Central Bank ATM Pin Generation Process – 2 Effective Ways To Generate Central Bank of India ATM Card PIN

Central Bank ATM Pin Generation: Customers who bagged the ATM Card from the Central Bank of India can gather the information about CBI ATM PIN Generation Process from this page. As it is completely included with the online and offline PIN generation process of Central Bank ATM/debit card. So, we will be suggesting you read each and every step of Central Bank of India ATM Card Pin Generation to set or activate or reset the pin of your ATM card for future transactions.

Useful Approaches For Central Bank ATM Pin Generation Online & Offline

Central Bank of India provides various ways to activate, set or generate a new ATM PIN for debit and credit card customers. The basic yet effective methods that can be followed by CBI cardholders are explained clearly in this guide. Check out these simple methods and generate your new ATM PIN Central bank of India at home or by visiting the nearest ATM centers or main branches of CBI.

  • Generate CBI ATM PIN Using Mobile Banking App/Internet Banking
  • Set/Change Central Bank ATM PIN By CBI ATM

Guide On Central Bank of India ATM Card Activation Online | How To Create CBI New ATM PIN Online Using Mobile Banking

Recently, the Central bank also started the facility of activating the new ATM card and creating a new pin via mobile banking. Hence, we are requested you opt for this online service and generate your central bank ATM Pin at home. Follow the steps shown below and activate your new debit card and generate a new ATM Pin Online:

  • Download and Install the Central Bank of India Mobile Banking ie., CENT mobile app from the app store or play store for free.
  • Log in to the app with the registered credentials and hit the cards option.
  • Now, select the Green Pin Generation under the card service menu for further procedure.CBI Green Pin generation
  • Enter the requested details like 16-digit ATM card number, CVV, and card expiry month and year.
  • Also, give the green pin for the ATM card and confirm the same in the next field for creating the new ATM Pin.
  • Enter the TPIN and click on Proceed for completing the process.
  • Therefore, your new ATM Card Green PIN is generated successfully via online service but now you should change the Green PIN into a new pin by visiting the nearest ATM of CBI within 24 hours.
  • After changing the pin you can securely use the ATM card for online shopping, withdrawal, or other transactions.

Note: Only new debit card users can avail of this green pin generation facility online via mobile banking. For others, it doesn’t work in the same way.

How To Activate Central Bank of India ATM Card Offline?

The process to activate an ATM card which is provided by the CBI with the help of an ATM machine is explained in the steps below:

  • First and foremost, visit the central bank of India’s ATM machine which is near you.
  • Insert the card in the Automated Teller Machine.
  • Select the preferred language and click on continue.
  • Now, enter the PIN that is received from the bank on your registered mobile number.
  • The entered 4-digit PIN is also called Green PIN. After entering the PIN follow the instructions given to you on the screen to complete the activation successfully.
  • In order to check whether the card is activated or not, do any small transaction with your card at ATM like a withdrawal.
  • If you withdraw the cash successfully then your card is activated. If not then visit the main branch of CBI (central bank of India) and request bank officials to activate the central bank ATM Card.

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How To Generate Green PIN For Setting Central Bank ATM PIN Using ATM?

For CBI Green PIN Generation through Central Bank Of India ATM, you have to follow the below points carefully:

  • Firstly, cardholders need to generate the One time password for setting the Pin.
  • To do that, insert the card into the card reader and select the language you desire.
  • Choose the Green PIN option.
  • Select the OTP Generation option.
  • Provide your registered mobile number on the screen and click on confirm.
  • Enter “(CIF)Customer Identification Number”.
  • OTP will be received on your mobile and by using that OTP you can set a new PIN for your ATM card.

Steps To Set New Central Bank Of India ATM Card PIN By CBI ATM Machine

Check out the below steps for the central bank of India ATM card PIN Generation using an ATM-provided green pin:

  • Again insert the card into the machine and choose the language as done before.
  • Now, select the SET PIN option
  • Enter the received OTP and set the new 4-digit PIN
  • Enter the preferred ATM PIN
  • Re-enter the PIN and confirm it
  • Finally, you will receive a message on the screen or on your mobile number as your new pin is generated successfully.

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FAQs on the Process of Central Bank ATM PIN Generation Toll-Free Number, SMS, Internet Banking

1. Can we generate CBI ATM PIN in any ATM?

No, you can’t generate CBI ATM PIN in any ATM. It can only be possible with the same bank’s ATM machine. So, find the nearest CBI ATM Center and set up the new ATM PIN.

2. How can I generate my central bank ATM PIN online?

You can generate your central bank ATM PIN online via internet banking and mobile banking app. You can simply check the procedure on our page and generate or reset ATM PIN Central Bank in seconds.

3. How can I activate my central bank ATM card online?

You can activate the central bank of India ATM card online with the help of online banking services provided by CBI bank.’

4. What to do if I forgot my central bank ATM PIN?

Right away you can take assistance from the bank’s contact persons or call the toll-free numbers 1800221911 / 18002021911 and attain some guidance to get a new ATM PIN. If you find this tricky then directly visit the nearest CBI bank ATM and choose the regenerate PIN option. It can be possible with an OTP received on your registered mobile number.

Key Outcomes

Central Bank of India offers plenty of features and benefits for their card owners to stick to cashless transactions very smoothly. We feel this article showed some correct ways to generate your new atm pin the first time or when you lose it. If you think people must be aware of such guides on Pin Generation then please share our articles like How to Generate Green Pin, How to Generate a Debit Card Pin, How to Generate Credit Card Pin, and Central Bank ATM PIN Generation. 

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