I am Writing a Letter Poem Summary

i’m Writing a Letter” fantastically encapsulates the magic of crafting phrases that undergo the burden of one’s feelings. The poem’s verses evoke a feel of anticipation as ink meets paper, forming a conduit for thoughts, dreams, and sentiments. It celebrates the particular way wherein a letter bridges distances, permitting the sender’s voice to reach the recipient’s coronary heart across time and area. Read More Class 6th English Summaries.

I am Writing a Letter Poem Summary

I am Writing a Letter Summary in English

To write a letter for a child is happy experience. If the letter is for its mother, the experience becomes more exciting. In this poem too, a child is writing a letter to its mother. It addresses her as ‘Dearest Mummy.’ It is anxious to write the letter very neatly. So it writes very slowly. If a drop of ink leaks and makes a blot on the sheet. it dries, it up with a piece of nice bloting paper.

The child gets fast after turning over the page. It writes its love and kisses for its mother. It stops when a little space in left. In the ends it puts a stamp on the letter and runs to the postbox to post it. It is happy that its letter has gone now.
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