Half A Rupee Worth Summary

Have you ever thought about the true value of a half rupee? In a world driven by materialism, this seemingly insignificant coin holds a wealth of stories and perspectives. This article delves into the depth behind “Half A Rupee Worth,” unraveling its meaning beyond mere currency. Read More Class 10th English Summaries.

Half A Rupee Worth Summary

Half A Rupee Worth Introduction:

This is the story of a rich rice merchant, Subbiah. In his shop, there were all varieties of rice. Subbiah was a very shrewd businessman. He survived all ups and downs of his trade. He had five children. He provided them good education. His house was quite big and his wife had a lot of gold ornaments. He would lend money to people on high rates of interest.

And if people failed to pay back the money, he would acquire their houses. During the War, his profits piled up. But after the War, the government introduced price and food control. But Subbiah also found solution to this problem. He would bribe the government officials and thus sell the rice in the black market. At his shop, he would measure short and thus save a considerable quantity of rice.

Summary of Half A Rupee Worth

He converted one of his houses into a big godown. He would sell his rice to his known customers only. One evening as he had just closed his shop, a person came to him. He requested him to give him rice worth half a rupee. At first Subbiah refused. But after much request, Subbiah agreed to give him only half a seer of rice although the government rate was three seers for a rupee. He took the coin from the man and told him to wait there. The man waited for Subbiah for three hours but he did not come.

He called at Subbiah’s house. Subbiah’s wife opened the door. She became very anxious when Subbiah did not come by six next morning. Now Subbiah was looked for in his godown. They saw his dead body under the fallen bags of rice. There was a half-rupee coin in his hand.
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