How Much Land Does A Man Need? Summary

In this captivating narrative, we witness the journey of Pahom, a peasant who becomes consumed by his ambition for land. As the story unfolds, Pahom’s relentless pursuit of expansion leads him down a treacherous path, ultimately resulting in a startling revelation about the limits of human greed. “How Much Land Does A Man Need?” succinctly captures the dangers of unchecked ambition, showcasing the harsh consequences that can accompany the insatiable desire for more. Read More Class 10th English Summaries.

How Much Land Does A Man Need? Summary

How Much Land Does A Man Need? Introduction:

This story by Leo Tolstoy is about the sin of greed. Man’s material needs on this earth are not many. Yet he troubles himself all his life. He wants more and more of wealth. He runs from one sin to the other till he meets his end. Tolstoy has illustrated this idea through the story of Pakhom. Pakhom had an insatiable greed for land.

The more land he had, the more greedy he grew. Once he said, “If I had plenty of land, I shouldn’t fear the devil himself.” On hearing this, the devil decided to try his strength against Pakhom. He thought that he would give Pakhom as much land as he desired, and thus get him into his power. In course of time, Pakhom came to have 125 acres of land, yet he was not satisfied.

Summary of How Much Land Does A Man Need?

He came to know about the land of Bashkir people. There he could get for 1000 roubles as much land as he could go round on his feet in one day. In his greed, he exerted himself too much. Yet he did not stop. He fell down dead just when he had completed the circuit. A grave was dug for him. Six feet from head to heels was all that Pakhom needed. Thus Tolstoy shows that greed brings man’s ruin.
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