Make in India Essay | Essay on Make in India for Students in English

Make in India Essay: Make in India Essay aims to educate students about the Indian Government’s program to encourage companies to manufacture products in India. The basic idea behind this programme is to produce commodities or services that can be consumed or used as a commodity in India. This initiative provides many benefits such as a business-friendly environment and an investor-friendly ecosystem. Moreover, countless jobs will be created as a result, reducing unemployment numbers.

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This plan is not new and has already been implemented in other countries such as the United States under the name “Buy American” (under Obama’s administration). From an academic perspective, students must thoroughly understand the concept before elaborating it in their essay. Moreover, it would be very beneficial if the student practices the essay before their exams as it helps to recall information with ease. The samples we have provided aim to make the student understand the concept with ease. Read on to find know more about how to make India great essay.

Make in India Essay 500+ Words Essay

What is Make in India?

The Make in India initiative was launched on September 25, 2014, by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  The idea behind the initiative is to produce services or commodities of demand within the country. This initiative opens up a whole new landscape for investors and businesses alike. Moreover, it creates countless job opportunities in the country.

One of the primary focuses of this initiative is to provide the required infrastructure to set up businesses. Furthermore, India gave investment commitments of nearly INR 16 lakh crores between 2014 to 2016. As a result, India emerged as one of the top destinations for foreign direct investments, surpassing China and the United States. The policy allows for 100% FDI in all the 100 sectors except the defence and space industry. This opened up many new horizons for foreigndirect investors and businesses.

To sum up, Make in India initiative focuses on these three criteria:

  • Foreign Direct Investments
  • Ease of doing business/ Zero hindrance
  • Sector-specific growth

Make in India – Sectors Covered

Make in India initiative focuses on 25 core sectors:

Major Sectors Covered Under Make in India
Leather Media and entertainment
Automobiles Mining
Automobile components Oil and gas
Aviation Pharmaceuticals
Biotechnology Ports & shipping
Chemicals Construction
Defence manufacturing Renewable Energy
Defence exports Roads & Highways
Electronic systems Space & Astronomy
Food processing Textiles & Garments
Electrical machinery Thermal Power
Exports Tourism
Information technology & business process management Wellness & Healthcare

Implications of Make in India Essay

Most of these have provided fruitful results. For instance, Kia Motors Corporation, an automobile manufacturer from South Korea invested nearly USD 1.1 billion in 2017 and built the company’s first manufacturing plant in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh. This resulted in the company hiring 3,000 employees, and pushing out over 3 lakh cars. The CEO of Kia also plans to create 10,000 more jobs by 2021, thereby providing a livelihood for many. In 2019, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors expressed his interest to join Make in India by commencing operation 2019-20.

The Make in India initiative also led to Aramco, one of Saudi Arabia’s largest oil companies, to sign a deal with a consortium of Indian oil companies to build a refinery and petrochemical project worth USD 44 billion on the west coast of India. This deal has the potential to provide job opportunities for many. Similarly, there are many such foreign direct investors who are ready to invest in India and transform the nation for the better.

Advantages of Make in India Essay

Make in India initiative has many advantages. These advantages are as follows:

  • Generation of employment opportunities
  • Expand GDP in India
  • Removal of existing roadblocks to businesses and retention of Indian investors
  • Development of towns and villages (Setting up an industry in the vicinity of a town or a village leads to the development of surrounding infrastructure
  • Access to cutting edge technology/ processes
  • A large influx of capital

Disadvantages of Make in India Essay

In theory, this initiative is almost perfect in its goal to improve the Indian economy. However, there are some disadvantages that need to be discussed:

  • The agriculture industry will be neglected
  • Natural resources will be depleted
  • Small-scale businesses and entrepreneurs will be affected
  • Loss of arable land
  • Pollution and increased carbon footprint
  • Possibility of spoiling relations with China/ Competition with China

FAQs on Make in India Essay

Question 1.
What is the concept of Make in India?

Make in India initiative focuses on these three specific criteria:

  • Foreign Direct Investments
  • Ease of doing business/ Zero hindrance
  • Sector-specific growth

Question 2.
Who launched Make in India?

The Make in India initiative was launched on September 25, 2014, by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Question 3.
What is the benefit of Make in India?

Make in India has the following benefits:

  • Generation of employment opportunities
  • Access to cutting new technology/ processes
  • A large influx of capital
  • Development of towns & villages
  • Expansion of GDP in India

Question 4.
What are the 25 sectors of make in India?

Make in India covers the following sectors: leather, media and entertainment, automobiles, mining, automobile components, oil and gas, aviation, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, ports & shipping, chemicals, railways, construction, rapid transit, defence manufacturing, renewable energy, defence exports, roads & highways, electronic systems, space & astronomy, food processing, textiles & garments, electrical machinery, thermal power, exports, tourism, information technology & business process management, wellness & healthcare.

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