Long and Short Essay on Conservation of Natural Resources for Future Generations

Essay on Conservation of Natural Resources

Essay on Conservation of Natural Resources: Essay on conservation of Natural Resources is an important topic for students to learn as it educates them about the importance of earth’s resources. Most of the non-renewable resources on earth were formed billions of years ago. Furthermore, to replenish these resources, it may take another billion years. Ideally, in today’s day and age, the world must shift towards more renewable sources of energy such as wind and solar energy. If we continue to rely on non-renewable energy for all our needs, we may eventually exhaust them.

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Long and Short Conservation of Natural Resources Essay in India

From an academic perspective, this topic is asked in most primary school exams. It may not be an inherently complicated topic, but students will still need to present the essay in a proper way to secure more marks. We have provided relevant samples as well as some useful tips and tricks which are sure to fetch more marks if implemented. Moreover, these tips and tricks will also help students to improve their general writing and presentation skills.

Essay on Conservation of Natural Resources Writing Tips and Tricks

Consider adopting these tips and guidelines to secure more grades/ marks for the essay. These tips can also help to improve the presentation and general writing skills.

  • Always start the essay with an introductory paragraph
  • The introductory paragraph must contain relevant background information or any other pertinent information about the topic
  • Try to include specifics such as names, locations, and dates. This will help provide context and clarity to the topic
  • Do not use jargons or other technical words unless it is required
  • Ensure that the content is presented in small, digestible chunks. If presented in long, monotonous blocks of text, the reader may lose interest
  • Try to present the content in points, if necessary
  • Organize the content into headings and subheadings
  • Always end the essay with a concluding paragraph
  • The concluding paragraph must summarize the overview of the topic or key takeaways.
  • Try to read through the essay before submission. This will help eliminate possible spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

Essay on Conservation of Natural Resources Sample 1 (300+ Words – High School Level)

Types of Natural Resources
There are two types of natural resources – renewable and non-renewable. Renewable resources, as we all know, are the resources that do not get exhausted quickly. Examples of renewable resources are wind and solar energy. However, ever since the Industrial Revolution, we are solely dependent on non-renewable energy as they are most feasible and easier to harness. Even today, most big cities around the world are powered by a coal-burning reactor. These not only exhaust the non-renewable resources but also pollute the environment.

Consequences of Non-renewable Resources
Consequently, the global climate has changed for the worse, with average temperatures steadily rising. This has led to increased rates of global warming and a rise in global sea levels. Weather events, such as droughts and storms, become more intense. This can cause large-scale destruction of life and property. Furthermore, it can also affect the socio-economic climate of a country, leading to unemployment and lower wages.

Solutions and Feasible Alternatives
For the earth to be sustainable for future generations, we must focus on changing our dependence from non-renewable resources to renewable resources. For instance, there are millions of vehicles on the road, and nearly 98% of those vehicles use fossil fuels to run. If we were to switch to electric vehicles and hydrogen-powered cars, the rate of carbon emissions would slow down drastically. However, with current technology, electric cars may not be feasible for everyone due to cost and range.
Similarly, if most residential and commercial buildings were to install and use solar panels, energy consumption from the grid would drastically reduce. More interestingly, some countries rely on wind farms to generate electricity. These alternatives are deemed as one of the cleaner forms of energy. Today, nuclear power plants are considered more feasible as it is cleaner and cheaper than coal power plants. However, nuclear power plants do pose their own set of risks.

Conclusion of Conservation of Natural Resources Essay
In conclusion, we need to reduce our dependence on non-renewable natural resources. Doing so will be beneficial for the future of our planet.

Essay on Conservation of Natural Resources Sample 2 (250+ Words – Primary School Level)

Humans need natural resources to sustain themselves. From industries to household activities, natural resources are integral for our survival. The natural resources we use are classified into two forms – renewable and non-renewable resources. Renewable resources do not exhaust quickly or can be replenished within a short period. Solar energy and wind energy are considered as renewable forms of energy.

Non-renewable resources, on the other hand, cannot be immediately replenished if exhausted. Examples include fossil fuel and natural gas. Fossil fuels are formed from plant and animal matter that had died and decomposed millions of years ago. Hence, if fossil fuels are exhausted today, they would require millions of years more to be replenished. Moreover, we are ever more reliant on fossil fuels than we were a decade ago.

Fossil fuels also pollute the environment drastically. They are also the reason for the climate change that we are experiencing now. The rate of global warming has accelerated due to greenhouse gas emissions. If left unchecked, it may bring about dire consequences for our planet. For instance, global sea levels may rise, which will lead to flooding and loss of coastlines. It can also cause average global temperatures to rise, which can potentially affect wildlife. Polar bears and many other animals that live in the Arctic are already endangered, and global warming only aggravates the issue. Soon, food crops may start getting affected, and this can have a drastic impact on the economy of a country.

Hence, we need to stop relying on non-renewable resources and move towards more sustainable and cleaner sources of energy, such as wind and solar energy. Doing so is the only way to ensure that the planet remains habitable for future generations.

Important FAQs on Conservation of Natural Resources

Question 1.
What are the natural resources?

Natural resources are resources that exist without the input of humans. These natural resources are harvested for economic gain.

Question 2.
What are the two types of natural resources?


  • The natural resources are classified into two types- renewable and non-renewable resources. Renewable resources are the resources that do not exhaust quickly or can be replenished within a short period of time—for example: solar and wind energy.
  • Non-renewable resources are resources that cannot be replenished soon if exhausted. Examples include fossil fuels and natural gas.