How to Generate Green Pin Online 2023? – Effective Steps for Creating Green PIN By ATM, SMS, IVR, Net Banking

How to Generate Green Pin?: In India, the total number of debit card users is more than 661.8 million, and this count is rapidly increasing from time to time. Debit cards and credit cards’ biggest move is supporting cashless transactions with merchants. Employees and cardholders can address various advantages of debit cards. They can perform any complex bank task also so easily at home.

For example, generating a green pin became very easy by utilizing various online bank options. Hence, we have formed this guide to discuss deeply what exactly the green pin is, its advantages, how it works, and their differences along with How to Generate Green Pin quickly by cardholders online/offline?

What is Green PIN & How Does It Works?

A Green PIN is a digital PIN allowed customers to generate while setting up an ATM PIN through online or offline services. Bank’s green initiative cut down the paper and helped heal the environment with good maintenance. Green PIN was first introduced in 2016 by the SBI bank. Later, all banks started implementing the Green PIN via various methods.

This great initiation helps in controlling paperless transactions and also breaks the lengthy pin generation process which favors bank employees and customers. Green PIN facility can be generated through IVR(Interactive Voice Response), SMS, Bank’s ATM, Net banking service, and mobile banking service. In the following process of generating the ATM PIN, this green PIN plays a major role and makes you get a new PIN that can be used for the rest of your life while doing cash withdrawals and cashless transactions.

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Is There Any Difference Between a Green PIN and a Traditional Printed PIN?

Yes, there are numerous differences between the Green pin and the traditional printed pin. For your knowledge, we have listed them in the below table:

Green PIN Traditional Printed PIN
It cuts the paper (means no printed letter) A standard printed letter is a must.
It does not require much time to access the debit card after pin generation. It takes time to activate a debit card after pin generation.
You can even generate an instant duplicate pin with this facility when you forgot your previous pin. Need many days to generate the duplicate pin via traditional printed pin.
Bank doesn’t provide any pin. You have to generate it on your own. At first, the bank provides the PIN later on it should be changed.

Methods Available For Bank Cardholders To Generate Green PIN

A customer of debit or credit card can generate the green pin with the help of various banking services such as:

  1. Through Net Banking
  2. Via Custome Care or SMS
  3. Through IVR
  4. Using ATMs
  5. By Giving A Missed Call

You can check out the detailed process from the below heads and be aware of green pin generation.

Steps on How To Generate Green PIN Through Internet Banking

Cardholders who have registered to their net banking services can easily generate or activate their bank cards at home by following the important instructions on green pin generation. Look at the below steps carefully:

  • Log in to your internet banking account
  • On the home page, navigate to card services and select the PIN Generation option.
  • Select the card type to generate the pin.
  • Enter the details asked by the bank like account number, card number, etc.
  • After verifying the data, they will provide an OTP to your mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP on the page and get access to generate a green pin on your own.

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Process For Green PIN Generation Via SMS or Customer Care Service

The instructions you need to take care of while generating a green pin through SMS are listed below:

  • Customers have to send an SMS in the format PIN ABCD EFGH to the bank’s SMS help number or customer care or toll-free number.
  • In the format, ABCD denotes the last 4 digits of their debit card and EFGH denotes the last 4 digits of their bank account number that is linked to their debit card.
  • After receiving the SMS with an OTP, cardholders need to use that OTP within 2 days and generate an ATM/debit PIN using the bank ATM.

How To Set Green PIN Through IVR?

With the support of the bank’s IVR also you can generate the green pin at home. The procedure is as outlined:

  • Open the bank’s official website and look at the IVR helpline number for PIN generation.
  • Call the number from the registered mobile number and follow the instructions carefully.
  • First, choose the ATM and prepaid services from the given options and enter the card number two times.
  • Confirm the details and enter the amount number twice.
  • Again confirm it, in no time you will receive an SMS with an OTP. This one-time password is valid for 2 days.
  • Within two days, card owners need to visit the ATM nearby and generate the PIN for their debit card.

Process To Set/Generate Green PIN By ATM

In order to generate a green pin and change or set up a new pin for your card using an ATM machine then have a look at the simple steps below:

  • Find the ATM machine of your bank in your surroundings.
  • Reach out to the nearest ATM and insert the card into the machine.
  • Check the menu and navigate to the PIN Generation option.
  • Click on it and enter the bank account number for authentication.
  • Now, give your registered mobile number and submit it.
  • Bank will verify the data after submission and if everything works well you will get the OTP.
  • You have to use this OTP within 2 days. Now by using this OTP you can create a Green PIN and use it for online transactions and cash withdrawals.

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Guide on How To Create Green PIN Via Missed Call

Facing issues with the above methods and looking for a simple and easy way to generate the Green PIN then follow the steps below. The facility you’re going to opt for green pin generation is giving a missed call. You will come to see this missed call facility very rarely in the banks.

  • First, give a missed call to the bank’s toll-free or a particular number from the mobile number registered with the bank.
  • If it connects properly then you will receive a one-time password on your phone via SMS.
  • Within the given time, you have to use this OTP by visiting the nearest bank’s ATM to generate a Green PIN.

Benefits of Green PIN

After initiating the green pin, cardholders and employees of the bank are happy with a lot of benefits such as:

  • No physical visit to the banks for pin generation requests or activation.
  • You can safeguard your pin with this facility.
  • Bank employees can cut down the postage and delivery charges.
  • It overcomes the carbon footprint of public and private banks in India.
  • A green PIN is safe and quick. Hence, there is no delay in generating the ATM PINs for your card.

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FAQs on How Can I Generate Green PIN Online & Offline?

1. How can I know that my bank offers the green pin facility?

First, you have to check with the bank authorities about the facility of green pin for your cards. If yes, then proceeding with any of the methods is helpful for you.

2. Is there any fee to generate a green pin?

No, there is no fee linked with the green pin generation. It’s totally free of charge.

3. Can we generate a green PIN in any ATM?

No, we can’t generate a green pin in any ATM. It can be done only on the same bank’s ATMs. If you are an old cardholder, then you can have a minimal chance to change your pin and this is applicable for some bank cards only.

4. Can I generate a green pin online?

Of course yes, you can generate a green pin online via the bank’s online baking services like internet banking or mobile banking.

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