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Newspaper Essay Introduction: Newspaper is a publication that is issued daily, weekly or at other regular times. It primarily provides news and information of public interest. Newspapers also cover many topics, such as sports, politics, weather, business, and crime. Most newspapers carry advertising, illustrated comics and other forms of entertainment such as horoscopes and crosswords.

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Essay On News Paper With Introduction and Conclusion

Today, newspapers can either be delivered home or be accessed online. Newspapers can also be bought at newspaper stands or vendors who sell them on the streets. Newspapers also have sections where opinions are expressed – these sections are called editorials, often based on the opinions of individuals who work for the newspaper.

From an academic perspective, Newspaper essay is a very interesting topic, and students can secure good marks for their essays quite easily. However, students must follow the tips and guidelines provided below if they wish to secure maximum marks for their essays. Also, the sample presented here is designed to help students grasp the concept easily and help them recreate the same in their exams.

Newspaper Essay 650+ Words Essay

What is a Newspaper?

Newspaper is a publication, usually issued daily, weekly, fortnightly, or at other regular intervals. It primarily provides news and information of public interest. Newspapers also provide a host of other topics such as business, sports, crime, politics, weather and more. Newspapers also have special sections called editorials which are opinions based on current events, written by people who work for the newspaper. Some newspapers have sections dedicated to comics, puzzles and other entertainments. Almost all newspapers have some form of advertising or promotional messages.

History of Newspapers

Newspapers can be traced back to the manuscript letters circulated during the Middle Ages. However, back in those times, not everyone was literate; hence, important events were publicly announced. This was achieved with the help of a town crier – an individual who was employed to make public announcements in market places or streets.

The first “real” newspaper started circulation in the 17th century, England. The first successful daily newspaper began circulation in Britain in 1702. The first American newspaper to be circulated was called the ‘Publick Occurences Both Forreign and Domestick’. Canada saw its very first newspaper in 1752, named the ‘Halifax Gazette.

The very first newspaper in India was ‘Hicky’s Bengal Gazette’, which was published in 1780. This newspaper was also known as the ‘Calcutta General Advertiser’. The first Hindi language newspaper was the ‘Udant Martand’, which was first published in 1826.

Importance of Newspaper Essay in English

From an individual perspective, newspapers carry a treasure trove of information. It educates the readers about the world and its ongoing events. It can enhance the reader’s knowledge, language skills and vocabulary. Following are the benefits of reading  newspaper essay:

  • Newspapers showcase events around the world
  • It provides general knowledge and tons of information
  • It educates the readers about the various situations in their country
  • Newspapers ensure that its readers stay well-informed
  • Newspapers will help widen the outlook of its readers.

From a broader perspective, newspapers are a vital prerequisite for democracy. It is a great tool to bring awareness to various issues in the socio-economic spectrum. Interestingly, newspapers form the “Fourth Estate” or the Fourth Power – it refers to the explicit and implicit ability to frame issues of the current day. The term “Fourth Estate” can be traced back to the 16th century, where the other three estates represented Nobility, Clergy and the commoners. In modern times, the Fourth Estate is used as a collective noun to represent all media and journalists.

Future of Newspapers

Ever since the advent of the internet, information has been made available online and for all to access. Moreover, online newspapers have more advantages when compared to traditional printed newspapers. For instance, online newspapers can present news promptly (for example: presenting breaking news). Moreover, online newspapers are interactive and far more engaging to the readers.

Some newspaper agencies are also moving completely online – as it helps them to minimize costs. From an environmental perspective, moving completely online helps to reduce our carbon footprint. Also, most online newspapers are completely free, online printed versions.

However, online newspapers are not for all – navigating a website may be difficult for individuals who are not technologically inclined. Moreover, not everyone has access to a stable internet connection. Moreover, most websites can only accommodate a fixed number of visitors on their site, when the number of visitors exceeds this limit, the site has the potential to crash.

Conclusion of Newspaper Essay

Newspapers are an integral part of today’s society. It ensures that the people of a nation are well-informed of the current social, political and economic status of a country. Newspapers have come a long way – from the announcements made by the town crier to the electronic and online mediums. Regardless, these instruments have one function – to inform and educate the readers about their world. We have to remember that knowledge is power; hence, newspapers allow us to wield information in such a way that we can use it to change our future for the better.

FAQ’s on Newspaper Essay

Question 1.
What is newspaper Meaning?

A newspaper is a publication that is issued daily, weekly or at other regular times. It provides news and information of public interest.

Question 2.
What is a newspaper essay?

Newspapers Essay aims to elaborate the meaning of newspapers and its implications on society.

Question 3.
What are the importance of newspapers?

Newspapers are publications that educate the readers about current events in their state, country and the world. It also helps the readers to keep themselves informed about various events and topics across multiple fields.

Question 4.
What are the uses of newspapers?

The primary goal of newspapers is to educate the readers about the various trends and situations prevalent in a country and around the world.

Question 5.
What was the first newspaper in India?

The first newspaper in India was the ‘Hicky’s Bengal Gazette’. It was published in 1780.

Question 6.
Which was the first Hindi-language newspaper?

The first Hindi language newspaper was the ‘Udant Martand’. It was published in 1826, Kolkata.

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