Robots and People Summary

within the ever-evolving landscape of generation, a symbiotic relationship is emerging among robots and those — a dynamic explored inside the narrative “Robots and people.” This insightful exploration delves into the intersections of human ingenuity and artificial intelligence, shedding light at the collaborative capability and ethical concerns that arise as these worlds intertwine. Read More Class 12th English Summaries.

Robots and People Summary

Robots and People Introduction:

A robot is a machine that can perform a complicated series of tasks automatically. In scientific stories, a robot is a machine that is made to look like a human and that can do some things that a human can do. These days more and more robots are being put into factories. Men and women who used to have the jobs are becoming unemployed.

Until the 1970s, there were many jobs that only human beings could do. Some of these jobs are dangerous. Working in mines or on building construction or with dangerous chemicals or explosives are jobs that it would be better for human beings not to have to do.

Robots are doing these dangerous jobs. More and more jobs are being done by robots. Robots are smarter than other machines. They are still capable of very simple tasks. Robots are not going to stay in the same place. Computers will get more and more complicated. Robots will have more and more abilities.

Robots and People Summary in English:

The United States is going slow with industrial robots. It is mainly due to the fear of unemployment. As more and more robots are put in factories, men and women who used to be employed would lose their jobs. Until the 1970s there were many jobs that only human beings could do.

Some of the jobs that only human beings can do are dangerous. Working in mines, or on building construction, or with dangerous chemicals or explosives or under difficult weather conditions all are jobs that it would be better for human beings not to do them.

Some routine jobs do not require human brains. But doing them again and again makes them do. Robots are more complicated than any other machines we have ever had. They are complicated enough to do jobs that until now only human beings could do, but they are too simple for the marvellous brains human beings have. The robots, even though they are smarter than other machines, are still capable of only very simple tasks.

Robots should be allowed to do some simple jobs. After all, whenever there is an important new invention, some jobs are lost. When the automobiles came into use, there was a gradual loss of jobs that involved horses. The automobiles created many jobs. That is the way it will be with the robots too.

There is a little doubt. A person who has been working on automobiles will require a different type of education. People with old style of jobs will need to be trained and reeducated. It will have to be done. Some old people will not be able to take retraining. Even with the introduction of robots, some sort of jobs will have to be found that they can do.

Eventually things will be different. Children going to schools in the future will be educated in ways of using and understanding computers and robots. They will grow up and be able to take the new jobs and no one will ever consider the old jobs for want of them. Everyone will be glad to leave the dangerous jobs to robots. Still there will be a transition period. So many people will be on old jobs. Others will be in new jobs. There is another problem that is going to confront us.

Robots are not going to stay in the same place. Computers will get more and more complicated. Robots will have more and more abilities. They will be able to do better and better jobs. It may not be possible that human beings are driven out of job after job. Robots will not take all the jobs. Robots are not as intelligent as human beings.

Robots work automatically under the directions of computers. Computers have been programmed by human beings. Computers are very good at solving mathematical problems. They can solve them much faster than humans can solve them. They can do it without making any error.

Human beings can do arithmetic. They know the rules but if they do it for a long time, it becomes boring. Human brain gets tired. Human beings begin to make more and more mistakes. The human brain is very good in other directions. It has imagination. It can suppose and wonder. It can make intelligent guesses. It is creative.

It can think up new and sometimes startling ways of doing or understanding things. Computers and robots cannot do any of these things. Computers and robots are far from being intelligent in the same way we are. We cannot programme computers and robots to be imaginative and creative since we ourselves don’t know how we do it.

The writer gives his own example. He writes many books. So he does them quickly. Even when he writes quickly, he does it in the right order. But he cannot programme his computer to write his book for him. He cannot programme a computer so that it will write his book as he wants it.

It would be much better if human beings continued to make computers and robots better at what machines can do most easily. We human beings should improve ourselves at what we do best through proper education and through a deeper understanding of how our brain works. We should try to make more and more people imaginative and creative.

Thus we may end up with two kinds of intelligence on earth. There will be the computer/robot intelligence and the human intelligence. Each one will work in a different way and each will co-operate with the other. Together the two intelligences will be able to do much more than either could do alone. Thus someday humans will wonder how they ever got along without robots.
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