In the Flood Summary

Have you ever wondered what happens when the skies open up, and rivers breach their banks? In the flood summary, we delve into the untamed forces of nature that bring both awe and devastation. Can humanity truly predict and control the torrents that reshape our landscapes? Read More Class 9th English Summaries.

In the Flood Summary

In the Flood Introduction:

It is a touching story of a dog who guards his master’s house till the end of his life. But his master doesn’t care for him when there are floods. He leaves with his wife and children and has no thought of the poor dog. The dog keeps waiting for two nights. But nobody comes to his rescue. Two thieves come there in a boat. The dog barks at them and tries to frighten them away. He even bites one of the thieves. The other thief hits him in his belly with a pole. The poor animal cries in pain. At night, he is caught by a crocodile and pulled into the water.

The flood water begins to recede after a few days. The master comes there looking for the dog. He finds the dog dead under a coconut tree. The dog is all rotten. One of his ears has been bitten off. The master turns the dog over with his toe. He is not certain whether it is his dog.

In the Flood Summary in English

There were floods and the villagers had left for dry land. Many of them had gone to the temple which was the highest point in the village. Even this temple was neck-deep in water. There was water and water everywhere.
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Chenna Paraya was yet in his cottage. He had been braving the flood for two nights and a day. He had no boat to escape. His landlord had left three days ago. Chenna had made a raised platform in his hut. He had been staying there with his wife and kids. A cat and a dog were also with them. Chenna had not left for fear of thieves. In the plot around his cottage, chere were a few banana trees and a haystack. He could not leave them at the mercy of thieves.

Chenna felt that their end was near. For three days, it had been raining heavily and continuously. Their hut could go under water any time. Chenna broke open a part of the thatched roof. He came out through it and looked around. At some distance there was a boat. He cried aloud to the boatmen. Luckily, they heard him and came to his help. Chenna, his wife and the kids came upon the rooftop. They got into the boat. The cat also jumped in. But no one took notice of the dog. He was still sniffing around in one corner of the hut. The boat started moving. It was soon in mid-water.

Heavy rain started again. A huge crocodile came near the hut. The dog lowered his tail in fear. But the crocodile went away without doing any harm. The hungry dog kept crying for a long time in the night. Then he was too tired to cry. He heard a man chanting the Ramayana. Again the dog started crying. Soon there was no sound of chanting. The only sound was the sound of the waves and the roar of the wind. Then it was morning. The sun shone for some time. The dog dozed off in the sunlight.

The dog woke up. Dead animals were floating around. A small boat came moving fast. It was a little away from the hut. The dog stood up and started wagging his tail. But the boat soon disappeared. It started drizzling again. The dog looked helpless. After some time the drizzle stopped. Another boat came that way. It stopped at the coconut tree. The dog wagged his tail and made noises. But the boatman picked a coconut and rowed away.

Summary of In the Flood 

In the afternoon, there was a third boat. The dog barked gratefully and wagged his tail. But the two men in the boat didn’t take much notice of the dog and went away. The dog climbed onto the roof and kept growling. Perhaps he was trying to say that never again he would love a human being.

Again there was night. It started raining heavily. A terrible storm was blowing. The roof of the hut started moving. A long head appeared from under the water. It was that of a crocodile. The dog started barking in great fear.

Just then two men came in a boat. They heard the dog barking in the dark. The dog at once knew they were thieves. He jumped down from the rooftop. One of the men got frightened. He fell into the water. The other man pulled him out. The dog swam back to the roof. He continued barking. The thieves picked all the bananas from the trees.

Then they loaded the boat with hay from the haystack. The dog kept barking wildly. One of the thieves climbed on to the rooftop. The dog bit him hard. The man cried in pain. The other thief picked up a pole and hit the dog in the belly. The dog cried in pain. The two thieves left the place.

No one heard the groan of the dog after that. Here and there, rotten corpses floated on the water. Crows were eating them. There was no sound at all. The thieves were having a nice time. The hut stayed above water until the dog was caught by a crocodile and pulled down into the water. And then the hut too went down and sank in the water.

After a few days, the flood water had started receding. Chenna came back swimming in search of the dog. He found the dog dead under a coconut tree. He turned it from side to side with his toe. He was not sure if it was his dog. One ear was bitten off. The body was all rotten. Its colour had changed.

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