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Essay on Save Earth in English: Save Earth is a famous slogan that brings awareness about protecting the Earth from extinction. The Earth is the only known planet that has life on it. This planet is a gift for humanity and other living beings including animals and trees that have all the means we require, usually. All the basic things like food, water and most importantly air, everything is given to us by our Earth. Hence, the earth is like our mother.

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But are we respecting her? We have misused earth for our businesses and today it faces the intimidation of destruction of life on its land because of our unhealthy practices. The contamination levels are an all-time high, the sources are fast consuming. We must have sufficient actions in place to protect our earth.

Short Essay on Save Earth in 150 Words

The position of the existing situation asks us to save Earth. From the hunting age to the modern technological age, people have had a marked impact on the atmosphere. They have been misusing natural supplies to manage economic growth. Out of the plans to replace them, it has created serious destruction to Earth.

How to Save Earth Project?

The duty to save Earth begins from the individual level. In our everyday exercises, though we could furnish, we should hold ourselves from practicing energy extremely. Simple judgments to decrease the use of water, electricity, transport, etc., could intend a lot in this regulation. By being an example to others in our actions, we can cause the needed social change.

Governments over nations and stakeholders are building the knowledge to save Earth. Forestation, rainwater harvesting, recycling of waste materials, cutting manufacturing pollution, etc., are some attempts of the many Governments. International Earth Day and Earth Hour each year cause consciousness to the issue.

Essay on Save Earth for Primary Class Students

The existing position of the earth has become remarkably challenging to the healthful and continual survival of this earth and life. The main causes are air pollution, global warming, toxic environment, water pollution, deforestation and other environmental problems. There are several ways we can practice to save the earth.

Protecting our planet mainly depends on the healthy habit and devotion of all of us making our part and offering our best to protecting the earth. The growth and application of technologies that are environmentally pleasant so that we would not wreck the earth. We should strive to include the decrease in the practice of things that are dangerous to the environment, exercise the re-usage and also the reuse of goods and stuff so that a lesser quantity of garbage can be produced.

Many people exercise the use of a mix of house purifiers to hold the house sanitized and clean. Ignoring the fact that a number of the chemicals utilized in most of these house cleaners are remarkably vulnerable to soil, water and air.

We need to find and identify the components of all the goods we use in our everyday actions and work as much as possible to use only eco-friendly products. Marketing industries are heading patrons to global warming and several forms of contamination like air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution and others. The government enacted laws, statutes and rules that should be planted in place to aid fight pollution and also global warming.

10 Lines on Essay On Save Earth

  1. Save Earth is a famous proverb that generates awareness of protecting the Earth from extinction.
  2. Earth is the only known planet where we have life. This planet has been a boon for people and other living beings that have all the amenities needed, usually.
  3. Everything, most importantly, air, food, and water are provided here on earth.
  4. We are misusing our Earth for many years by employing its sources vulgarly and without presenting back anything for its moreover growth.
  5. To live we are utilizing many nations by chopping down trees to make home, industry and more. But we don’t worry about the damaged trees or plants and we don’t worry about the plantation.
  6. We contaminate the environment through vehicles and businesses, then we continue our destiny being unhealthy. It is high time that we understand the necessity to save Earth.
  7. To fight with the above difficulties and save Earth, we have to adopt different steps of conservation.
  8. Methods to save Earth involves plantation, reusing resources of energy, decreasing the wastage of water, delivering electricity, decreasing the usage of plastic, saving of non-renewable sources, maintaining the various flora and faunas, practicing steps to decrease pollution, etc.
  9. Building awareness with the people through various programs, dramas, etc., can also be essential to save Earth.
  10. To protect our earth, it is necessary to go on to a more sustainable form of living. Sustainable means we have to keep the supplies and use them carefully keeping in thought that our future periods should also be receiving a part of it. This kind of understanding will encourage us to use energy, care for it more and eventually save Earth.

