Prevention is Better than Cure Essay for students and kids in English

Prevention is Better than Cure Essay: Prevention is Better than Cure Essay is a crucial topic not just from an academic perspective. It educates students about the importance of staying safe and taking precautionary measures against diseases. Moreover, once inflicted with a disease, it may take time, money and energy to be cured of a disease. Some diseases may leave the affected organs or tissues damaged long after the individual has recovered.

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Furthermore, some diseases have a social stigma attached to them. Individuals with certain diseases get shunned by their society and may have a hard time socializing with other people. They may also be considered as outcasts, or be forced to self-isolate themselves. Hence, it is crucial to learn the value of prevention. From an academic perspective, the topic is moderately difficult if the student has to elaborate on the various diseases. However, these sample essays will help the students recreate the topic with ease. Consider adopting the following tips and tricks to secure more marks or grades in the exam.

Prevention is Better than Cure Essay Writing Tips and Tricks

The following tips and tricks will help students to secure more marks for their essays. It will also help to improve their general writing skills and deliver an impactful presentation.

Start the essay with an introductory paragraph
The introductory must contain a brief history of the topic or any other pertinent information
Incorporate specifics such as locations, dates, names, or other relevant information that provides context

  • Only use jargons if the topic demands it
  • An academic essay must be presented in a formal language. This means slags must be avoided at all costs
  • Try to break the content down into small, digestible chunks. Long, monotonous blocks of information may not be appealing to all readers
  • Present important information in points (if necessary)
  • Ensure that the content is organized into headings and subheadings
  • Conclude the essay with a conclusion. The conclusion must contain key takeaways, important points or a summary of the topic.
  • Try to read through the essay before submission. This will help to eliminate grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

Prevention is Better than Cure Essay – Sample 1 (250+ Words – High School Level)

Just like any other living organism, humans tend to fall ill. The environment we live in contains millions of microbes and pathogens that have the potential to make us seriously sick. Most of us also carry around a host of viruses and other microorganisms in our body. Hence, it is rather alarming how easily we can fall sick.

Today, globalization has given diseases the potential to spread across international borders with ease. The Coronavirus pandemic is the most recent example of how easily a disease spreads. The worryingly high mortality rate of this disease is a genuine cause for concern. Currently, the coronavirus has no specific cure, hence catching the disease can be fatal to most. Moreover, the disease is extremely infectious; hence, it can spread just like the common cold – with a sneeze or a cough. Hence, the motto, “prevention is better than a cure” has become more relevant than ever.

In cases like these, we must ensure that all precautionary measures are taken to avoid spread. Moreover, maintaining proper hygiene is mandatory; most water-borne diseases occur due to poor sanitary practices. Washing hands with soap are essential as we touch our face and mouth with our hands. Various pathogens enter our body through these openings. As we grow older, our body’s immunity weakens. This means that infections become harder to fight, and it takes a toll on our body. If an infection is too strong or goes unchecked, it can significantly increase the risk of death.

In conclusion, we must take preventive measures to avoid catching diseases. This involves maintaining proper hygiene, observing stringent sanitation measures, and implementing safe sex practices.

Prevention is Better than Cure Essay – Sample 2 (250+ Words – Primary School Level)

Meaning of the Motto
The proverb “Prevention is better than a cure”, implies that taking measures to prevent the spread of a disease is more effective than treating the said disease. This is because time, money and resources are consumed when treating a disease. Moreover, the individual may not get completely cured of the disease, or they may face other repercussions that arise from the disease.

There are certain elements that we need to understand as to why prevention is better than a cure. For instance, practicing hygiene and implementing stringent, sanitary practices are easy. The associated cost is also negligible. Furthermore, the morale of the society/ community would be high.

Why is it Important?
On the other hand, if a person contracts a “preventable” disease, the treatment for the said disease may be complicated. The associated costs of the treatment may also be expensive and time-consuming. Moreover, it can put the family of the affected individual at risk of contracting the same disease (if communicable).

Furthermore, some diseases may have a social stigma attached to it. These are unjustified; nonetheless, it hampers the morale of the affected individual. Another aspect is curtailing bad habits such as smoking, drinking or unsafe sexual practices. These are potential areas where an individual acquires diseases due to their lifestyle choices. Such diseases could be easily preventable if adequate safety measures were taken.

Prevention is Better than Cure Essay Conclusion
In conclusion, it takes more time, effort and resources to treat a preventable disease. It can also bring a host of other undesirable consequences that can affect the standard of living. Hence, it is always wise to take preventive measures to ensure safety and health.

Important FAQs on Prevention is Better than Cure

Question 1.
What is a communicable disease?

A communicable disease is a disease that can easily spread from one person to another.

Question 2.
Why is prevention better than a cure?

Treatment of a disease may be time-consuming and costly. It may also become harder to treat and can have long-lasting effects on the individual. Hence, prevention is always better than a cure.

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