cards and other personal details. A breach in security can lead to these details landing in the wrong hands.
  • Psychological Effects: Mobile phones are known to cause addictions, which can seriously hamper the quality of living. It can cause affected individuals to waste time and resources while their health takes a toll. The most widespread and recent case of addiction was a mobile game called PUBG.
  • Cyber Bullying: Kids, as well as young adults, are exposed to hateful comments and other harassments through messaging apps on mobile phones. Cyberbullying can lead to depression, anxiety and other mental disorders.

Conclusion on Mobile Phone Essay

Mobile phones are the technological innovation that makes life extremely convenient. They connect people across vast distances and provide many opportunities from e-learning and socialization to e-banking and e-commerce. However, we have to be careful of the negatives that come with this technology.

FAQ’s on Mobile Phone Essay

Question 1.
What is the importance of mobile phones?

Mobile phones are very important because it is an integral instrument in today’s world. From net-banking to socializing, mobile phones can do any task a computer can and even more. It also connects people across vast distances and extreme isolation.

Question 2.
How do students benefit from mobile phones?

Students have access to a plethora of courses and certifications through various online platforms. Moreover, students can learn when they want and where they want.

Question 3.
State a few disadvantages of mobile phones?

Mobile phones are capable of distracting people from their work. It can also cause inattentional blindness that can lead to accidents or even death.