Cleanliness Essay | Short & Long Type on Essay on Cleanliness

Cleanliness Essay: Cleanliness is an important property of life. It is a practice that is often recognized close to holiness. Cleanliness is a practice not only linked to the wealth of a body, instead, but it is also a practice that describes the characteristics of a person. To give children awareness of such a significant property of life, we have provided short essays along with some long essays for school students. These articles will not only make the kids understand about cleanliness and its benefits in our lives but will encourage them towards absorbing this habit in their everyday life.

Cleanliness Essay in English 200 words

‘Cleanliness’ means the state of being clean or the act of keeping things clean, as per the Cambridge dictionary. One of the primary factors for wellness is cleanliness. Cleanliness is necessary physically, spiritually, mentally and even environmentally.

Significance of Cleanliness: Cleanliness is the primary step to healthful living. Keeping clean can anticipate and cure people from contagious diseases. Efficient cleaning can prevent viruses and other communicable diseases.

Tips for Cleanliness: Important tips to manage cleanliness personally involve brushing teeth and practicing bath regularly, washing hands with soap well before and after every meal, keeping neatly nails trimmed and consuming healthy food.

Environmental sanitation can be improved by cleaning the disorder created around us frequently, withdrawing the use of the plastic bags, not dirtying the road by garbage, efficient disposal of utilized water and adopting recycling methods and always observing the pollution levels.

Conclusion on Essay on Cleanliness

Cleanliness is after Godliness. The government of India has taken initiative like Swachh Bharat that has given hope for a clean India. Along with the government, every citizen must assure a clean home and clean roads to enable healthy living.

Short Essay Type on Cleanliness

The position of being clean from dirt, dust and germs and the action of swallowing this as a regular habit is said to be cleanliness. It is one of the best features humans can hold. Not only human beings but even animals are recognized to hold their surroundings clean. Keeping the environment clean helps us to fight communicable diseases.

Cleanliness Features

Prevention from disease and maintaining hygiene are said to be the two features linked with cleanliness. Sustaining hygiene does not inevitably mean managing oneself clean. It incorporates our house, our neighborhood, our city as well as managing our country clean and healthy. In this way, purity has a more cultural and social influence on the community as a whole.

Importance of Cleanliness

With the help of cleanliness, we can have our mental as well as physical health balanced, causing us to feel good. Cleanliness strives to rise to a moral character by having the body, brain, and soul pure and peaceful. Staying clean is the basic part of regular living since it is the purity that improves our identity by holding clean remotely and within.

Conclusion of Cleanliness Essay

We should be practicing to maintain cleanliness in the regions we live in or tour. In fact, the Government of India has launched the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan to educate and implant good practices among the residents of the country with concerns about cleanliness. We should prevent others from throwing garbage or littering at undesignated places. It is the combined effort of all of us which can help us develop a clean India.

Long Essay Type on Cleanliness

Introduction on Essay on Cleanliness: Cleanliness has several meanings depending on the subject of conversation. Concerning morality, cleanliness is the position of being pure, without virtuous contamination. Environmental purity is what most individuals are known with because of the regular contact with the atmosphere and the influence they have on the participation of individuals concerning the health and expectations of the community.

Sanitation of the atmosphere includes everything on the cover of the earth. There are several types of cleanliness. Often, the environmental cleanness is maintained during the stoppage of pollution and by providing health education in society. The purity of religion changes with the particular religion and its faiths. The quality of cleanliness is accomplished in both religious and physical perspectives. The society is a place where whatever is pure is valued and fought for.

Kinds of Cleanliness

There are two types of cleanliness one is physical cleanliness and the other is spiritual cleanliness. Physical cleanliness has many subtypes as per the object being sterilized. Physical cleanliness requires the removal of dirt and contaminants from the body, clothes, food, inside and outside environment of our house. Body cleaning is achieved by taking bath regularly using soap, handwashing habit and staying away from dust.

Washing clothes is a laundry method whereby standard washing by hands can be done or machine washing. Cleaning the atmosphere is through the accumulation of dirt in the atmosphere and disposing of them properly, while examining the cleanliness of all the three features of the atmosphere i.e., air, water, and land. When managing food, cleanliness should be recognized through hand wash and clean cooking and eating utensils to stop the ingestion of dirt. The houses and household objects should also be kept neat especially the living area, the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms because we come in touch with the house environment more frequently.

