My Furry Friend Poem Summary

With each stanza, “My Furry Friend” highlights the mutual understanding that exists between humans and their pets, transcending language barriers. The poem is a testament to the unwavering companionship that stands the test of time, reminding us that the bond formed with our furry friends is a unique and cherished aspect of our lives. Read More Class 6th English Summaries.

My Furry Friend Poem Summary

My Furry Friend Summary in English

The poet brought a furry puppy in home. He was black and white in colour. His eyes were soft brown. He looked very happy and slept day and night. Though the puppy was small in size, his tummy was very fat. He nibbled at everything it found in the house.

He tore down his toys and made a funny noise. He enjoyed family talks and growled when he was asked to go away. Next he was fully grown and always looked angry. He would not allow you to touch his food. Meat was his favourite food. He was always hungry for it and ate it greedily.

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