Bandhan Bank ATM Pin Generation – 6 Best Online & Offline Bandhan Bank ATM PIN Set-Up Methods

Bandhan Bank ATM Pin Generation: If you are a new customer with Bandhan Bank then you must be willing to know the steps for Bandhan Bank ATM Pin Generate. Along with the ATM visit, you can also generate the Pin in a few simple steps while sitting at home.

You can know about pin generation through sms, by calling, pin reset, and a lot more in the below-provided sections. Give it a read below and in just a few minutes you can get detailed information on all aspects of Bandhan Bank Debit/ATM Pin Generation. 

All About Bandhan Bank ATM Pin Generation

Bandhan Bank ATM Pin can be generated either by online methods or can visit the nearby Bandhan Bank branch. However, the Bandhan Bank green Pin generation will help you out in generating the pin instantly in just a few minutes. You can get your PIN through your registered email ID which enables you not to visit any branch. Know how you can generate Bandhan ATM Pin below.

Methods On How To Generate Bandhan Bank ATM Pin?

There are many ways following which you can generate the Bandhan Bank ATM Pin. Here, are the few methods described below:

  • Net Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Through SMS
  • By Call
  • Using ATM Machine
  • Physical ATM Pin

Read the below sections to get the detailed steps about the above-discussed methods.

Bandhan Bank ATM Pin Generation Online Using Net Banking

If you have access to Bandhan bank net banking, then you can easily generate your PIN using this facility. Just follow these few simple steps to avail the facility.

  1. Log in to the Internet Banking of Bandhan Bank.
  2. Under the My services tab. Click on debit card services.
  3. Now, select the re-generate ATM PIN option.
  4. Fill in the suitable details such as debit card number, expiry month, and year. Then click on the submit option.
  5. For OTP authentication, enter the transaction password and OTP.
  6. Enter your ATM Pin.
  7. Again re-enter the pin and submit it.
  8. Write this pin somewhere so that you will not forget it for future use.

Hurrah! Your Bandhan Bank ATM Pin is Set.

Bandhan Bank ATM/Debit Pin Generation Using Mobile Banking Application

Bandhan bank also has its mobile app named ‘mbandhan’. With the help of that you can also generate the ATM Pin. However, in the beginning, you need to register yourself and complete the one-time verification. You can follow these steps to generate the ATM Pin for Bandhan Bank.

  1. First, you need to begin by logging in to the mobile banking app ie., the mbandhan app from the bandhan bank’s official download page.
  2. Now, tap on services and select regenerate ATM Pin.
  3. Enter your debit card details such as expiry month and expiry year.
  4. Now, set the ATM Pin. Again you need to enter the chosen pin.

Hence, your new Bandhan Bank ATM PIN generation is completed and generated!

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How To Set/Generate Bandhan Bank ATM Pin Through SMS?

Generating the Bandhan Bank ATM Pin through SMS is sometimes not possible. As you are required to give the relevant details to the bank even if you are calling customer care. Thus, it is advised to always keep an alternative if you are planning to generate the ATM Pin using SMS services.

It even happens that sometimes you won’t receive the sms on the spot due to network connectivity. You can refer to the other best-suited method as just by sms it is not possible.

Process On Bandhan Bank ATM Card Pin Generation By Call

Nowadays everything goes online. Thus, why not grab the advantage of it? Just sitting at home you can call Bandhan Bank’s customer care number and generate your ATM Pin. Follow these few simple steps to get detailed information.

  1. To begin with, you need to call either +91-33-4090-2222 or +91-33-6609-6709.
  2. Choose a suitable language.
  3. Now, enter your sixteen-digit card number and confirm it.
  4. You will be asked to authenticate the expiry date of the card, especially the month and year. You can also be asked about your date of birth.
  5. Enter the PIN of your choice which you will remember for further transactions.
  6. Now, repeat the pin and confirm it.

By just doing these simple steps you can generate your pin from just one call.

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How to Generate Bandhan Bank Debit Card ATM PIN using an ATM Machine?

Using the ATM Machine to generate the Bandhan Bank ATM Pin is one of the easiest ways. As soon as you have received the sealed ATM Card from the bank you can avail of this facility to generate the pin using an ATM. Let’s read the below steps for more detailed information.

  1. You can observe that inside the envelope there is a 4-digit Pin given by the bank itself. You need to keep that in mind.
  2. Now, Insert your card into the ATM Machine.
  3. Enter the already provided Pin by the bank, when you are asked to enter the pin by the ATM.
  4. To change the Pin click on the ‘Change Pin’ option.
  5. Now, enter the Pin which you want for your ATM Card.
  6. Click on confirm.

Try to keep this Pin in mind so that you will not forget it. You can also write it somewhere where it is easy to access.

Points to Remember: 

  • You can also be asked to verify your identity by entering the OTP received on your registered mobile number.


  • You can even be asked to provide your account number as well as your mobile number for the verification process.
  • You must change your temporary Pin as soon as possible to avoid the deactivation of the card.

Physical Bandhan Bank ATM/Debit Card PIN Generation Process

If you are not well aware of the online methods and calling procedure. Then you can also ask for the physical atm pin from the bank. The ATM pin will be delivered to your doorstep at the registered address within 7 days.

For this, you need to contact customer care and provide the required details. They will verify your details and account details. After that, you will be able to get the physical Bandhan bank ATM pin.

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Cautionary: Bandhan Bank ATM Pin Number

There are various warnings and information that you must not share your ATM Pin with anyone. To avoid any fraud try to keep the bank details confidential. Also, try to stand alone while debiting the amount from the ATM Bank and try to protect the ATM Pin as well.

FAQs on Bandhan Bank ATM Pin Generation Online/Offline

1. Can I reset my Bandhan Bank ATM Pin for the old debit card? 

Yes, you can easily reset the ATM Pin for the old debit card by just clicking on change my PIN. Then by entering a new PIN you can successfully change your ATM PIN for Bandhan Bank.

2. How to generate Bandhan Bank ATM Pin if one has forgotten? 

You can use net banking, a mobile application, using an ATM, or call the toll-free number to generate the new atm pin. You can also visit your nearby branch. Also, if you are willing to visit the nearby branch feel free to reach out.

3. What is the helpline number for Bandhan Bank ATM? 

Bandhan bank’s toll-free numbers are 1800-258-8181 /+91-33-6633-3333/+91-33-4409-9090. You can contact the bank 24×7 using these numbers.

4. How can I generate the Bandhan Bank ATM Pin? 

There are various ways to generate the Bandhan bank ATM Pin. If you are still confused about the steps then you can refer to the above-provided information.

Wrapping Up

We have done the Bandhan Bank ATM/Debit Card Pin Generation process explanation. Now, you have ample options following which you can easily follow any suitable method to generate the ATM Pin. For more queries and details related to Bandhan Bank ATM PIN Generation, you can easily contact us via the below comment box.

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