Spiritual cleanliness is centered on the elimination of moral corruption and being transparent in the faith and opinions of the religion. In Christians, purity means the forgiveness of wrongdoing and living according to the Bible teachings. Christians also have the purity of situations deemed impure for example menstruation and childbirth. Christians place powerful importance on cleanliness in humans.

In Islam, cleanliness means the purity of the hearts of people and the good practices of parts of society. Muslims understand that cleaning of hearts of people from feelings of negativity and bad holders like jealousy allows the society to remain peaceful at all times. Muslims also consider that cleanliness from situations that are deemed ritually unclean is important. Hindus understand that cleanliness is a supreme quality that should be practiced by people. Bhagavad Gita states cleanliness with relationship to the Hindu society values and features that people must take to be given mercy by God. Hindus also do cleanliness through attending the seven rivers to take bath and clean their minds.

Value of Cleanliness

Cleanliness is a necessary component of individual life both physically and religiously. Spiritual cleanliness is essential in being on the power with your God and following the views and customs of your belief. On the other hand, physical purity is necessary in the wellbeing and survival of humanity.

Cleanliness is important for the health and wellness of people and society. Health and purity associate with each other and inspire each other. To be of good wellness, one should exercise hygiene. Hygiene is the habit of sustaining good health and limiting diseases through cleanliness. Sanitation of the body, food and atmosphere provides to the wellbeing of a person health-wise. Purity checks disease because dirt normally harbors infective pathogens that induce disease to human beings when they get presented to them. Hygienic habits are highly promoted by health professionals because it is sufficient to stop disease than to expect and endeavor treatment for it. Sanitary practices increase the lives of people because they will be free of diseases.

Protection is enabled by the cleanliness of the atmosphere. The atmosphere that we associate with often needs to be cleaned so that diseases can be prevented. For example, in the workplace, daily sweeping will guarantee that there are no water spills on the floor that could cause a breakdown. Clearing shrubs around homes give safety from poisonous insects and animals like snakes. Cleanliness not only includes the act of elimination of bushes and washing floors, but also the design of the environment. By organization, harmful particles can be put away so that events can be limited in the environment.

Brand security can be accomplished through cleanliness. In environmental cleanness, buildings and the neighboring environment are clarified and organized. As a retailing strategy, sanitation is an advantage for the brand because it will represent the brand as organized and helpful for human interaction. In this competing world, purity is a priority concern for brands. In the food industry, purity is what people look at ere they can join because health well-being is essential for people.

Cleanliness also allows the addition of a lifespan of a thing. With devices and instruments, purity is maintained because of dirt situations reduction of the lifespan like in metallic things, rust destroys the tools and devices. In buildings, cleanliness also protects honor and enables longer endurance.

Cleanliness is a good virtue that is appreciated. When a body is clean, social relationships and interactions become more comfortable because the community views dirty bodies as trouble and they are inapproachable. Cleanness is beautiful and excellent in society.

Conclusion on Cleanliness Essay

In conclusion, cleanness in the lives of people is inevitable. Everything encompassing the development of a person is viable for cleanliness to control functionality and development. Spiritual purity is mostly concentrated on the purity of a person before God and humankind in all beliefs although the processes of purification are many for each religion. Physical purity is beneficial concerning human communication and with the atmosphere in terms of health, safety, and lifespan.

FAQ’s On Cleanliness Essay

Question 1.
What is the importance of cleanliness?

Cleanliness gives a start to a good reputation by maintaining body, mind, and soul pure and calm. Sustaining cleanliness is the vital part of healthy existence because it is the purity only which serves to develop our character by holding clean externally and internally

Question 2.
How do you maintain cleanliness?


  • Regularly taking a bath
  • Frequently washing hands especially before and after having food
  • Washing clothes regularly
  • Having cooked food
  • Washing fruits with water before having it
  • Keeping the house clean by brooming and sweeping regularly
  • Using sanitizers
  • Keeping the dry waste and wet waste separately

Question 3.
What is cleanliness in simple words?

Cleanliness is the primary step to healthful living. Keeping clean can anticipate and cure people from contagious diseases. Efficient cleaning can prevent viruses and other communicable diseases.