I am Happy with Who I am Poem Summary

i’m happy with Who i’m” eloquently captures the quiet energy that emerges whilst we unapologetically include our flaws and quirks. The poem’s verses resonate with the splendor of self-love, acknowledging that true happiness blossoms when we release the need for external validation and select to honor our very own identification. Read More Class 6th English Summaries.

I am Happy with Who I am Poem Summary

I am Happy with Who I am Summary in English

This three stanza poem gives us a lot of a self confidence. It inspires us to believe firmly in what we are. The poet sees into mirror and sees his/her reflection. It tells him/her that he/she is unique. No one is like him/her in the world.

To he/she is precious because the world needs him/her. He/she should be proud of his/her size, colour shape and everything of his/hers. He/She should be happy of whatever he/she is, His/her smiles can makes the world better place to live in.
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