A Thing of Beauty is a Joy for Ever Poem Summary

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy for Ever” is a famous line from the poem “Endymion” written by John Keats, a renowned English Romantic poet. Read More Class 11 English Summaries.

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy for Ever Poem Summary

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy for Ever Introduction:

This poem conveys the idea that a thing of beauty is a joy for ever. It leaves a permanent impression on our mind. It stays in our imagination for ever. It never passes into nothingness. Our imagination adds new colours to it. Its loveliness increases every time we think of it.

Thus it becomes a joy for ever. Besides this, it makes us forget the sorrows and sufferings of the world. It gives us peace of the mind and health of the body. It makes our painful stay on this earth bearable.

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy for Ever Summary in English:

In this poem, the poet tries to explain how a beautiful thing is a joy for ever. He says that the loveliness of a beautiful thing never fades. We find in it new beauties as we watch it day after day. It never passes into nothingness. It gives joy to the beholder for ever.

A beautiful thing is a kind of quiet bower that sends us to a sleep full of sweet dreams. It gives us health of the body and peace of the mind. The poet believes that man’s life on the earth is nothing but a tale of grief and sorrow.

There is sadness and gloom in every heart. There is a terrible lack of truly noble hearts. Many mysterious things happen that man fails to understand in spite of all efforts. None could bear to live on such an earth.

The poet says that it is beauty alone that takes away the gloom from the human heart. It is a kind of flowery band that binds us to the earth. The poet lists some such beautiful things. He says that we have the sun and the moon. There are big and small trees that give cool shade for simple sheep. There are lovely daffodils and cool clear streams. There are musk roses that bloom in forests.

Then there is also the beauty of thoughts we have for the mighty dead. We imagine that they will be suitably rewarded by God on the day of judgement. Then there are lovely tales of olden days that we have heard or read.

The poet calls all these beauties an endless fountain of immortal drink that heaven itself is pouring down for us. In other words, God himself has created these beautiful things for us so that we can derive joy from them during our stay on this earth.
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