A Letter to God Summary

In the hustle and bustle of our lives, have you ever wished you could write a letter to a higher power? “A Letter to God” encapsulates the essence of human faith and desires through a poignant story that unfolds in a remote village. This timeless tale raises thought-provoking questions about the nature of belief and the power of hope. Read More Class 9th English Summaries.

A Letter to God Summary

A Letter to God Introduction:

Lencho was, a poor farmer. He was very hard-working. Once there was a hailstorm. It destroyed his crops completely. Lencho had great faith in God. He wrote a letter to God. He asked God to send him money. The postmaster saw this letter. He decided to help Lencho. He collected some money. He put it inside an envelope. Lencho came to the post office to check his mail. The post office people gave him the envelope. Lencho opened the envelope. He took out the money and counted it. He found that it was less than he had asked for. He wrote another letter to God. He asked God to send him the rest of the money. But he wanted Him not to send the money through the mail. He said that the post office people were a bunch of crooks.

A Letter to God Summary in English

Lencho was a poor farmer. He was very hard-working. He was expecting a good harvest after the rains. Lencho waited expectantly for the rains. The rain did come but it came with hailstorm and destroyed his crop completely. Lencho’s soul was filled with sadness. He had firm faith in God. He believed that God would not let him starve. He, therefore, wrote a letter to God, asking Him to send one hundred pesos. (Peso is a unit of money in many Latin American countries and the Philippines.) Lencho then went to the post-office. He fixed a stamp on the letter and put it in the mail-box.

One of the postmen laughed to find in the mail a letter addressed to God. He showed it to the postmaster. The postmaster also laughed on seeing the letter. But immediately he became serious. He admired the faith of the man and decided to help him. He asked for contribution from his employees. He himself also gave a part of his salary. Though he could not collect one hundred pesos, yet he was able to send the farmer a little more than half of it. The postmaster put the money inside an envelope and addressed it to Lencho. He also put into the envelope a letter. But his letter had only one single word written on it. The word was in the form of a signature — God.

Summary of A Letter to God

The next Sunday Lencho went to the post-office to ask if there was any letter for him. The postman took out a letter and handed it over to Lencho. Lencho was not surprised on seeing the money in the envelope. He was rather angry when he counted the money. There were only seventy pesos in the envelope. Lencho was sure God could not have made a mistake. So he wrote another letter to God asking him to send him the rest of the money. He also wrote to God not to send the money through the mail because he thought that the post-office employees were a bunch of crooks.
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