On Friendship Summary

The reflection “On Friendship” delves into the intricate tapestry of this special relationship. The summary highlights the unique blend of camaraderie and understanding that friendships offer. It delves into the shared experiences, laughter, and shared burdens that strengthen the ties between kindred souls. Read More Class 12th English Summaries.

On Friendship Summary

On Friendship Introduction:

This is a simple poem. It has been taken from the book ‘The Prophet’. It was written in 1923. The publication of this poem made the writer famous and popular. In this poem, the poet praises the virtues and advantages of having friends.

On Friendship Summary in English

A friend is God’s gift to us. God meets our requirements through a friend. We develop a bond of friendship with love. Such a bond is accepted by our friend with gratitude. A friend is very dependable and he gives us support in all times. He provides us warmth in cold and disturbed times.

We can be frank and candid with our friends. One does not have any fear while accepting or rejecting a friend’s suggestion about some thing. We do not have to declare our love for our friend every now and then. A friend can easily read the thoughts of a friend even if we do not express them.

We can open our hearts to our friends. We can also share our joys and sorrows with them. By doing so we can refresh our hearts like the morning dew. It has been rightly said that joy shared is joy doubled and sorrow shared is sorrow halved. The poet has used excellent images in the poem. The use of proper similes helps him in conveying his thoughts and ideas in a suitable manner.

A youth wanted to be told about friendship. We have to understand that a friend meets our needs. One develops friendship with love and our love is properly reciprocated by gratitude. A friend is our strong support and he provides us warmth. We go to our friends when we need something. We also go to our friends for peace and consolation. When our friend speaks his mind we do not feel afraid if he says ‘no’ to something. He actually speaks what we have in our mind. If you have something by saying ‘yes’, you promptly say ‘yes’. You do not delay it.

Summary On Friendship

Even when our friend is silent, our heart does not stop listening to what goes on in his mind. Between friends, all thoughts, desires and expectations are born and shared even when they are not openly expressed. When we part from our friends, we do not feel sad or sorrowful.

Because when a friend is absent from us, we remember him for the quality that we like in him the most just as the mountain to the climber is clearer from the plain. The purpose of friendship is after all the deep relationship of two friendly spirits. Love that seeks anything except its own mystery is not love but is a net thrown about. Nothing profitable is caught in the throw of a net for this purpose.

A friend always wants to get the best for the sake of his friend. If a friend comes to know that there has been a fall in the intensity of your love, he should also know its peak. That friendship is of no use when you seek your friend to kill your time. You should always seek your friend to live with him. You must seek the company of your friend. It is your friend’s duty to meet your requirement. He does not make you feel idle. Friendship is sweet. There should be sweetness of friendship. There is laughter and sharing of mutual pleasure. Friends feel refreshed if they share the little things of life by being together.

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