Hassan’s Attendance Problem Summary

Amidst the challenges, “Hassan’s Attendance hassle” also highlights the significance of empathy and a supportive environment. The story emphasizes the impact of information educators and peers who extend a assisting hand rather than judgment. It portrays the ripple effect of compassion and guidance, showcasing how even a small intervention can turn the tide for a struggling pupil. Read More Class 12th English Summaries.

Hassan’s Attendance Problem Summary

Hassan’s Attendance Problem Introduction:

This lesson has been written by Sudha Murthy who is the wife of a big owner of an I.T. (Information Technology) company. She used to teach computer science to students studying for their Master’s in Computer Applications at a Bangalore college. She interacted with many students. She could not forget one of the students. He was Hassan. He did not attend her class regularly. He was often absent. His attendance problem was serious.

This problem was brought to the notice of his parents. But they could not mend his habits. He met the teacher when there was a problem of attendance shortage. Then he gave the promise to the teacher that he would be punctual or regular in the future. For a few days he was punctual but then again he would be absent. He used to stand first in the class by preparing some expected questions. Even in the final examination he stood first.

He left college. His classmates rose in life. They got good jobs. Some of them became rich. But Hassan was lazy as usual. He got jobs at one or two places. His employers did not like him for his laziness and indisciplined ways. He had to leave the job. He became a salesman of computer software. One day Hassan met his teacher. She advised him to be disciplined and active and rise in life. He promised to do so. The teacher wanted to see him as a changed man. But old habits die hard.

Hassan’s Attendance Problem Summary in English:

The narrator (Sudha Murthy) was a computer science teacher teaching students for their Master’s in Computer Applications at a college in Bangalore. She came in contact with many students. She remembers some of the students. She remembers one of them as he was something very different from the others.

He was a very bright boy named Hassan in her first batch. He was tall, handsome with a very good memory. He belonged to a wealthy family. He was the only son of his parents. The narrator did not know about his presence in the class because he was hardly ever present. Once in a while he was seen if there was a class test or during examinations.

The narrator met him more often for attendance shortage meetings. He would beg for attendance in a moving manner. The narrator did not say ‘no’ to him. But sometimes she told him to be more regular and disciplined. He begged pardon of the narrator and promised to be more punctual from the next semester onwards.

The narrator was kind-hearted. She did not like his being irregular but she did not want to stop him from appearing in the examinations because of shortage of attendance. As Hassan was very brilliant, he used to get a first class in the exams. But it was his regular practice to beg the narrator for the attendance problem. The narrator was fed up with his attendance problem. She called his parents to the college and told them to mend their son.

They expressed their helplessness. Hassan’s mother told the narrator that Hassan spent all night listening to music and chatting with his friends. He slept at six in the morning. So it was not possible for him to come to her class in time. Hassan continued in his ways. He passed out of his course, as usual in first class. He was thankful to the narrator. He told the narrator that he wished that all teachers were like her. Hassan parted from the narrator. The narrator did not see him for a long time.

Several years had passed after Hassan left his college. One Monday, a man came to see the narrator. It was the afternoon time. The narrator could not recognise him. He was about thirty-five, fat, with a bald head. He had a CD of the software in his hand. He said, “From a window you can see the outside world but from the outside you cannot see all that is inside.”

The narrator often used this phrase in her class. So she was sure that he was one of her students. Hassan spoke out that he was the regular late-comer of her class. She at once understood that he was Hassan. She knew that all his class-mates had risen in life.

They had become rich. She thought that Hassan too might have done well in life. But he was doing a small job of selling high school software from door to door. Hassan admitted to the narrator that he was very irregular in college. The same habit continued even after graduation.

Summary of Hassan’s Attendance Problem

He used to get up very late and was very lazy. His mother used to get angry but he never bothered about her. He took up a job but continued with the same habits of going late to office and not being responsible. At college also he was careless. He prepared some important questions and got a first class. He often laughed at those people who worked hard.

Today those hard working class-fellows had become richer. He lost whatever job he took. No employer was willing to keep him. He lost one job after the other. The narrator told Hassan not to feel disappointed.

She told him that one may lose the battle but one could always win the war. Hassan then told the narrator that old habits died hard. She told Hassan that old habits could be changed. There is nothing that is impossible. She further said that excellence does not come by chance but by practice.

The words of the narrator encouraged Hassan. He promised that he would try to do his best to improve in life. He took leave of the narrator. She did not meet him after this meeting. She hoped to see him one day. Then she would find him happy and successful.
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