Axis Bank Credit Card Pin Generation Methods – Change/Reset Axis Credit Card Pin & Activate Card

Axis Bank Credit Card Pin Generation: Having an Axis bank credit card itself has numerous advantages. It provides various offers and even helps to make instant transactions. Axis bank offers you different kinds of credit cards that meet your requirements. After applying for the Axis credit card, you might be searching for Acis Bank Credit Card Pin Generation techniques.

In the following sections, we are giving the four simple methods to generate Axis Bank Credit Card Pin, useful tips to keep the credit card pin safe, and so on.

Why It Is Essential to Generate Axis Bank Credit Card Pin?

Axis bank offers various credit cards to their customers. They are Axis Bank Ace Credit Card, Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card, Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card, Axis Bank Pride Platinum Credit Card and so on. Some of these credit cards provide extraordinary offers related to fuel, shopping, booking movie tickets, travelling, and many more.

After getting the credit card to your home, it is important to generate its PIN to start making transactions with it. Axis Bank Credit Card Pin Generation is easy and convenient. Individuals can change their credit card/ATM pin via online or offline. After activating and generating the new pin, you can withdraw cash, pay bills, authenticate purchases, and make online transactions.

Detailed Process To Activate Axis Bank Credit Card

Eligible customers can apply for Axis Bank Credit Card either online or by visiting the bank’s branch. After that, you will receive an atm in a deactivated state. Once Axis bank receives intimation regarding your credit card delivery, then it will automatically activate the credit card. However, you have to generate the credit card pin using the online and offline methods mentioned here.

Various Methods of Axis Credit Card/ATM Pin Generation

Axis bank allows credit card holders to generate the 4-digit pin on their own in any of the following methods. You can make transactions or withdraw cash for the card after activating and generating a pin only. So here are the various techniques for Axis Bank Credit Card Pin Generation. These steps are also useful for Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card Pin Generation.

  • At any ATM
  • Using Axis Bank Internet Banking
  • Using Axis Bank Mobile Banking
  • By Contacting Axis Bank Customer Care

Generate Axis Bank Credit Card Pin via Internet Banking

It is one of the easiest processes to change your credit card pin online. To follow this method, you need to have an internet banking account. The following are the instructions to follow during the pin generation process.

  • Go to the Axis bank internet banking login page
  • Enter your login ID and password.
  • Go to the accounts section and choose my credit cards option.
  • Click on more services and credit card pin change options.
  • Hit on the go button.
  • Here on this page, you have to give the 4-digit pin of your choice.
  • Enter the same pin again and click the next button.
  • An OTP will be sent to your bank-registered mobile number. Enter the OTP at the required box and click the confirm button.
  • The code is validated and your screen displays that the PIN has been generated successfully. And you will receive the same message on your mobile.

How To Do Axis Bank Credit Card Pin Generation Using Mobile Banking?

If you want to generate the Axis credit card pin via online, then you can even go for the mobile banking option. Below provided are all the necessary steps you have to follow during the process.

  • Download Axis bank mobile banking app from the Play Store on your smartphone.
  • Login into the app using the credentials.
  • Choose the “Banking” option from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the “Credit card” and then the “Set/Reset Pin” option.
  • At this stage, you will get an OTP to the registered mobile.
  • Enter the received OTP in the preferred section and proceed.
  • Verify all the details using mPIN and complete all other required formalities.
  • After completing this, you will get a confirmation message to your number.

Method To Generate Axis Bank Credit Card Pin via ATM

Visit any Axis bank ATM and generate the pin by following the steps outlines below:

  • Insert the credit card into the Axis bank ATM machine.
  • Select the set PIN option.
  • Give the date of birth, credit card expiry date, and registered mobile number.
  • You will get OTP to the mobile number.
  • Now, enter the OTP.
  • Later, give the pin of your choice and re-enter the same pin for verification.
  • After verification, you will get a confirmation message from the bank to the registered mobile number.

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Generate Axis Credit Card By Customer Support

You can do Axis Bank Credit Card Pin Generation offline by calling the customer care number. The steps are as follows:

  • Call the Axis Bank Customer Care Helpline number 1860 419 5555/1860 500 5555.
  • Follow the IVR instructions and input the number for the preferred language.
  • Select the required option to generate the credit card pin.
  • Complete the instructions to generate the activation passcode.
  • Enter the Axis bank credit card number, CVV< expiry date, date of birth, and registered mobile number details.
  • Validate the details to get OTP to your number.
  • Enter the one-time password and give your pin.
  • Once the process finishes, you will get a confirmation message to the mobile number.

How To Change Axis Bank Credit Card Pin?

If you have lost or forget Axis Bank Credit Card Pin, then read the following details to know the best ways to reset your Axis Bank Credit Card Pin. You can follow the same steps for Axis Bank ATM Pin Generation.

Visit Axis Bank ATM:

Go to the Axis Bank ATM, swipe your credit card, select the “SET New PIN/Reset” option and give the required details to change the pin.

Call Axis Bank Customer Care:

Call the customer support number 1860-419-5555 or 1860-500-5555 and follow the instructions for changing the pin.

Open Axis Bank Mobile App:

Log in to the mobile app, and go to Credit Cards > Your Card > Controls > Set/Reset Pin.

Go To Axis Bank Internet Banking:

Login to the Axis internet banking account, hit My Credit Card > Choose the Card > More Services > Credit Card Pin Change > New Pin.

Important Tips To Keep Axis Credit Card Pin Safe

Below provided are some useful tips to keep your Axis Bank Credit Card PIN safe.

  • Never save your credit card pin on online shopping websites or on the card.
  • Try to generate a pin that is not obvious like date of birth, anniversary, etc keep something that is not easy.
  • Always make payments on websites that start with “https” as they safeguard your card details.
  • Never keep the same pin for every card that you have.
  • Don’t share your pin with others or note it on a notepad.
  • Make sure to enter the ATM alone while withdrawing the money.

FAQs on Axis Bank Credit Card Pin Generation

1. Can we generate Credit Card PIN online?

Yes, you can generate a credit card pin online via net banking or mobile banking options.

2. How do I activate my Axis Bank Credit Card PIN online?

You can activate your Axis bank credit card pin online by login into the net banking and performing the pin generation process.

3. What is the Axis Bank customer care helpline number?

The Axis bank customer care helpline number is 1860-419-5555 or 1860-500-5555.

4. Can I generate my Axis Bank credit card PIN through SMS?

No, you can’t generate the Axis bank credit card pin through SMS. Instead, you can call customer care or visit the ATM.


Hope that the information we have provided above on Axis Bank Credit Card Pin Generation is useful for you. Follow all the processes that you like with the steps that were given and generate pin easily. Still, if you have any doubts you can comment to us in the comment section.

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