One Thousand Dollars Summary

What could one thousand dollars truly buy? Is it just a sum of money or something more profound? This article delves into the multifaceted significance of one thousand dollars, uncovering the diverse ways in which it can impact lives and shape perspectives. Read More Class 10th English Summaries.

One Thousand Dollars Summary

One Thousand Dollars Introduction:

Robert Gillian receives one thousand dollars from his uncle’s will. But there is also a condition. He has to spend this money sensibly. He goes to Old Bryson for his advice. But Bryson is in no mood of giving him any advice. He talks to Gillian in a satirical tone. Robert offers Miss Lotta Lauriere to buy her a pendant worth one thousand dollars.

But she wants a much more expensive one. He asks a cab driver what he would do with a thousand dollars. He replies that he will open a saloon with it. Robert’s uncle had a ward, Miss Hayden. Perhaps Robert loves her. He gives the entire amount to her and makes a detail about it. Then he goes to the office of his uncle’s lawyers. He tells them that he has spent the money.

Summary of One Thousand Dollars 

They tell him if he has spent the money sensibly, he would get another 5,000 dollars otherwise this amount will go to Miss Hayden. Hearing this, Robert Gillian tears the account of spending money. He tells the lawyers that he has lost the entire money on races. Saying this he leaves the office.
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