Axis Bank ATM Pin Generation – 4 Useful Methods To Set/Change Axis Bank Debit/ATM PIN

Axis Bank ATM Pin Generation: Generating a PIN after receiving the ATM card for the first time is compulsory to perform any type of transaction through your Axis Bank Debit Card. Those people who ever used debit/ATM cards from any bank will surely look for the process to generate an ATM Pin.

To help them we have come up with an ultimate guide called Axis Bank Debit/ATM PIN Generation. This article includes all possible approaches to change or reset axis bank ATM debit card Pin online & offline. So, jump into this page with no delay.

Simple Methods To Generate Axis Bank ATM Card PIN

In today’s digital era, all banking services cut down the paperwork and the physical appearance of people at banks got reduced because of the advanced and new approaches available via online and offline banking services. If you want to generate an ATM Pin for debit or credit cards of Axis bank online or offline, then look at the below-discussed ways.

  • How To Generate/Reset Axis Bank ATM PIN Generation Online?
    • Using Internet Banking
    • Using Mobile Banking App (Axis Mobile)
  • How Do I Generate Axis Bank Debit/ATM PIN Offline?
    • Through Phone Banking
    • Through ATM

How To Generate/Reset Axis Bank ATM PIN Generation Online?

Are you looking for an online banking service to generate your axis bank ATM PIN? Look at the below two ways as it discusses using net banking and mobile application for Axis Bank ATM PIN Generation OnlineIn case, you have did a mistake while generating an ATM PIN online then you can write a letter to the bank manager about the issue and request the bank to resolve it.

Steps To Set Axis Bank ATM Debit Card PIN Through Internet Banking 

By using the Internet banking of Axis bank, you can set your ATM Pin at any time at home. The steps are as such:

  • Open the Axis bank Internet banking page at the official site by clicking on the link available here:
  • Successfully log in to it with the help of a registered user ID and password.
  • Go to the dashboard page and navigate for cards>Debit card or Credit card> Change PIN
  • Enter the new 4-digit PIN and re-enter it for confirmation.
  • If you get a message like “PIN set successfully” on the screen and at your registered mobile number then PIN generation is completed successfully.

Also, there is one more approach in net banking ie., Go to the “Services” Tab > Select “Debit Card” > “Change PIN” for updating or setting a new pin for Axis Bank Debit/ATM card.

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Process For Axis Bank Debit Card ATM PIN Generation Via Axis Mobile App 

An alternative way to change or reset or generate the new Axis bank ATM PIN is by Axis mobile app. If you have the mobile banking app active and handy on your device then this is the best method to follow. So have a glance at the step-wise procedure to set up an ATM PIN:

    • Download or Install the Axis Bank Mobile App from the play store or App store.
    • Login into the mobile application of Axis Bank with the registered credentials.
    • On the home screen, go to the home button located at the top corner.
    • Check the submenu and find the “Banking” option and select the “services” option.
    • Now, choose the Debit card and SET/RESET PIN from the dropdown list.
  • Select the debit card and enter the new 4-digit pin two times for confirmation.
  • Now, Enter MPIN, and successfully it changes the PIN to a new PIN.

How Do I Generate Axis Bank Debit/ATM PIN Offline?

Some people trust the offline services of Axis banks’ and some may get stuck in the middle of online methods and approach the offline banking facility to generate their Axis bank ATM card PIN. For those, we are providing the two offline methods for Axis Bank ATM Debit Card PIN Generation.

They are a Phone banking facility and Axis Bank’s ATM facility. Do you need detailed information on both of these Axis Bank ATM PIN Generation Services? Move forward to read:

Guide To Set ATM Pin Axis Bank Offline Via Phone Banking

Setting up an ATM PIN for your Axis Bank Card through Phone banking can be done in a two-step process. Want to know what are they in detail? Check on the below procedures for sure:

Step 1: Availing of the Activation Passcode

  • Firstly, you need to call on axis bank customer care or the toll-free number at 1860-419-5555/ 1860-500-5555 from the registered mobile number.
  • Now, select Option 1 and then Option 4 which relates to PIN & Card services.
  • Later, select Generate PIN option for activating the passcode.
  • Then after, dial 1 and enter your card details which are requested. Immediately, you will receive the activation passcode to your registered mobile number.
  • By using this code, you can generate your Axis bank card PIN.

Step 2: Set PIN By Activation Passcode

  • After receiving the passcode, dial the customer care number from the registered phone number.
  • Again choose option 1, and option 4, and Generate PIN options like before.
  • Also, enter the requested details like card number, expiry date, and DOB.
  • Now, you have to dial 2 and enter all the above details along with the activation passcode when urged.
  • Finally, your new ATM PIN will get generated and communicated in the call and also received on your mobile through SMS.

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How To Generate Axis Bank ATM Debit Card PIN Through ATM?

The process of Generating your ATM Debit Card PIN through an Axis Bank ATM is discussed here in simple steps:

  • Find the nearest Axis bank ATM machine and visit it.
  • Inster the Axis Bank Card in the ATM machine and choose the “Set PIN” Option from the displayed menu.
  • You will receive the activation passcode on your mobile number after selecting the option.
  • In the next screen, enter the requested account details like the registered mobile number, Date of Birth, and activation passcode you have found on the registered mobile number.
  • After filling out all the details successfully, you will be allowed to enter the new PIN on the screen.
  • For confirmation, re-enter the 4-digit PIN.
  • After clicking on the Submit button, your debit card PIN will get activated.


  • Go to the nearest Axis bank branch and request to add your mobile number and Date of Birth for utilizing this functionality and others too.
  • If you hold the joint account, then you have to enter the details (Date of Birth and Mobile Number) as per the primary account holder on the ATM screen and then set a new PIN for the Joint account holder’s Debit Card.

FAQs On Axis Bank ATM Card PIN Generation Online & Offline Methods

1. How To Activate an Axis Bank Debit Card at Axis Bank ATM?

Steps to activate the debit card of axis bank at an ATM machine are as follows:

  • Visit the nearest Axis bank ATM machine.
  • Insert the card and enter the 4-digit PIN generated by the bank.
  • Now, do any transaction or withdrawal of your choice of payment.
  • Else, you can even generate a new PIN for debit card transactions.
  • Finally, remove the card carefully as it was activated successfully. Now, you can use it for any transactions like e-commerce or shopping malls.

2. How can I generate my Axis ATM debit card PIN?

You can easily generate your axis atm debit card pin by any of these methods. They are as listed below:

  • Generate Using Phone Banking
  • Set PIN through Axis Bank ATM
  • Change/Generate Via Mobile Banking
  • Generate/Regenerate by Internet Banking

3. Should I do the Axis Bank ATM PIN generation phone number?

Yes, you can perform Axis Bank ATM PIN generation via phone. Want to learn the steps for Debit/ATM Pin Generation Axis Bank? Call on toll-free phone banking numbers: 1860-419-5555/ 1860-500-5555 using the registered mobile number.

4. What to do If I forgot my Axis Bank ATM Pin? 

If you forgot the Axis bank atm/debit card pin, then you have to reset the pin by using the best online and offline methods like visiting the nearest Axis Bank ATM, Axis Mobile app, Internet Banking, or by calling Axis Bank Phone Banking.

Final Thoughts

Shared information on Axis Bank ATM PIN Generation will help you to some extent. If things did not work great with the provided details please contact us via the comment section below or else approach the bank’s customer service. As they got all the answers to your queries related to Axis bank debit or credit or ATM Pin or other banking services.

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