Essay on Save Earth for Class 6,7, 8, 9,10, 11 and 12

Our wonderful planet Earth is 4.543 billion years old. It is the only planet that has a growing life. Scientists around the globe challenge that the Earth has molded itself, such that many living kinds can live on it. Hence, the earth is called our mother.

Major Problems on Essay on Earth

Each year 22nd April is rejoiced as the ‘Earth Day’ to build consciousness on environmental problems. But it is certainly a matter of grave concern that our planet is suffering large scale problems for its survival. The origin of life on Earth is Oxygen and it is presented by the rich green trees. The most important threat in recent periods is the prompt deforestation that has emerged in large climate change. Terrible natural calamities like Tsunami, typhoons, volcano explosion, drought, a sudden flood of heavy rainfall and many more are observing around the year.

The flexible shield of our planet that preserves us from dangerous UV rays originating from the Sun is the Ozone Layer in the atmospheric stratosphere. Greenhouse gasses discharged from the Earth are destroying the Ozone layer by forming Black Holes. Many gorgeous species of Animals and Birds like the Cheetah and the Pink-headed Duck are lost due to massive hunting and human intervention in wildlife. Tiger, the national animal of India, is on the edge of extermination.

Steps to be Taken To Save Earth

Severe measures must be utilized to save our planet from the destruction created by weather change. In India frequently all of the Forests are under government supervision of the Central and State Forest Departments. The Indian Government has implemented several projects for forest protection and plans like the SAVE TIGER PROJECT for Conservation of untamed animals. The Green India Mission is started under the National Action Plan for Climate Change NAPCC to lessen the impacts of climate variation.

The Swatch Bharat Abhiyan started on October 2, 2014, at Rajghat, New Delhi has been the most significant cleanliness initiative ever initiated in India. To save the climate Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi addressed the edifying mantra ‘Pehle Shauchalaya, Phir Devalaya’ (first toilets, then temples) to promote hygienic habits. Many NGOs in India are actively serving to instruct common people on environmental protection.

Conclusion on Save Earth Essay

All Indians must promise to participate in every way probable by adopting an environmentally friendly lifestyle to preserve the environment and save our Earth.

Essay on Save Earth for College Students

Essay on Save Earth Save Environment: The earth places like home for everyone and it is our responsibility to make sure that it is maintained and cared for. Earth has been called “ nature” or “ earth” primarily because of its fertile, nourishing and life-giving nature, which is complementary to the functions of a mother. The earth is a blessing to humanity but humans are careless and they pay unkindness to it by destroying it.

Ruining of our land was first observed in the early 19th century and it has been increasing and extended such that drives like “save the earth” have been initiated. The damage in nature started with industrialization and modernization, whose methods caused a transformation in the physical and biological characteristics of the earth and the ecosystem. Through modernization, natural homes have been slaughtered in efforts to come up with modern buildings. Pollution is usually due to human action. Since people cause the end of Earth, they should be equally qualified for saving Earth.

Importance on Essay on Saving Earth

The destruction of the earth changes the breathing and the inanimate things on the surface of the earth and it is vital that nature is rebuilt. We cannot imagine our life without this earth. The beauty of life is what we exist for as individuals. Fancy the sunrise you smile at in the morning or the waves of the ocean that give you peace is all finished. It would be very evil out there and nothing to cherish as nature is finished. In the drive to save the earth, the latest goal is to provide the surviving nature and replace those that are destructed.

Human life is reliant on breathing fresh and clean oxygen, present in the air. The air pollution that is presently trending exhibits how much pollution is in the atmosphere. Farming of trees is a way of returning clean air since enough oxygen will be delivered to the atmosphere by trees as they inhale the carbon dioxide. It is necessary to save the earth because of the terms that help support animal and human life particularly food and water. Water pollution is a troubling condition because water is an essential life-sustaining equipment of earth.

Methods of Save Earth Essay

Attempts made to save the earth are focused on the rehabilitation of nature and the reduction of damage to nature. In checking further damage through contamination of the environment, management like recycling of all items that can be recycled has been performed globally. Items like plastic bags and containers are not biodegradable and therefore disposal is discouraged that is why the importance of recycling has been made. Protection of environmental support through traditional measures. The conventional measures incorporate sparingly managing energy and water.

