Journey by Night Summary

In the vast tapestry of literature, certain stories stand as metaphors for the human experience itself. “Journey by Night” is one such tale that encapsulates the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of life’s journey. As we embark on a literary exploration, we’ll unravel the layers of this poignant narrative, delving into the themes of resilience, hope, and the pursuit of light even in the darkest of times. Read More Class 9th English Summaries.

Journey by Night Summary

Journey by Night Introduction:

It is a story of rare courage shown by a 12-year-old boy. His name was Sher Singh. His younger brother had fallen ill. His father was not at home. His mother was not in a position to leave home. The city hospital was many miles away. So, Sher Singh carried his little brother on his back and set out for the city. He had to pass through a hilly area that was full of many dangers. A thick forest and two hilly rivers fell on the way. But Sher Singh braved all these dangers with great courage. The only thought in his mind was to reach the city hospital as soon as possible. At last, Sher Singh was able to reach the hospital with his brother. Everybody was surprised to hear the story of his great courage. The doctor at once gave first aid to Sher Singh’s brother. The doctor said that the boy was out of danger. Sher Singh was really a Sher, a lion. He had saved the life of his brother at a great risk to his own life.

Journey by Night Summary in English:

Sher Singh lived in a hilly village. He was about twelve years old. His father was known far and wide as Sher Singh Bahadur since he was a very brave and famous shikari. The father was an experienced hunter. He usually went out to help the hunting expeditions into the jungle and remained away from home for many days together. He was an expert in hunting wild animals. His body bore a number of wound-marks, which he took as the trophies of his various fights with several dangerous jungle beasts.

Sher Singh had a little brother named Kunwar. He was several years younger to Sher Singh. The two brothers lived with their parents in Laldwani village near a jungle. One day, Sher Singh Bahadur had gone with a hunting expedition. All the men of Laldwani village had also gone as beaters (men employed to drive animals towards those waiting to shoot or photograph them). In his father’s absence, the little boy, Kunwar, fell seriously ill. He had a severe pain in the stomach. His condition was getting from bad to worse.

The child did not respond to home remedies. The helpless mother said that Kunwar must be taken to hospital at Kalaghat, which was 80 kilometres away. Seeing the fear of death in Kunwar’s eyes, Sher Singh at once decided to do the job of taking his brother to the Kalaghat hospital. His mother made a sling with one of her two saris. She put it around Sher Singh’s forehead and down his back. She then put the sick Kunwar into the sling.

Summary of Journey by Night

It was evening when Sher Singh set off on his difficult and dangerous journey to Kalaghat. Soon it was night and the moon appeared in the sky. Sher Singh continued to walk on and on. He saw the marks of a bear’s paw in the dust. It made him quicken his steps. Presently, he climbed on to a cliff above a river bed. He felt tired, and put his sick brother down. All of a sudden, he heard the squeal of elephants. Luckily, the elephants moved on and disappeared into the forest. Relieved of this fresh fear, Sher Singh got ready to restart his journey. However, his difficulties were not yet over.

Sher Singh was to cross two rivers on the way. The first river was a shallow one. There was not much water in it. He crossed it easily. But the second river was in flood. It was midnight and the flooded river was making a roaring sound as it flowed. Sher Singh hoped to cross this river by the bridge over it. But when he came closer, he found that the bamboo bridge over this river had broken and was submerged into water.

Sher Singh was disappointed but he kept up his courage. Making a rope of grass, he tied it round his brother and himself. He then entered the river. At first he found it impossible to move. But his firm determination and his courage enabled him to cross the river. He went on slowly but determinedly. He was thoroughly drenched in the ice-cold water.

At last, Sher Singh reached the metalled road that led to Kalaghat. He got a lift first in a bullock cart, then in a truck. Soon the brave boy was dropped at the hospital of Kalaghat. He put his sick brother under the treatment of the doctor there. After some time, the doctor came out in the verandah. He told Sher Singh that his brother was out of danger. He said that Sher Singh was a brave boy. He took him in so that he could see his sick brother.

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