The Dying Detective Summary

Have you ever been drawn into a web of mystery and intrigue? Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s captivating tale, “The Dying Detective,” does just that. This article delves into the suspenseful world of this Sherlock Holmes adventure, where deception, manipulation, and ultimate revelation take center stage. Read More Class 10th English Summaries.

The Dying Detective Summary

The Dying Detective Introduction:

Sherlock Holmes was a detective. He had a friend named Dr Watson. One day, Holmes’ landlady came to Watson’s house and told him that Holmes was critically ill. Watson lost no time in coming to the flat where Holmes lived. He found Holmes lying in bed and feeling very restless. He tried to know about Holmes’ disease and its symptoms. But Holmes didn’t let Watson come near him. He said that it was a horribly contagious disease and Watson knew nothing about it. So he asked Watson to fetch one Mr. Culverton Smith who, he said, had all the knowledge of this disease. Then he told him to come back to him before Mr. Smith reached there. “This is very important,” he said. “Make any excuse so as not to come back with him. Don’t forget, Watson.”

Watson met Mr. Smith and told him about Holmes’ trouble. Mr. Smith at once agreed to go with Watson. But Watson remembered what Holmes had said. So he made an excuse that he had another appointment. When Watson came back, Holmes asked him to go to another room. While Watson was hiding there, he heard the footsteps upon the stairs.

Summary of The Dying Detective

Then he heard the opening and closing of the door. It was Mr. Smith who had come into the room. He felt quite delighted on seeing Holmes in a critical condition. Holmes was the only person who knew that Mr. Smith had killed his nephew Victor, but he had not been able to prove it. Now seeing Holmes dying, Smith confesses it to him that Victor had died the same way Holmes was dying now. He confesses that he had sent Holmes an ivory box by post. The box contained a killer spring. While talking thus, Mr. Smith picks up the box and puts it into his pocket.

At once, Holmes gives up his pretence of a dying man. He applauds his successful acting. This acts as a signal for Inspector Morton who at once comes in. He arrests Mr. Smith on the charges of Victor’s murder and Holmes’ attempted murder. Mr. Smith tries to deny his confession to Holmes, but there is Watson who has witnessed the entire drama.
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