The other way of keeping earth safe is through teaching so that people are conscious of the value of nature, which will cause them to participate in the process. It is necessary to engage in the purification actions whereby we do not throw aside waste and pick up any litter we find setting around inappropriately. The plantation is a very efficient way of protecting the earth because by trees, oxygen is provided, rain formation is permitted and the soil is preserved from decay. Wildlife screen is also a way of protecting nature because wildlife forms a part of the divine nature and their survival is important.

The atmosphere occupies the majority of the earth and its damage has been huge over the years. Environmental contamination affects the ecosystem and produces adverse effects on living and non-living objects on earth. The environment can be protected by controlling and limiting pollution. The cleansing act can also be performed so as to get free of pollutants that are previously in the environment.

Breaking the damage of pollution of the atmosphere is a responsibility that is necessary for the global wellbeing of the earth occupants. Through the means of healing nature, difficulties are faced particularly in those essential aspects that are anyhow unlikely to replace e.g., the ozone layer. The ozone layer is damaged yet repair does not appear to be made truth.

Conclusion on Essay on Save Earth

The journey to save our earth is yet at its early steps but through the plans that have been set in place, it is possible to revive Earth and preserve it. In the journey to save the earth, besides destruction should be limited so that the applications made have an influence. The earth essentially has everything that supports our existence and that is why it is necessary to save it from destruction.

Long Essay on Save Earth 500 Words

Our earth is like our mother. It introduces life inside and nurture us to grow. And in replacement, asks for zero but love and concern. For the prior few decades, serious human actions have destroyed our planet Earth in several ways. The beneficial natural reserves are declining at a speedy rate and the living situations are growing more serious.

70% of the earth is embraced with water and the remainder island made of different geographical peculiarities, such as mountains, valleys, plateaus, etc. There are two kinds of resources employed by human beings.

Renewable resources comprise the sunlight, wind, soil, etc., which are accessible satisfactorily. Whereas the non-renewable resources comprise oil, gas, coal, forests, metals, fossil fuel, and minerals, etc., the supply of which is pretty limited.

Cause of Earth Disasters

To meet our thoughtless needs and self-interests, we have consumed most of the non-renewable supplies of the earth. As a result, not only we have exhausted all these valuable energy sources but also diminished the quality of life for other existing beings as well. For example, recompensing the fuel requirements for the growing community and any number of vehicles, many oil wells have been consumed.

The offensive demand for fossil combustibles such as coal and ores has led to constant digging and mining of the land. This is one of the main reasons behind the expected catastrophic earthquakes. On top of that, the fumes and gases generated by the fire of these combustibles have developed the pollution level in the air and generated global warming at a dangerous level.

Moreover, the growing wants of land for inhabitation plans, for setting up companies, and buildings have risen in tremendous deforestation. More trees are being cut to clear the area and build houses. Its adverse effects are plenty. Deforestation is commencing to loosening of the soil which means higher risks of the flood.

Wild creatures have no homes to live. As a result, their possibilities of being captured or killed also rise. This is the mentality, many animal varieties are becoming dead. Smaller varieties like honey bees, butterflies, and birds perform an essential function in the survival of human lives. In the lack of vegetation, the amount of sparrows and honey bees is declining rapidly.

Reducing forest areas are liable for substandard air and interrupted water cycle. The absence of rain effects dryness and farmers face a big difficulty when it comes to watering the crops. This again delivers source to more severe issues such as lack of food and clean drinking water.

The extensive dependency on plastic commodities is nothing less than a bane. Its effects are clearly evident now. Plastic is a non-degradable product. From the most important species such as whales to cows to the small birds, all have befallen victims to its outcome.

How to Save Earth?

To trade with these serious concerns, both developed and developing nations have begun taking some significant steps. Revocation of consent in case an institution fails to grasp the basic guidelines of eco-friendliness is one of them.

