Canara Bank ATM Pin Generation Online – How To Generate Canara Bank ATM Pin via IVR & Netbanking?

Canara Bank ATM Pin Generation: Have a savings account in Canara bank and searching for options to generate Canara Bank ATM Card Pin? If yes, then this page is helpful for you. Here we are giving the different Canara Bank ATM Pin Generation techniques to change pin via offline/online.

You can follow the below-mentioned simple guidelines on how to generate Canara Bank ATM Pin to reset or change your card pin. You can check the bank ATM pin generation steps via mobile banking, net banking, IVR, or ATM.

Why do We Have To Generate Canara Bank ATM Pin?

If you have a saving account in Canara bank and you are above 18 years old, then you are eligible to apply for an ATM card. You can enjoy the Canara bank ATM services at any nearest STM centre by providing the 4-digit pin number.

Actually, you will get an ATM card to your home by post and you need to collect the ATM pin at the bank’s branch. You have to visit the branch with the ATM card kit to get the atm pin. If you want to change the Canara Bank ATM Pin, then opt for the Canara Bank ATM PIN Generation process.

Methods of Canara Bank ATM Pin Generation

After opening a current or saving account at the bank, the bank will give you the option to take the debit card of your choice. Once the process begins, the bank will send an ATM card with the welcome kit to your home. For security reasons, the Canara Bank ATM Pin will be given separately. Customers don’t need to wait to receive an ATM pin, they can generate and activate their card either online or offline.

Using the Green PIN option, customers can activate and generate Canara bank debit card ATM pin across the country. So, here we are giving the different Canara Bank Pin Generation techniques for you.

  • Mobile Banking
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Net Banking
  • ATM

How To Generate Canara Bank ATM Pin using Net Banking?

Follow the below provided simple steps to generate a Canara debit card ATM pin using net banking services.

  • Visit the Canara Bank net banking portal i.e
  • Log in to your bank using the login id and password.
  • Select the “Card Pin” section from the home page menu.
  • Later hit the generate pin button.
  • Now, choose the debit card for which you want to generate a pin.
  • Enter the 16-digit debit card number followed by the CVV number.
  • Press the “Generate OTP” button to receive an OTP to your registered mobile number.
  • Enter respective OTP and submit.
  • Finally, set your ATM card pin and confirm it. You will get a confirmation message stating that a new PIN has been generated.
  • Now you can make transactions with your ATM card.

Process of Canara Bank ATM Pin Generate Online via Mobile Banking

Another online method for users to generate ATM pin is with the help of a mobile banking application. The steps for Canara bank ATM pin generation using the mobile app are here.

  • Download the Canara bank mobile banking app “CANDI – Mobile Banking App” from the play store.
  • Go through the installation procedures.
  • Open the mobile banking app and log in with your username and password.
  • On the app dashboard search for the “Cards” menu.
  • Hit the “Pin Generation” to generate a pin for your debit card ATM.
  • Create a New Pin page will get displayed on your phone.
  • Enter the new 4-digit pin and confirm it.
  • Later give your cardholder name, number on the card, expiration date, and CVV.
  • Click the submit button to generate a new ATM pin instantly.

Steps to Generate Canara Bank Debit Card ATM PIN with IVR

Canara bank ATM card holders can use the following mentioned simple process to generate pins for their ATM through Interactive Voice Response System (IVR).

  • Dial the Canara Bank IVR customer care toll-free number 1800 425 0018 from the bank-registered mobile number.
  • Choose your comfortable language i.e select 1 for Hindi and 2 for English.
  • Then choose the option for Debit Card-related questions and then select ATM pin options.
  • Now, you have to provide the Canara bank account number and confirm it.
  • Enter your sixteen-digit card number, and date of birth in DDMMYY format.
  • Later enter the new pin and confirm it.
  • Finally, you will get a message saying that your TM new pin is generated or the old pin is changed successfully to the registered phone number.

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Process to Canara Bank ATM Card Pin Generation Through ATM

To activate or generate a new pin for your Canara bank ATM at the ATM centre, follow the steps below.

  • Visit any Canara Bank ATM in the country.
  • Insert the Canara Bank Debit Card you received.
  • Select the language.
  • Now select Generate New PIN/ Forgot PIN option on the screen.
  • Input your Canara Bank account number.
  • Recheck your savings account number twice and select the “correct” option.
  • Later, enter the bank’s registered mobile number.
  • A 4-digit OTP (One Time Password) is sent to your number.
  • Give that OTP and click the “Verify OTP” option.
  • After giving the correct OTP, you will be navigated to enter the new 4-digit PIN for your ATM card.
  • To confirm it, reenter the pin and select “confirm the PIN”.
  • Your ATM card pin will be activated once the process is finished successfully. You will even get an SMS regarding that.

FAQs on Canara Bank ATM Pin Generation

1. How can I generate my ATM PIN for Canara Bank Net Banking?

Simply log in to net banking of Canara bank and select Cards > Instant PIN Generation > Fill in the required details > Enter OTP & Transaction Password and finally, set 4 digit PIN of your choice.

2. How to do Canara Bank ATM PIN Generation through SMS?

All debit card users of Canara bank can generate the pin through SMS too. Want to know how to do it? then follow this step without fail. Use the bank’s registered mobile number and send a message like PIN(space)last 4 digits of your debit card number(space)last 4 digits of your bank account number to 567676.

3. How to generate Canara bank atm pin online without net banking?

The only way to generate a Canara bank atm pin online without net banking is by using the Canara Bank Mobile Application. Both ios and android users can download & install the Canara Bank mobile app and avail of all the services allowed by the bank like mini statements, PIN generation, transaction history, etc.

4. Will I have to give CVV while generating my ATM Pin via net banking?

Absolutely, you need to give the CVV number of your debit card while generating your ATM Pin via net banking.

Final Words

Hoping that the data given here on how to do Canara Bank ATM Pin Generation is helpful for you. You can even change/ reset your debit card or credit card pin using the simple methods mentioned here. Customers can perform Canara Bank Net Banking Pin Generation easily at their home. If you are searching for other banks’ pin generation techniques, then bookmark our site.

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