Razia, the Tigress Poem Summary

Within the verses of “Razia, the Tigress,” we are introduced to a protagonist who embodies courage in the face of adversity. The poem paints a vivid portrait of a woman who defies norms and expectations, much like the tigress who fearlessly roams her domain. Through powerful metaphors and evocative language, the verses bring to life the struggles and triumphs of a spirit unwilling to be confined. Read More Class 10th English Summaries.

Razia, the Tigress Poem Summary

Razia, the Tigress Introduction:

A tigress named Razia lived in a forest. She lived with her male companion and her two cubs. The cubs were yet too little and had not been given any name. The male, named Sheru, left Razia and the two cubs alone. (Perhaps he had been killed by poachers). He went away because men had cut down the forest and there was no deer, antelope or any other game to hunt for food. Now Razia was worried about herself and her two little cubs. She feared that one day some poacher would come and hunt her down and also her little cubs. Thus the poet tries to show how by cutting down our forests, we have harmed our flora and fauna.

Razia, the Tigress Summary in English

The tigress named Razia is now living alone. She has two little cubs. The cubs have not been given any name yet. Their father, Sheru, merely played with them a couple of days and is now gone. What a shame that he has left his mate and the two little cubs to suffer alone. (Perhaps Sheru has been killed by poachers.)

Sheru was an expert at hunting. He had a good knowledge of the winds and their directions of blowing. He knew how they flew over the hills and valleys. He knew the places where no wind blew during the night and not even a leaf moved there. The place was all still where he could lie hiding and waiting for his victim.

He knew what winds blew at what time of the year and what way they went. He also knew that the herd of deer would smell him out if they were on the down side of the wind and he was on the upper side. So he would keep lying on his belly in a crouching position.

Summary of Razia, the Tigress Poem

Sheru wanted to avoid being smelt out by the deer. He would keep crouching and would take a long circular route. He would keep himself hidden behind bushes and other small plants. When he became certain that the wind won’t carry his scent to the deer, he would spring up in a flash and pounce on his victim.

Clearly the deer had not been able to sniff the thick and mouldy smell of the tiger. Among people, this smell is known as tiger-scent. From among the herd, the tiger chose a stag as its victim. Using his claws as a giant club, he fell upon the stag and caught it.

The tiger caught hold of the antler’s neck with his giant claws. The antler fell dead at once. But now sadly the male tiger Sheru is gone. Now the people living around are no longer afraid of the dreadful tiger-scent. Now no pug-marks are ever seen on the floor of the forest.

In the absence of Sheru, Razia’s heart is filled with grief and fear. She fears that with Sheru gone, the wild hyenas (lakarbaggas) could chase her cubs like hounds and kill them. Thus how could she now leave her little ones alone and go hunting for their food ?

Thus the tigress Razia now lives in fear. She can’t leave her kids alone for fear of their being killed by the wild hyenas. She can’t go to hunt for flesh and bone as food for her little ones. But she has a still greater fear. The poachers can come again any time with their guns and kill the mother as well as her cubs.

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