UCO Bank ATM PIN Generation Online & Offline – 4 Best Methods On How To Generate UCO ATM PIN?

UCO Bank ATM Pin Generation: If you are an active United Commercial Bank debit card or credit card holder and applied for the ATM card recently. Firstly, you have to set up a new pin to activate and use the card for digital transactions. The process to generate UCO Bank ATM PIN online and offline is discussed here for your reference. Hence, we are requested you check all the basic requirements first and then continue reading the procedures for UCO ATM PIN Generation.

Preconditions To Generate यूको बैंक एटीएम पिन

When you have decided to apply for a debit card at UCO and use the card for various digital transactions then a new security pin is required to generate. Before generating the new one you have to get a green pin from the bank and also gather all the below-required things in hand. Let’s see what are they:

  • Customers of UCO bank need to hold an active ATM debit card.
  • You have to register your mobile number at the bank and link it with your UCO bank account
  • Users’ mobile numbers registered with the bank should be in an active state.
  • Hold the UCO bank account passbook with you.
  • Do check whether you have an active SMS plan to receive an SMS from the bank.
  • Must register at UCO bank mobile banking for the smooth activation process of the debit ATM card.

Useful Methods For UCO Bank ATM Pin Generation Online/Offline

The UCO bank ATM Pin Generation Process can be done in two kinds online or offline. In each type, you will be having one or two methods to generate a UCO ATM Card PIN. If you choose online, you can set or change your United Commercial Bank ATM/Debit Card PIN through UCO Bank Internet Banking and UCO Bank Mobile App.

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When you don’t want to be done via online services then opt for UCO bank ATM Pin Generation by using UCO Bank ATM, Customer Care, and SMS Banking. A neat explanation for all the methods is outlined below.

How To Set/Generate UCO Bank ATM PIN Through ATM?

Here are the steps that help customers to generate UCO ATM PIN via UCO Bank ATM:

  • Go to the nearest UCO Bank ATM
  • Insert the Card into the card reader & choose the known language.
  • Select the Green PIN option displayed on the screen.
  • Choose Generate OTP option & enter your UCO Bank Account number.
  • Click on the Confirm tab. After successful submission, you will receive the OTP called Green PIN from the bank on your registered mobile number.
  • By using this Green PIN or OTP, you can generate a new PIN for your UCO Bank ATM Card.
  • Again insert the card and process the same steps till you see the Generate PIN and Validate PIN options.
  • Now, click on the Validate PIN and type your account number again.
  • It asks you to enter the received OTP. Type it & Press If Correct button.
  • Again it displays your transaction is being processed on the screen.
  • After that, enter and re-enter a new 4-digit Debit Card PIN for confirmation.
  • Finally, you will get a notification on the successful generation of your new ATM Pin on the screen and on your mobile number.

Guide On UCO Bank ATM Pin Generation By SMS Number

You guys can even change or set an ATM Green PIN by sending an SMS to the bank’s contact address from the registered mobile number. Find it simple, then check out the process in depth:

  • The format to send an SMS from your registered phone number is PIN ABCD JKLM
  • Here ABCD means the last four digits of UCO Bank’s ATM card, and JKLM means the last four digits of UCO Bank Account Number.
  • Now, you have to send the message in the above format to 567676.
  • Immediately, you will receive an OTP to your registered number.
  • This OTP is valid for two days. So, visit the UCO bank ATM.
  • Insert the card and choose the OTP verification option.
  • Now, repeat the steps explained in the above ATM method from Validate OTP and finish the ATM PIN generation.

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Steps To Set/Change/Reset UCO ATM Card PIN Via UCO Customer Care Number

By UCO Bank Toll-Free Customer Care Number also you can generate an ATM PIN for UCO Bank Debit Card. All you need to do is follow the instructions given below:

  • In the first step, you should know the UCO Bank Toll-Free Customer Care Number ie., 1800 103 0123.
  • Use this number and call the bank with your registered number.
  • Choose your preferred language and then select the ATM and prepaid card services option.
  • Select generate a Green PIN Option.
  • Now, type in your ATM card number and confirm it.
  • Enter the UCO bank account number and give the confirmation.
  • You will get an SMS with an OTP at your mobile number.
  • Within two days, visit the nearest UCO bank’s ATM and generate your ATM PIN. For further process, check the ATM Method steps right from the Validate OTP.

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How To Do UCO Bank Green Pin Generation Using UCO Mobile Banking Application?

Here are the simple steps to generate a green pin via uco bank’s mobile app:

  • First, Login to UCO mBanking Plus.
  • Choose Manage Cards and Green PIN Generation options.
  • Enter Account Number
  • Click on Proceed
  • Select the Debit card
  • Hit the Generate Green PIN option
  • Type the debit card details
  • Enter a 4-digit new PIN
  • Re-enter the PIN for confirmation
  • Click on the submit button
  • Now, provide the received OTP in the requested field
  • Enter TPIN and in seconds your new PIN is set.

What is the Process for Changing your UCO ATM PIN If Lost/Forgot?

Yes, what you have seen is apt because sometimes by chance some people lost or forgot their pin or password. They will be completely blank on how to recover it. But we are here to save them by giving a valid solution to the problem. Probably, cardholders may think the process for resetting or changing the pin for the debit card can be different with generation. But with the UCO bank, it’s not different.

So, we have all the above methods to recover or change your UCO bank debit or ATM card pin. If you find especially a change or reset or regenerate pin instead of a set pin or generate pin then that’s a direct option to proceed and do the next steps. If not then use the methods for regeneration of United commercial bank atm card pin via ATM, Online banking, and phone banking by following the same procedures explained on our page.

FAQs On How Can I Do United Commerical Bank ATM PIN Generation Offline & Online?

1. How can I generate my UCO bank ATM PIN Online?

You can generate your UCO bank ATM PIN online by using internet banking and mobile banking application. The process for both is explained on our page do check them out for your knowledge.

2. How do I activate my UCO ATM Card?

Starting from activating to generating a PIN for your UCO bank ATM card can be done easily by following the steps of how to activate/generate a UCO ATM Card through UCO Bank ATM.

3. Can I change/reset UCO bank ATM PIN Via Customer Care Number?

Yes, absolutely you can change/reset the UCO bank ATM Pin through the UCO Customer care toll-free number. Grab the number from our page along with the step-by-step procedure.

4. Is it okay to visit UCO bank to set my ATM PIN?

Yes, it is okay to visit the bank and set your ATM PIN but make sure to carry all the required documents with you to complete the process in one day.

Final Words

We hope the mentioned step-by-step process for UCO Bank ATM Pin Generation shed some light. In case you have other banks along with UCO bank then check on our website PIN Generation category page to find all other banks’ ATM or credit card pin generations like Indian Bank ATM Pin Generation, Axis Bank ATM Pin Generation, etc.

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