Indian Bank ATM Pin Generation – 5 Easy Methods To Generate ATM Pin Online/Offline

Indian Bank ATM Pin Generation: Have you forgotten your ATM card pin? or want to change your ATM pin? or You have got a new ATM card and looking to generate a pin? It may be any type of these three, you do not need to worry as you can easily generate the ATM pin for your debit card in an easy process. Check out our complete article to know about those processes.

You can generate this pin online/offline. Look into this complete guide, to know the complete information about Indian bank ATM pin generation, generate pin through ATM, net banking, and mobile app, and many methods are explained. Read on to learn more!!!

Best Ways For Indian Bank ATM Pin Generation

We are going to look for ways to generate Indian bank ATM pin easily by sitting at home as Indian banking encourages many paperless or digital banking services to all their account holders. So we have many online and offline methods. Let us look into them one by one.

  • How To Generate Indian Bank ATM Pin Online
    • Internet Banking
    • Mobile App
  • How To Generate Indian Bank ATM Pin Offline
    • SMS
    • ATM
    • Customer Care

How To Generate Indian Bank ATM Pin Online

As we mentioned above, Indian bank also started online facilities to generate ATM pin to help their customers to generate pin in a simple way by sitting at home. And following these online methods is very simple and easy too. Look into the below methods on Indian bank ATM pin generation online through net banking and through the mobile app.

Steps For Indian Bank ATM Pin Generation Through Net Banking

When you think of ATM pin generation, you do not need to worry as you can generate the pin through net banking, it will be easy for you if you already have an existing net banking account with an Indian bank. Don’t worry it is possible even if you don’t have an account. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Log in to Indian Bank net banking through your website link/ Open an account if you don’t have one already.

Step 2: You need to click on “Options and then click on”Debit card Services”.

Step 3: Once after clicking it you will see an option “Set ATM Pin”.

Step 4: Then, you need to type 4 digit pin and re-enter it for confirmation.

Step 5: You need to verify that 4-digit pin with the oTp you have got to your registered mobile number.

Process For Indian Bank ATM Pin Generation Through Mobile APP

Another easy way to generate the Indian bank ATM pin is through the mobile app. If you are not willing to generate your pin with the above process you can happily use this method and generate it. Have a look at the simple steps to generate a pin.

Step 1: Download the Indian bank mobile app from the google app store or apple store.

Step 2: Log in to that mobile app.

Step 3: Now, you need to click on “card services”.

Step 4: Select the account number and card number that you are going to see on the screen.

Step 5: Select “Set Debit Card Pin”.

Step 6: Next, you need to enter your debit card expiration date and click on submit.

Step 7: Choose “Yes” to get a green pin OTP on your registered mobile number.

Step 8: Now, enter that OTP.

Step 9: Click on Submit and then create 4 digit pin.

Step 10: Re-enter and confirm it.

How To Generate Indian Bank ATM Pin Offline

Don’t have the internet properly and take too much time to generate a pin with the above online services? If yes, do check our Indian bank ATM pin offline services that you can easily generate pin through SMS, Nearest ATM, through IVR. Check out the methods one by one below.

Step-by-Step Process For Indian Bank ATM Pin Generation By SMS

When you think of generating a pin through the SMS process for an Indian bank, just check out this step-by-step process that was given below which we have provided in the very simplest form with very easy steps.

Step 1: Go to the messages app on your mobile phone that is registered with the debit card.

Step 2: Open the draft message for the number.

Step 3: Send an SM in the Form “PIN ABCD PQRS”.

Step 4: Here in the above step “ABCD” signifies the last 4 digits of your Indian Bank debit card and “PQRS” stands for the last 4 digits of your Indian bank account number.

Step 5: Now click on send.

Step 6: So that you will get an OTP to your registered mobile number.

Step 7: Now you can go to the ATM and generate a PIN and the OTP will be valid for 2 days.

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How To Generate Indian Bank Green Pin Through ATM

As we all know, you have many simple processes to generate a green pin but if those process doesn’t work out you can go for the next option which is to generate your Indian bank green pin by visiting your nearest ATM. Even it will be useful for people who went to Indian bank ATMs for other work. Follow the below-mentioned process carefully.

Step 1: Visit your nearest Indian bank ATM.

Step 2: Insert your ATM card into the slot that was given in that machine.

Step 3: Then, it will ask you for the option, and in that select ” generate Pin”

Step 4: Next, click on “Generate OTP”.

Step 5: Enter the account number now.

Step 6: Press on the “Correct” option.

Step 7: Remove the card and again insert the card in the card slot.

Step 8: Click on “Generate Pin”.

Step 9: Now you need to click on “Set pin”.

Step 10: As it will ask you for the OTP that you got earlier to your registered mobile number.

Step 11: BY entering it, you will get a screen to generate 4 digit pin, enter it.

Step 12: Renew again and click on Confirm.

Successfully, you have put the green pin to your Indian bank debit card so easily.

Indian Bank ATM Pin Generation Through IVR or Customer Care

Look into the simple process to generate an Indian bank pin through IVR or customer care in an easy way. Steps related to this are given below.

Step 1: Just you need to call the customer care number – 180042500000.

Step 2: Follow the process by selecting the right options.

Step 3: Finally you will complete it successfully.

How To Reset/ Change ATM Pin or Green Pin?

When it comes to resetting your ATM pin for an Indian bank, even this can be done both online and offline with the same process that was provided above. Look into the processes listed below.

  • Reset the ATm pin by Net Banking
  • Reset/Change the ATM pin through Mobile Banking
  • Reset the ATM pin through SMS
  • Reset the ATM pin Via customer care
  • Reset the ATM Pin by visiting the nearest ATM

All you need to do is you need to in place of choosing the option Set pin, select the option of reset/change pin.

FAQs on Indian Bank ATM Pin Generation

1. Can I change my Indian bank ATM Pin Online?

Yes, you can change or even reset your Indian bank ATM online through net banking and mobile banking. You can check out our article for the complete process.

2. How to regenerate my ATM pin at an Indian bank if I forgot my pin?

To regenerate your pin, in case of forgot pin, select forget green pin option in any type of process and then click on the regenerate green pin option.

3. How can I generate my Indian bank ATM pin by phone?

If you would like to generate an Indian bank ATM pin by phone you can use the process SMS or call customer care.

Key Outcomes

Hope that the information we have provided above on Indian Bank ATM Pin Generation is useful for you. Follow all the processes that you like with the steps that were given and generate pin easily. Still, if you have any doubts you can comment to us in the comment section.

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