The Magic Violin Summary

Amid the realm of enchanting tales and whimsical narratives, “The Magic Violin” stands as a beacon of wonder and imagination. This delightful story weaves a tapestry of music, mystery, and transformation, offering readers a journey into a world where melodies hold the power to evoke emotions and bring about astonishing change. Read More Class 9th English Summaries.

The Magic Violin Summary

The Magic Violin Introduction:

It is the story of a little boy. He is very poor. Yet he is always happy. His parents die when he is very young. He goes to work with a farmer. He works there for three years. But the farmer is a miser and a mean person. He gives the boy only three copper coins as his wages for three years.

The boy takes the coins and goes away. On his way he meets a beggar who is very hungry. The boy gives all the three copper coins to the beggar. The beggar is very pleased. He tells the boy that he is no beggar. He is, in fact, an angel. He gives the boy a magic gun and a violin. The magic gun never misses the aim.

The magic violin can make everyone dance. Now the boy goes back to the farmer again. The farmer says he is a thief and has him arrested. The magistrate orders that the boy should be hanged. The boy starts playing his magic violin. The magistrate, the hangman and the farmer have to keep dancing while the boy is playing it. He stops playing only when he has gone beyond their reach. The boy has a magic gun, so none dares to follow him.

The Magic Violin Summary in English

There once lived a boy in Sicily. He was poor but he was always happy. His parents died when he was young. However, he was always cheerful. In spite of all his troubles, he would keep laughing.

Once he went about the country, looking for work. He came to a farmhouse. He asked the farmer for work. He said that he would do any kind of work. The farmer was a miser and a very mean person. He thought he won’t have to pay the boy anything. So he told the boy that he could stay there and look after his goats.

The boy stayed at the farm for three years. Every day, he took the goats to the hills to graze. He had no companion to talk to. He felt very lonely. One day, he told his master that he wanted to leave. He asked for his wages of those three years.

At this the farmer became very angry. He said, “I never said anything about the wages when I gave you work.” Then he took out three copper coins and gave them to the boy as his wages for three years’ work. The boy looked at them and laughed. He put the coins in his pocket and went away.

That night he slept under a haystack. When he woke up in the morning, he saw an old beggar. The beggar said that he was very hungry. He said to the boy, “Can you spare me a copper coin or two ?” The boy gave the beggar all the three copper coins that he had.

The old beggar was very pleased. He told the boy that he was no beggar. He was an angel. He told the boy that he could grant him two wishes. The boy thought for a while. Then he asked for a violin the music of which could make all men dance. He also asked for a gun that never missed its aim. The old man smiled and gave the boy what he had asked for.

The boy went back to the farm where he had worked for three years. When he reached near the gate, he saw a bird flying up from the field. The boy, fired with his gun and the bird fell down. At once the farmer came out and said that the bird was his. And he ran to pick it up.

But before he could reach the bird, the boy began to play on his violin. It was a magic violin and the farmer had to dance to its music. He had to keep dancing because the boy would not stop playing. At last, he requested the boy to stop playing the violin and promised to give the boy a thousand silver coins. The boy asked the farmer to fetch the coins first. The farmer went dancing into the house. He came out with a thousand silver coins. He had hidden them under a board in the floor. The boy took the coins and went away.

Then the farmer went running into the village. He told the police that the boy was a thief. The boy was soon arrested. The silver coins were taken away from him. According to the laws of Sicily, the punishment for stealing was death. So the magistrate said that the boy · should be hanged.

The boy requested the magistrate to let him play the violin before he was hanged. The kind-hearted magistrate allowed him to do so. The farmer shouted in protest but the magistrate did not care. The boy began to play the violin. The magistrate, the hangman, the farmer and a large number of people who had gathered there, began to dance. They danced and danced while the boy played. They all became very tired, but they could not stop

Summary of The Magic Violin

At last, the farmer declared that he would give the boy his one thousand silver coins. The magistrate said that he would give the boy his freedom. At this the boy said, “Very well, tell the hangman to fetch my gun and the silver pieces. Then I will stop.”

The hangman went dancing and brought the boy’s things. The boy said that he no longer trusted them. He asked them to tie the gun to his belt and to put the money in his pockets. They had to do as the boy wished. He still played on the violin because he would not trust them.
They all kept dancing until the sound of the violin died in the distance. Then they fell on the ground because they were all very tired.
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