RBL Bank Debit Card Pin Generation – 3 Useful Methods to Set/ Change RBL Bank Debit/ ATM PIN

RBL Bank Debit Card PIN Generation: RBL Bank has recorded the highest rate of growth in 3 years and one of those reasons is undoubtedly their debit card services. The bank actually offers a wide range of debit cards to meet all their customers’ specific needs and financial requirements.

That said, when you open a savings account with RBL, you are, by default, given a debit card of your choosing. However, you can only use the debit card for your transactions after you have generated its PIN and then activated the card. This blog will give you an insight into how you need to go about RBL Bank debit card PIN generation!!

Simple Methods to Generate RBL Bank Debit Card PIN

One of the best examples of the RBL Bank’s dedication to improving their customers’ lives and making it easy for them to operate their financial accounts is that the bank offers multiple methods using which you can generate your new debit card’s PIN. There are, in total, 3 methods for you to generate your new debit card’s PIN.

  • How to Generate RBL Bank Debit Card PIN Offline?
    • Using RBL Bank’s SMS facility
  • How to Generate RBL Bank Debit Card PIN Online?
    • Using RBL Bank’s MoBank mobile application
    • Using RBL Bank’s Internet Banking portal

We have discussed and explained these methods in detail for your reference below!

Offline RBL Bank Debit Card PIN Generation

Here are the simple methods to generate an RBL bank debit card pin generation easily offline.

How To Generate RBL Bank Debit Card Pin through SMS Method

Many people prefer offline methods of generating their RBL Bank debit card PIN because of the reliability of offline services. With internet services, your process could get stuck if your internet is weak or spotty. Therefore, we have given you detailed instructions on how you can generate your RBL Bank debit card PIN using the SMS method below.

  • RBL Bank debit card PIN generation can actually be done without an internet connection too. You simply need an active SIM card from which you can send and receive SMSs.
  • Bear in mind that you also need to refer to your customer ID or your registered PAN card number in order to proceed.
  • Once you have access to your customer ID or your PAN card number, you need to send a text message in the following format, to this number – 9223366333.
  • The format of the text message should look something like this: PIN<space>The last 4 digits of your debit card<space> Customer ID <space> Your desired 4-digit PIN
  • In case you do not have access to your customer ID, enter the last 4 digits of your PAN card number in the space meant for the customer ID.

Online RBL Bank Debit Card PIN Generation: Steps to Set RBL Bank Debit Card PIN

If your internet connection is reliable, you can generate your RBL Bank debit card PIN quite easily. You can either log in to RBL bank’s internet banking portal or log in to their MoBank mobile application. We have discussed these 2 online methods below.

How To Generate Debit Card Pin through Netbanking Method

Here is the process for generating your RBL Bank debit card PIN on the bank’s online internet banking portal.

  • First, log in to your net banking portal at the RBL Bank website in order to generate the new debit card’s PIN from there.
  • On the net banking page that opens, you should be able to see a ‘Requests’ button towards the top of the page. Upon clicking that, a new menu will open up on your screen. Location a ‘Debit Card’ icon and click on that.
  • Now you simply need to click on the ‘Debit Card PIN Set/ Reset’ icon and enter the PIN you want to use for your debit card. Ensure that the PIN of your choosing is secure and safe.

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Steps to Generate pin for RBL Bank Debit Card Through MoBank Mobile App

RBL bank debit card PIN generation can also be done using RBL’s MoBank mobile banking application. In fact, generating a new PIN is probably easiest using this method. This is primarily because of the intuitive user interface of this application.

  • Once you log in to the MoBank application, locate the icon for ‘Manage Your Cards.’
  • When you click on it, you will find an option to ‘Change PIN.’
  • Enter a PIN number that is safe but also easy for you to remember.
  • The application will also help you keep a record of all the transactions that take place in your bank account and on your debit card.

How To Change/ Reset Your RBL Bank Debit Card PIN Incase of Lose/Forgot?

You can reset/change your RBL Bank debit card PIN after setting it up for the first time. In fact, the process to reset your debit card PIN is identical to the methods we have mentioned above. Simply choose the method that is most convenient for you and follow the steps!

  • Change the Pin through the Mobile application
  • Change Debit Card pin through net banking
  • Change through ATM
  • Change through SMS

In the event that you lose or damage your RBL debit card, you must inform the bank immediately. Further, if you seem to have lost the debit card, make sure you also file a police complaint or block the money in your account until the whereabouts of the card can be determined or until the card can be removed from your savings account profile.

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Tips and Tricks To Follow While/After RBL Bank Debit Card PIN Generation

We understand that financial processes can cause a little anxiety. Therefore, we have come up with a few tips and tricks that are bound to make your job easier when you are trying to generate your brand-new debit card PIN. Read on!

  • Make sure that your PIN number remains completely confidential.
  • If you happen to share your PIN with somebody for an emergency, change it afterward.
  • Do not write your pin on any paper.
  • Do not share it on any shopping websites which are not secure.
  • Don’t share your pin through your emails, messages, etc.

FAQs on RBL Bank Debit Card PIN Generation

1. How to activate an RBL Bank debit card at an ATM?

First, you must generate your debit card PIN using any of the 3 methods outlined in the article above. Once you have done that, you can simply use the debit card to withdraw money at any ATM and your card will be activated.

2. Can I generate an ATM pin online?

Yes, you can generate an ATM pin online through net banking, or a mobile app.

3. Can you generate RBL Bank’s debit card PIN by calling customer care?

No, you cannot generate RBL Bank’s debit card PIN by calling customer care. However, if you have forgotten your PIN and only want to reset it, you can get in touch with the bank’s customer care to help you do the same. You can reach RBL Bank’s customer care on the following telephone number – 022 6115 6300.

Key Outcomes

And with that, you now know everything about the RBL Bank’s Debit Card PIN Generation procedure. So, without further ado, download the RBL MoBank application or simply type out an SMS to generate your debit card PIN. And finally, remember to be very careful about divulging any information about your account and finances to anybody apart from you!

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