The Echoing Green Summary

The Echoing Green” unfolds on a picturesque meadow where the cycles of life and nature intertwine. The summary celebrates the simple pleasures of youth, as children revel in their play while elders reflect on the passage of time. The poem’s imagery evokes a sense of harmony, inviting readers to bask in the tranquility of the scene. Read More Class 12th English Summaries.

The Echoing Green Summary

The Echoing Green Introduction:

This poem has been taken from William Blake’s Songs of Innocence. We get a picture of the open green space with the cheerful shouts of children and the songs of birds. As the children play, the older people relax under an oak tree. These old people feel happy as they watch the children at play. They are reminded of their own childhood. John tries to forget the cares and miseries of his life. He thus shares the carefree laughter of the children. The poem shows a link between man and Nature.

The Echoing Green Summary in English

It is a simple poem. We are taken to the open green space outside a village. We hear cheerful shouts of children and the songs of birds. The sun rises and with it the skies are bright. Happy bells ring to welcome the spring season. The skylark and the thrush who live in the bushes sing loudly in tune with the cheerful sound. While on the green plain where voices echo, our sports will be seen.

Grey haired old John laughs away his cares and miseries. The old people, sitting under the oak tree, laugh at the play of the children. They say that in their youth also, when they were still boys and girls, these joys (which children have now) were there on this Echoing Green which is a symbol of a happy day.

Summary of The Echoing Green

At last, the little children are tired and can no longer enjoy the play. The sun sets and the play comes to an end. As birds gather around their nests to take rest, children gather near their mothers to fall asleep. On the echoing green, no more sport is seen.

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