Bed Number-29 Summary

Have you ever stopped to consider the stories that a hospital bed could hold? Behind the sterile linens and medical equipment lies a world of emotions and journeys. This article delves into the significance of Bed Number-29, a silent witness to countless moments of pain, hope, and healing. Read More Class 10th English Summaries.

Bed Number-29 Summary

Bed Number-29 Introduction:

This story describes a supreme sacrifice made by Naeem for the sake of the author. The author is an amateur painter. One day he meets with an accident and loses his eyesight. In the hospital, Naeem is his wardmate. He is also known as Number Twenty-nine, which is the number of his bed. He is a very cheeerful person. He describes beautiful scenes to the author and encourages him to start painting again. In the beginning, the author hesitates but agrees at last. Naeem provides him everything for painting.

Summary of Bed Number-29

He praises author’s paintings and tells him that nobody could believe they are painted by a blind man. The doctors operate on the author for the second time. The author has spent his last rupee on this operation. But unfortunately, this operation is also unsuccessful. Naeem offers the author some money, but the author refuses. Naeem finds a rich customer to buy the author’s paintings. With the sale of his paintings, the author gets sufficient money for his third operation. This operation is successful and the author is able to see again.

He wants to meet Naeem, but Naeem has already left the hospital. The author comes to know that the unknown customer of his paintings was Naeem himself. His paintings are just masses of haphazard lines. Naeem was himself blind, but he spent all his money to buy the author’s paintings. He could not have his third operation as he was left with no money. For the same reason, he had to leave the hospital. Under Naeem’s pillow, the author finds four paintings. These paintings were drawn by Naeem, before he was blind. These showed he was a great artist.
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