Short Essay on Save Water for Students and Kids in English

Essay on Save Water: Essay on Save Water is quite a crucial topic for students to understand as it educates them about the importance of saving water. Even though water covers a significant percentage of the earth’s surface (71 percent to be precise), less than 3 percent of that water is available for human consumption. Moreover, many nations around the world do not have access to safe potable water.

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Essay on Save Water Save Life in English

Water purification and desalination plants can convert seawater into safe, potable water. However, the associated costs and resources involved are prohibitively expensive with current technology. Hence, in situations like these, we must ensure that we do not unnecessarily waste any water. We must try to reuse water as much as possible.

From an academic perspective, the topic is rather easy to articulate in an exam. However, students may not use the right presentation techniques, and as a result, lose vital marks. With the samples we have provided, students will be able to fetch more marks. Furthermore, the tips and tricks offered below will help students to improve their writing skills and presentation techniques.

Essay on Save Water Writing Tips and Tricks

Students should consider adopting these writing tips and tricks if they wish to secure more marks or grades for their essay. Moreover, it can help improve their writing and presentation skills:

  • Ensure that the essay begins with an introductory paragraph
  • The introductory paragraph must express the history, background information or any other relevant information about the topic
  • Include pertinent information such as names, dates, places or any other details that provides clarity and context
  • Do not use jargons unless required by the topic
  • Ensure that the content is presented in small, easily-digestible chunks. Long, monotonous texts may make it difficult for the reader.
  • Present relevant information in bulleted points if possible
  • Organize the content under relevant headings and subheadings
  • Always conclude the essay with a concluding paragraph
  • The concluding paragraph must contain the summary of the essay or the key takeaways
  • If time permits, read through the essay. This prevents grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

Essay on Save Water Sample 1 (250+ Words – High School Level)

Water is the most important natural resource on earth. In fact, without water, life would not have evolved. This is also the reason why NASA’s motto “Follow the water”, is quite relevant. From a biological perspective, water contains molecules that are quite essential for life. Hence, if life were to exist elsewhere in the universe, the probability that they would require water to survive is quite high.

On earth, water covers nearly 71 percent of the surface; however, less than 3 percent of that water is freshwater. Out of that 3 percent, less than 1 percent is available for use while the remaining is locked up in glaciers and ice caps. Seawater is too salty to be used for commercial purposes, and it has minimal industrial applications. Moreover, many countries do not have access to potable water. In these countries, water is considered a highly valuable commodity.

Currently, some technologies can convert seawater into freshwater; however, it is prohibitively expensive and may not be feasible for long-term usage. Moreover, careless and inconsiderate usage of water must be prevented as water is a scarce and finite resource. Furthermore, as previously stated, less than 1% of freshwater is available to meet the needs of over 7.8 billion people. When water becomes scarce, it can increase the value of other commodities too. Moreover, if water conservation methods are not followed, it can increase our carbon foot; and this is bad for the planet.

In conclusion, water may be abundant on earth; however, just a fraction of that can be used for human usage and consumption. Hence, we must avoid wasting water and implement measures to conserve water.

Essay on Save Water Sample 2 (250+ Words – Primary School Level)

Why is Water Precious?
Water is very important for life to thrive. Even in the hottest and driest deserts, animals and plants always find a way to acquire water for their survival. The earth is the only known planet to date where water is known to exist in a liquid form. All other planets in the solar system either have water locked up in other states (solid or gas) or does not have at all.

Where is Water located on Earth?
On earth, water covers almost 71% of the surface, but just 3% constitutes freshwater. Out of that 3%, less than 1% is readily accessible; the remaining is locked up in ice caps and glaciers. This means that not everyone in the world has access to clean drinking water. Many countries have a severe shortage of water and can severely disrupt a country’s economy. Furthermore, water shortages can also lead to poor sanitation; which consequently increases the risk of water-borne diseases.

Changing Habits
From brushing our teeth to washing our clothes, we waste millions of gallons of water every year. This wasted water could have been used elsewhere. Hence, we must save and reuse water as much as we can. One area where we could all make a difference is bathwater. Bath-water can be reused for many purposes, such as gardening and washing vehicles. Doing so will help us to reduce our water wastage and also reduce our carbon footprint.

In conclusion, water is a vital and scarce natural resource. Though the earth’s surface is covered with water, just under 1% can be considered potable and useful for human consumption. Hence, we must try to save water.

Important FAQs on Save Water

Question 1.
Why should we save water?

Water is an important and scarce natural resource. Many countries around the world lack access to clean and safe potable water. Hence, we must try to save as much water as we can.

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