National Integration Essay | Essay on National Integration and Importance of National Integration

National Integration Essay in English: National Integration Essay is an important topic from an academic perspective. However, its implications are much wider in scope. National integration has its origins in other related concepts – such as “unity in diversity” and other ideologies focused on creating harmony among a group of individuals.

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The primary focus of national integration is to create a sense of unity and a common identity among the citizens of a nation. National integration also helps to prevent a conflict that may arise out of any differences in culture, ethnicity, and religion. From a grand scheme of things, the national integral is very crucial for nation-building. Progress of a nation is paramount for long term sustainability and growth. Economies will improve, jobs will increase and society will become stable. Therefore, developing a sense of national integration is of utmost importance.

From an academic perspective, writing the perfect essay on National Integration may not be easy for all. However, the samples provided here are designed to ensure that students can grasp with ease and reproduce the same in an exam. Also provided are useful tips and tricks that can fetch more marks if students are able to adopt them.

Essay on National Integration Useful Writing Tips & Tricks

  • Use an introductory paragraph when beginning the essay. To ensure that the introductory paragraph has content pertinent to the topic.
  • Include a brief history, or any background information if available
  • Do not use jargons or slangs for an academic essay
  • Avoid jargons, unless it is required by the topic
  • Organise content with headings and subheadings
  • Avoid using large, monotonous blocks of text. Instead, present the content in small, digestible chunks.
  • Use bulleted points where applicable
  • Use specifics such as names, dates, and places to add clarity.
  • When concluding the essay, always use a concluding paragraph.
  • Before submission, read through the essay to find grammatical or factual errors if time permits.

National Integration Essay 200 Words

What is the National Integration?

National Integration is a term that relates to a sense of harmony and unity among the many distinct people of a country. Most often, countries have millions of people from various backgrounds, and to survive in peace, national integration is paramount.

However, the idea is not new; ever since the rise of civilization aeons ago, man has had conflict over various differences. Generally, conflicts are a strain on society as they use up valuable resources and labour, which could have been used elsewhere.

Role of National Integration

The primary role of national integration is to create a sense of unity. This is done by offering a fair and even platform for all citizens irrespective of their caste, creed and gender. This promotes the nation’s growth and development.

India is a very large country, with a population of more than 138 crores as of 2019. This means there are many religions, many castes and creeds existing within India’s borders.  Hence, national integration for India is paramount towards maintaining peace and harmony. Furthermore, national integration increases economic growth and increases loyalty for the nation.

Importance of National Integration

The conflicts in the Middle East for the past few decades are an example of how society fails due to the lapse of national integration. Communities of individuals have decimated each other over differences in the culture and creed. Today’s terrorist organizations disrupt peace by targeting the national integration of a nation. Anti-social elements take advantage when differences in opinions arise. Even though electronic media, rumors can be propagated that can cause havoc in society.

In conclusion, national integration is paramount for the growth of a nation. Without this crucial element, society fails to function efficiently, thereby affecting individual citizens, as well as the entire nation.

Essay on National Integration 300 Words

Meaning of National Integration

National integration is a term that describes the harmony and unity which exists among the citizens of a nation. This term has evolved from older phrases and mottos which promotes unity among diverse groups of individuals. A similar phrase, “Unity in diversity” could be considered as a precursor.

Origin of National Integration

Origins of this particular phrase can be traced back to the 12th century to a Sufi philosopher named Ibn al-Arabi. The central idea of this phrase was to prevent conflict, which often had a disastrous effect on a nation’s economy. Conflict, in general, is never sustainable for a nation in the long run. However, human nature is something that cannot be changed, hence, conflict is mostly unavoidable.

Role of National Integration 

As stated previously, the primary role of national integration is to promote peace and harmony. However, it serves many other crucial functions such as:

  • Invoke “national feeling” or the feeling of “brotherhood”
  • Promote unity
  • Bridge societal gaps
  • Remove barriers between castes and creeds
  • Promote economy and reduce economic disparity
  • Promote equality
  • Promote fundamental duties
  • To reduce corruption and illiteracy

Threats Facing National Integration

Terrorist organizations seek to disrupt the peace of a nation by targeting its national integrity. For instance, any differences or disparity is exacerbated by anti-social elements. These activities can cause economic unrest and also help propagate falsified news or rumors. Moreover, in today’s day and age, technology is a boon; however, it can also be used against a nation.

The War in the Middle East can be quoted as one of the most infamous examples of how a society plunges into disarray due to a host of underlying issues. However, the most prominent reason can be the failure of national integration, where differences among different ethnic groups caused civil unrest, which displaced millions of citizens and caused the deaths of countless more.

In conclusion, national integration is crucial for the growth and prosperity of a nation. Its absence can lead to the downfall of society and the eventual collapse of the country.

FAQ’s On National Integration Essay

Question 1.
What is National Integration?

National Integration is a term that describes the harmony and unity among the people of a country.

Question 2.
What is the importance of national integration?

As national integration demonstrates a crucial part in the development of a country, it becomes important to develop the feeling of national integrity

Question 3.
What is the meaning of national integration?

National Integration is a term that describes the harmony and unity among the people of a country.

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