The Death of Abhimanyu Summary

Join us as we venture into the realm of the Mahabharata, exploring the heart-wrenching saga of “The Death of Abhimanyu.” Through this narrative, we witness the interplay of valor and sacrifice, the stark contrast between honor and betrayal, and the poignant reminder that even in the face of tragedy, the human spirit’s resilience and courage can illuminate the darkest of hours. Read More Class 9th English Summaries.

The Death of Abhimanyu Summary

The Death of Abhimanyu Introduction:

This chapter gives an account of Abhimanyu’s death in the war of Mahabharata. Abhimanyu was a brave young boy. He was Arjuna’s son. Drona was the commander of the Kaurava forces. In order to trap Yudhishthira, he arranged his army in the form of a wheel. This formation was known as Chakravyuh. Yudhishthira did not know how to pierce through it. So he called Abhimanyu for help. Abhimanyu at once pierced through the rings of the Chakravyuh. There he was surrounded by the Kauravas. He was disarmed. Then he was killed mercilessly by Jayadratha who was the husband of Duryodhana’s sister. When Arjuna came to know of this, he was filled with deep, grief. He swore to kill Jayadratha by sunset the next day. He was able to do this with the help of Shri Krishna. Thus the death of Abhimanyu was avenged.

The Death of Abhimanyu Summary in English

After the fall of Bhishma, Drona was made the Commander-in-Chief of the Kaurava army. It was the eleventh day of the war. Duryodhana asked Drona to have Yudhishthira arrested in some way. In order to keep Arjuna away from Yudhishthira, Susharma’s sons were sent to make a powerful attack on Arjuna. Now Drona made a great attempt to capture Yudhishthira. But just then Bhima came to the help of his elder brother. Thus the day was saved for the Pandavas.

On the thirteenth day of the battle, Arjuna decided to put an end to the attack of his enemies. He asked Krishna to drive his chariot to the place where Susharma’s sons had assembled. Seeing this, Drona arranged his army in the shape of a wheel. This arrangement was known as Chakravyuh. Drona wanted to trap Yudhishthira in his Chakravyuh and have him arrested. Now Yudhishthira did not know how to pierce through a Chakravyuh.

So he called Arjuna’s son, Abhimanyu for help. The brave boy at once pierced through the rings of the Chakravyuh. Now the Kauravas surrounded him from all sides. The brave boy kept fighting all alone. At last, the Kauravas disarmed him. He was killed mercilessly by Jayadratha who was the husband of Duryodhana’s sister. Now the sun had set, and all the warriors returned to their camps.

When Arjuna came to know of his son’s cruel death, he was in deep grief. He took a vow to kill Jayadratha by sunset the next day or die himself. When Jayadratha came to know of Arjuna’s vow, he was filled with terror. He wanted to run away but Duryodhana assured him of all protection. Duryodhana was certain that they would be able to protect Jayadratha the next day, and then Arjuna would end his life as he had vowed. And without Arjuna, there would be a sure victory for the Kauravas.

Summary of The Death of Abhimanyu

The next day came. The Kauravas surrounded Jayadratha from all sides so that Arjuna could never reach him. Arjuna made a fierce attack on the Kauravas. With great difficulty, he advanced step by step. At last, he pierced through the heart of the army. He was very close to the place where Jayadratha was. But suddenly Duryodhana sprang up before him and challenged him to a duel.

Arjuna directed his arrows towards Duryodhana. But his arrows seemed to have no effect on Duryodhana. It was because Duryodhana was wearing a magic armour. Now Arjuna started aiming his arrows at the unprotected limbs of Duryodhana. Duryodhana was soon tired. But by now the sun was going to set and then it would be the time of truce. Krishna knew this. With the help of his divine power, he covered the sun with mist. Thus none could know when the sun set that day.

With fresh courage, Arjuna continued to fight. At last, he was able to reach the place where Jayadratha was hiding in terror. Arjuna shot his arrows with terrific speed. His arrows slashed Jayadratha’s head from his body. Thus Arjuna avenged Abhimanyu’s death and fulfilled his vow.
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