Tree Plantation Essay | Importance of Tree Plantation Essay for Students and Kids in English

Tree Plantation Essay: Trees plantation is the process where seedlings are moved from one location to another for land reclamation, forestry or landscaping purposes. Tree plantation has many apparent advantages – it contributes to the environment by improving air quality, oxygen, conserving water and supporting wildlife.

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Tree Plantation Essay aims to educate the readers and students about the importance of tree plantation. In today’s world, globalization and industrialization have led to the destruction of millions of acres of forests and wildlife sanctuaries. This has displaced the homes of many animals, which consequently led to them straying into inhabited areas. Hence, drastic measures have to be undertaken to reverse the damage humans have done.

From an academic perspective, a tree plantation essay is an important topic as it is usually asked in the exams. The topic may be easy to comprehend, however, to write an engaging essay on the same may not be as simple. With these sample essays and useful tips, securing marks is much easier. Consider adopting these tips and guidelines to deliver the perfect essay.

Tree Plantation Essay – Writing Tips and Tricks

Adopting these writing tips will help to secure more marks/ grades for the essay. Moreover, it can also improve general writing and presentation skills:

  • Always begin the essay with an introductory paragraph
  • The introductory paragraph must contain relevant background information or any other pertinent information about the topic
  • Incorporate specifics such as names, dates, places or any other information that provides clarity and context
  • Do not use jargons unless required by the topic
  • Ensure that the content is broken down into digestible chunks. Long, monotonous texts may make it difficult for the reader.
  • Try to present the content in points wherever possible
  • Always organize the content by using headings and subheadings
  • End the essay with a concluding paragraph
  • The concluding paragraph must summarize all the relevant points or key takeaways
  • If time permits, read through the essay before final submission. This will help weed out grammatical errors and spelling mistakes

Tree Plantation Essay Sample 1 (250+ Words – High School Level)

What is Tree Plantation?
Tree Plantation is the process of transplanting seedlings from one place to another for forestry, landscaping or land reclamation. It has many ecological implications, such as preservation of soil, supporting wildlife and more.

Implications of Tree Plantation
In today’s day and age, globalization has taken a toll on the environment. Our carbon footprint has drastically increased ever since the Industrial Revolution. Moreover, to make matters worse, millions of acres of forests have been encroached to expand for commercialization and industrialization. This has accelerated global warming, which has resulted in higher global temperatures. Polar ice caps are melting, and global sea levels are rising as a consequence. Many animals are now at risk of losing their habitat and eventually becoming extinct.

A Possible Solution?
Most of these ill-effects can be pushed back if more trees are planted. As a result, one of the primary goals of tree plantation is offsetting carbon emissions. Trees can act as carbon offsets based on the notion that they capture and use carbon as they grow. This has a significant impact on climate change, as sequestering carbon can help reduce the greenhouse effect.

Trees also act as carbon sinks, a natural reservoir that absorbs more carbon than it releases. This adds a “cooling effect” where water vapour enters the earth’s atmosphere, thereby increasing cloudiness. Also, studies have found that trees in the tropical rainforests annually remove close to 22 kilos of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year.

In conclusion, tree plantation must be seen as not just a social responsibility, but one among many solutions to our environmental crisis.

Tree Plantation Essay Sample 2 (250+ Words – Primary School Level)

What is Tree Plantation?
Tree Plantation is a process where seedlings are transplanted from one place to another. There are many reasons why trees are transferred – it can be for either land reclamation, forestry, or even landscaping. Moreover, this process has many ecological benefits, as well.

Applications of Tree Plantation

  • Forestry: Forestry is the science of creating, managing and conserving forests for its resources, typically for human consumption or benefits. Hence, tree plantation is one of the most commonly used methods to procure trees or plants of economic importance such as timber and wood fuel. However, forestry also embraces other goals, such as recreational activities, wildlife habitats, and erosion control.
  • Land Reclamation: Land reclamation is the process of creating new land areas from seas, riverbeds, and lake beds. These new areas are usually created for human habitation. Common examples include man-made beaches and the coastlines of Mumbai. Land Reclamation can also be used to develop sanctuaries and habitats for wildlife.
  • Landscaping: Landscaping is any activity that is used to alter the visible features of a land area. It is primarily done for visual aesthetics.

Importance of Tree Plantation

Carbon emissions are at an all-time high because of globalization and industrialization. As a result, the rate of global warming has increased, leading to a rise in global temperatures. Furthermore, many other negative repercussions also begin to plague the planet, such as rising sea levels and melting ice caps. These drastically affect wildlife as well as human activities.

The only feasible solution to these problems would be to plant trees. Trees act as natural carbon sinks, which means they absorb more carbon than they release. This results in a reduction of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.

In conclusion, tree plantation has many applications, but we need to focus on the most important one- which is to reverse the effects of global warming and deforestation.

Important FAQs on Tree Plantation Essay

Question 1.
What is Tree Plantation?

Trees plantation is the process where seedlings are moved from one location to another for land reclamation, forestry or landscaping purposes.

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