HDFC Bank ATM Pin Generation – Simple Ways to Generate HDFC ATM Pin via Online/Offline

Easy HDFC Bank ATM Pin Generation Techniques: HDFC bank offers different credit and debit ATM cards to meet the requirements of customers. If you have recently received your HDFC Bank ATM Card and looking for HDFC Bank ATM Pin Generation methods, then here are a few steps for you to follow. ATM card holders can generate a new in for their HDFC ATM card either online or offline. Togo for online pin generation, you should have net banking or mobile banking account.

In the following sections of this page, we are giving detailed steps on how to activate HDFC Bank ATM online, how to generate an HDFC ATM pin and other information.

How To Activate HDFC ATM Card?

If you got a new HDFC Bank Debit Card, then you need to activate it to make transactions with it. The detailed process of activating a new HDFC Bank ATM card is here. Customers can choose an online or offline process for activating their debit/ ATM card. You are advised to activate your HDFC Bank Debit Card as early as possible otherwise, the pin provided by the bank becomes invalid.

Activate HDFC ATM Offline

Here are the simple steps for activating HDFC ATM cards offline.

  • While sending the debit card from the bank along with the welcome kit, the bank will even give an ATM pin in a sealed envelope.
  • You have to change the pin provided with a welcome kit at the ATM center.
  • Change the provided HDFC ATM pin and use the card for regular transactions.

Activation of HDFC Bank ATM with Mobile Banking

  • Download the HDFC Phone Banking and log in by entering your credentials.
  • Open the Debit Card section and give the required details.
  • An OTP is sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP and generate a new pin for the ATM activation.

Process of HDFC Bank ATM Activation Through Net Banking

  • Login to the HDFC Bank net banking portal.
  • After that, go to the “Debit Card” section.
  • You will be navigated to a page that contains instructions on how to generate HDFC ATM PIn for the Debit card.
  • Follow the instructions and generate the pin to activate your card online.

Simple HDFC Bank ATM Pin Generation Methods Online/Offline

Actually, HDFC Bank makes ATM pin generation easy for customers by sending personal identification number (PIN) through SMS for registered numbers instead of postal dispatch. Here are the various methods of HDFC Bank ATM Pin Generation. Instant pin generation can be done either online or offline.

  • Mobile Banking
  • Net Banking
  • Customer Care
  • SMS
  • ATM

How To Generate HDFC Bank ATM PIN Online?

The below-mentioned 2 simple ways are useful for the HDFC Bank ATM Pin Generation using phone banking and net banking facilities. After setting the new pin, you can use the ATM card for the transactions.

Steps To Generate HDFC ATM Pin Instantly Using Mobile Banking

  • Firstly, log in to HDFC Mobile Banking and select the Cards tab.
  • Go to the Debit Card section and choose the “Instant Pin Generation” option.
  • Enter the debit card number, DOB, expiry date, and CVV number.
  • Set a new pin for the ATM card.
  • Enter the OTP received to your registered mobile number.

Steps on HDFC ATM Pin Generation Through Net Banking

  • Visit the HDFC Bank Net Banking page.
  • Login by giving the needed data.
  • Go to the Debit Cards menu
  • Choose the “Instant Pin Generation” option under the Request tab.
  • Set the new pin by selecting your new debit card number.
  • Authenticate with OTP received on your registered Mobile Number.

If you are unable to generate a new pin with these instant pin generation steps, then go for the PIN Generation option.

Also, Know

Ways to Set HDFC ATM PIn Through Offline

These are the three easy ways to generate an ATM Pin for HDFC Bank. Go through these guidelines and succeed.

HDFC Bank ATM Pin Generation via ATM

  • Insert your new HDFC Debit/ATM card in any of the working HDFC ATM.
  • Select the “pin generation” tab and give your account number.
  • Choose the continue option and give your contact number.
  • Enter the received OTP and new PIN.
  • Click on the confirm button to get a confirmation message.

How to Do HDFC ATM Card Pin Generation Through SMS?

  • Send PIN <space> last 4 digits of the ATM card <space> Last 4 digits of your account number from the registered mobile number to 567676.
  • A system-generated OTP is sent to the mobile number.
  • Visit the nearest HDFC ATM and use this OTP to generate the new pin.

Steps to Reset HDFC Bank ATM Pin Using Customer Support

  • Contact the HDFC customer support team from the mobile number.
  • Select the language as per your reference.
  • Follow the provided directions and choose “ATM and Prepaid Card Services”.
  • Choose the pin generation option and enter the debit card number.
  • Enter the account number, OTP, and new pin.

FAQ’s HDFC Bank ATM Pin Generation

1. Can I change the HDFC ATM/Debit Card PIN?

Yes, you can change the HDFC ATM Pin via mobile banking or internet banking or SMS or ATM.

2. How can I generate my HDFC ATM PIN online?

You can generate the HDFC ATM Pin online using net banking or mobile banking options. Login to the website, select the instant pin generation method and proceed further.

3. How to keep HDFC Debit cards safe & secure?

Keep the ATM/Debit card pin, net banking user name, password, OTP/CVV no, Debit card details, and expiry date confidential to keep the card safe.

4. Can I generate HDFC ATM PIN without going to an ATM?

Yes, you can generate HDFC ATM PIN without going to an ATM center by using net banking or mobile banking facilities.


Happy to know that you have details about HDFC Bank ATM Pin Generation. And hope you have got some knowledge about HDFC Debit Card/ATM Activation and Pin Generation through this article. Still, if you have any doubts or suggestions about any type of process, just comment to us in the below comment section.

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