My Mother Essay for Students and Kids in English

My Mother Essay: My Mother Essay is the most elementary topic a student can write. Yet, every essay is different and special just like everyone’s mother. A mother is often the very first person an infant interacts with. The bond a mother and her child share only strengthens with time. No matter how old the child becomes, their mother always remains near and dear to them. Similarly, a mother’s love for her child is unconditional, no matter the child’s age or location.

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My Mother Essay 500 Words in English

From an academic perspective, students may have no trouble writing an essay on this topic. However, the student has to accurately articulate and express their view and points in a formal manner. They must also follow certain rules and writing conventions to ensure that the essay is presentable and appealing to the reader. We have provided the following writing tips and tricks to help students secure more marks. Moreover, these samples are tailored to meet the criteria of students from various age-groups.

Essay on My Mother Writing Tips and Tricks

Try to adopt the following tips and tricks to help you secure more marks for your essay. Please note, for students studying their class 1 to 5, these conventions may not apply. However, they will be useful for higher classes and competitive exams.

  • Always make it a point to begin the essay with an introductory paragraph
  • Ensure that the introduction contains the topic’s history, background information or any other pertinent information
  • Also, try to include specifics such as names, dates, locations and other details. This may help provide a clearer insight
  • Try to avoid using jargons. Use it only if the topic requires it
  • Avoid presenting content in long, monotonous blocks of text. This can cause readers to lose interest. Instead, try to present content in small, digestible chunks
  • Try to represent important information in bulleted points
  • Always organize the content into headings and subheadings.
  • Always end the essay with a suitable conclusion
  • The concluding paragraph must highlight the key takeaways or summarize the topic
  • If time permits, read through the essay. This will help to avoid grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

My Mother Essay – Sample 1 (100 Words – Elementary School Essay)

  • My mother’s name is Mrs Usha
  • My mother is a beacon of hope and strength, bonding our family together
  • A doctor by profession, my mother is very dedicated towards her job
  • She loves all her family members unconditionally
  • My mother is the glue that binds our family
  • My mother is very selfless as she sacrificed all her desires and needs for her family
  • She also helps me with my homework and my school assignments
  • My mother prepares the most delicious food ever
  • My mother is also very protective; she shields me from bad things and ensures I do not get hurt
  • Most of all, my mother deserves nothing but the best from me and my family.

My Mother Essay – Sample 2 (250 Words – General Essay)

My mother is my superhero. She always finds time to give her unconditional love and support for my family. She is my greatest inspiration as she showcases devotion, dedication and persistence despite her busy schedule. My mother is also my first teacher and she still teaches me a lot of things about life.

My mother always respects her elders and she taught the same to me. She also taught me that I need to be polite to people. As a baby, my growth and learning was entirely dependent on my mother, I could not be more thankful for all the things she has taught me. If not for my mother, I wouldn’t be where I am right now.

My mother has also taught me to be sincere, truthful and empathetic. These qualities have helped me more in life than anything that I have learnt on my own. My mother is the most selfless person I have ever known – she always puts her family ahead of herself. She has faced many problems, but she always triumphs them. She motivates me to be emotionally strong and face problems head-on. I would also seek comfort and refuge in my mother when I felt sad or hurt. She would ease my problems always and would always support me in my times of need.

My mother is my first teacher and my friend. However, she also knew when to be strict. Nonetheless, I would always listen to my mother because she has a lot to teach me. In conclusion, my mother deserves only the best from me and my family for her selfless acts and unconditional love.

Important FAQs on My Mother

Question 1.
When is Mother’s Day celebrated?

Mother’s day is generally celebrated in the first or second week of May. For 2020, Mother’s Day is celebrated on 10th May.

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