Wishes Come True Summary

In the vast expanse of human dreams and aspirations, the concept of wishes holds a special place. “Wishes Come True” delves into the intricate landscape of desires, hopes, and the remarkable journey that unfolds when dreams are pursued with determination and heart. As we embark on this journey of discovery, we’ll unravel the essence of wish fulfillment and the lessons it imparts. Read More Class 9th English Summaries.

Wishes Come True Summary

Wishes Come True Introduction:

No man is satisfied with his own position in life. Each one always thinks that others are far happier than he is. The poor think that the rich are happy. The rich think that there is no happiness in being rich. Children think that elders enjoy their life.

Elders long to regain their childhood. Tagore illustrates this fact through an interesting story. Subal and Sushil are father and son. The old father wishes that he were a child again. His little son, Sushil, wishes that he were the age of his father. He thinks that then he would be free to do or eat anything he liked. The Lady of Wishes grants them their wishes.

Now the son has the age of his old father. And the father becomes the age of his son. But instead of being happy, both of them find that they were far better in their old states. They request the Lady of Wishes to turn them back into what they were before. The Lady grants them their wishes. But strangely, even now they behave in the same manner. They behave as if they were not satisfied with what they are.

Wishes Come True Summary in English

Subalchandra and Sushilchandra were father and son. Neither of them was what their name reflected. Subal was not strong, and Sushil was not so well- behaved. The boy was always annoying his neighbours. The old father suffered from painful joints. But he had to keep running after his naughty son.
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One Saturday, Sushil didn’t want to go to school. He said that he had a tummy-ache. The father understood the boy’s trick. He decided to teach him a lesson. He gave him a bitter mixture of medicine to drink. Then he locked him in a room and said that he should rest all day. Now the boy said that he would go to school. But the father said that he must rest there.

The boy kept crying the whole day. He wished that he were as old as his father. Then he could do just as he liked. He could come home any time he liked, and eat whatever he wanted to. On the other hand, his father sat thinking outside. He thought about the days of his childhood. He remembered how he had wasted his time and not studied properly in his childhood. He said, “If I get back my childhood, I would study properly and waste no time at all.” His son inside was saying, “If only I were as old as my father!”

The Lady of Wishes happened to pass that house. She heard what the father and the son had said. She granted them their wishes. When they woke up the next morning, Subal was the age of his son, and Sushil was the age of his father.

Subal found that he had become very small. He had got back all his teeth. His beard and moustache were gone. His clothes were now too big for his little body. Sushil found that he had grown very big overnight. His clothes had burst at the seams. His face was covered with beard stubbles and he had become bald also. Thus the wishes of both the father and the son had come true.

But this only added to their troubles. Sushil had always imagined that if he was as old as his father,’ he would be free to do anything. He would climb trees, dive into the pool, eat green mangoes, steal eggs from birds’ nests and roam all day long. But very strangely, that morning he didn’t want to climb any tree. He didn’t want to swim also. He thought that he would catch cold and have fever. He rolled out a mat and sat there quietly.

But once he did think of climbing a mango tree. He caught hold of a thin branch and tried to push himself up. The branch broke under his weight and he fell down. People · laughed to see the old man doing childish pranks. Sushil came back to his mat in the porch. He sent a boy to get him a rupee’s worth of toffees. But then he said to himself, “I’ll give these to my child-father.” But then he decided at once, “No, they’ll make the boy sick.” On that evening, his friends came to play with him. But they all ran away when they saw the old man.

Summary of Wishes Come True

Subal had always thought that if he got back his childhood, he would shut himself in his room and study all day. But now after getting his childhood, he didn’t like going to school. He would often complain of tummy-aches. Sushil had to send his little father to school by force. On returning home from school, Subal would like to run about and play.

But Sushil would put on his glasses and make him do sums of arithmetic. In the evening, old men gathered in Sushil’s room to play chess. To keep Subal quiet at that time, Sushil got for him a tutor who kept Subal busy till ten at night. Old Sushil, too, got into all kinds of troubles. Nothing he had liked as a child, agreed with him now. Whenever he got a dip in the pond, his joints would grow stiff and give him a lot of pain. Sometimes he would put a paan in his mouth. But then he would realize that he had no teeth to chew it with. Sometimes he would pick up a comb, but then he remembered that he had no hair left on his head.

At last, both the father and the son prayed to the Lady of Wishes, “Mother, we have had enough. Please turn us back into what we were before.” The Lady granted their wishes and disappeared.

The next morning, Subal was as old as before, and Sushil was again a little boy. Subal called his son and said, “Sushil, aren’t you going to start learning your grammar ?” Sushil scratched his head and said, “Father, I’ve lost my book.”
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