How Beautiful is the Rain Poem Summary

How beautiful is the Rain” elegantly captures the sensitive dance of raindrops as they contact the earth’s canvas. The poem’s verses evoke a feel of wonder and nostalgia, conjuring photos of rain-kissed landscapes and the rhythmic melody of droplets falling. Read More Class 6th English Summaries.

How Beautiful is the Rain Poem Summary

How Beautiful is the Rain Summary in English

The rain, with its sounds and sights, is very beautiful. It is most welcome after the dust and heat of the summer. It flows down the baked streets and presents a lovely sight. The rain clatters along the roofs like a group of hoofs. It struggles to drain out of the pipe and fell down.

It strikes the window-panes briskly and strongly. It becomes like a muddy river when it reaches the ground. It falls into some gutter producing a roaring sound. On the whole everybody welcomes, the summer rain.
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