  • Plantation: Many trees are planted to compensate with reduced vegetation. Weight is being given on using the natural supplies carefully. People are increasingly understanding the value of using natural and renewable supplies instead of non-renewable ones.
  • Renewable Resources Usage: Solar devices, eco-friendly vehicles, reusing the garbage, and reducing the use of plastic products are some of the important measures. So many ads and popular proverbs are being executed to create consciousness among the general public.
  • Water Conservation: Water is the foundation of our lives. And still many people in the world have nil access to clean drinking water. In a few parts of the world, people have to walk many miles to get water for hygiene purposes also. We should make a habit of not wasting water. Close the taps after using it and teach the same to the children. Reuse kitchen water, such as the one with vegetables are washed, in the garden. Also, during the summer season, we should keep a bowl of water for birds, cows or stray dogs who don’t have access to water to drink and hence saving their lives as well.
  • Save Electricity: Preserving electricity would also benefit our earth and make it less unsafe as there is a minor road on the earth’s natural reserves. For this reason, the world commemorates Earth Hour on the last Saturday of every March. People on this day switch off their nonessential lights for an hour, collectively and display their assistance in saving the earth. Furthermore, Earth Day is also commemorated every year on 22nd April to plan several events conferring the importance of preserving the planet.
  • Educating People: Today, students of all age groups are being educated about the concept of 3Rs. These 3Rs stands for reducing, reuse and recycle. In other words, we should reduce usage and not support any wastage of goods such as food, water, electricity, and fuel, etc. We should reuse supplies such as bottles, old pots, cloth bags, newspapers, wood, old books, etc. And finally, recycle all the biodegradable and eco-friendly items like an old piece of cloth, old papers, peels of vegetables and fruits, wooden stuff.

Conclusion on Save Earth Essay

Little actions taken by one soul can leave a vast impact on the well-being of our planet. Try to use stairs instead of lifts. Walk for small distances instead of using vehicles. Use shared cabs to go to the office. Plant one tree each year.

We all should also cooperate in the missionary works and make efforts to keep our neighborhood and planet neat and green. Recycle the kitchen garbage. Recognize to prepare for a regular servicing of your vehicles.

Control the use of plastic materials. Carry a shopping bag while going for grocery shopping. Preserve water and encourage others to do so as well.

FAQ’s On Essay on Save Earth

Question 1.
How can we save the Earth 10 lines??

Our earth is important for our living. There are ample resources free on Earth along with an adequate environment including gases, especially oxygen and carbon dioxide, because of which we are able to flourish on this planet. Therefore, we should be effective in saving our Earth when it is struggling for its presence and that due to our own faults.

What led to the damage on the earth?

Earlier, people were not connected with damaging works, so there was no terror of pollution and other ecological problems. After the constant growth in the population, people began constructing urban communities and risks for the forward way of life and pure life for everybody.

People got involved with deforestation which produced the elimination of different wild animals, contamination, and dangerous global warming. Because of the drastic weather change, the protective ozone layer got a gap, rise in the ocean level, the dissolving of ice caps of Antarctica and Greenland, and so on adverse changes happened.

Question 3.
What steps we should take to Save the Earth?

There are many simple ways that can be beneficial in saving our earth. We should essay on save earth save trees through afforestation and reforestation. Plants are the most basic need of life whether for humans, animals or other living beings. They give us nourishment, oxygen, security, fuel, medicines, security, and furniture. They are especially important to put up the natural harmony between the situation, atmosphere, weather, and environment. We should also trade with natural life by reducing deforestation and promoting reforestation.

A great number of animal organizations and feathered animals have been washed out as a consequence of the annihilation of their surroundings. They are much important to adjust the emerged way of living in nature and save our Earth. The favorable conditions possible on our Earth for our endurance have been defeated continuously because of deforestation, industrialization, urbanization, and pollution.

It is changing the lives through a global temperature change and atmosphere variations in light of the discharge of carbon dioxide and other ozone-harming materials in the atmosphere. There is an important condition to change urban societies into Eco-urban societies to keep up the environmental balance in the atmosphere. The individual governments of the greater and richer countries need to support as well to bring global changes.

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