Federal Bank ATM Pin Generation Process 2023 – Useful Ways To Generate/Change Federal ATM PIN

Federal Bank ATM Pin Generation: Customers of Federal Bank can get the advantage by reading the whole page as it covered everything related to the generation or changing the federal bank debit card/Atm card pin. Well many of us don’t know what’s the process of Federal Bank ATM Card Pin Generation, whether it can be done online or offline, and more such things. So, we have planned and gathered information on how to generate a debit/atm pin of the federal bank from the official website and explained it here in a simple manner.

How To Generate Federal Bank ATM PIN Online?

Federal Bank ATM PIN can be generated online by the two best methods. Have no idea about them then don’t worry we are here to introduce the two Federal Bank ATM Pin Generation online processes in a simple manner. Just by following a few easy steps, you can generate/reset your federal bank atm/debit card pin at home. After knowing the online procedures choose any one that suits you and start generating a soft pin for a federal bank ATM card.

  • Using FedNet
  • Using FedMobile

Steps for Federal Bank ATM Pin Generation Through FedNet (Internet Banking Service)

Below are the simple instructions that should be followed by every customer for generating a new ATM PIN smoothly:

  1. Go to the official page of federal internet banking.
  2. On the net banking page, you have to select the type of net banking user from the options like Personal, Business, or New User.
  3. Enter the Login Id and password and hit the login button.
  4. Navigate & select the debit card services.
  5. Choose the required option ie., “Change/Reset PIN” under debit card services.
  6. Select the card from the list.
  7. Enter your new soft pin or ATM pin of your choice.
  8. Re-enter it again for confirmation.
  9. Now, enter the expiry month and year of your debit card.
  10. Hit the next button and follow the instructions provided on the screen.

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Process To Generate Federal Bank ATM PIN Using FedMobile (Mobile Banking Service)

  1. Download and install the Fedmobile app from the official website and register your details.
  2. Now, login into the FedMobile app using login details or MPIN.
  3. On the home screen, tap the top left menu and choose the card management option.
  4. Hit on Set New PIN/Change PIN.
  5. Now, Enter the New ATM PIN & Re-enter the New ATM PIN followed by the debit card’s expiry month and year.
  6. To proceed further, click on the Change PIN button.
  7. It will ask you again to change your debit card PIN with the cancel and yes buttons. Click on the YES option.
  8. Enter your MPIN for authentication and submit to change your ATM Debit Card PIN.
  9. Again click on change PIN and finally, it changed your PIN number to a new one for further transactions.

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How To Generate/Change Federal Bank ATM Debit Card Pin Offline?

People who stay away from online access can grab the opportunity of a federal bank’s offline banking service for activating or generating a new ATM PIN. Are you wondering how we can generate a federal bank ATM card pin offline? Don’t fret! we have given clear information on it in the below modules. Let’s jump into the methods and follow the instructions carefully.

  • Through Telephonic facility (IVR)
  • Through Federal Bank ATMs

By using the federal bank soft pin facility only you can activate your card and also you can set or change your ATM PIN to a new ATM PIN for a Federal Bank debit card. Check on the two methods and do as instructed for successful Federal Bank ATM PIN Generation.

Method To Set Federal Bank ATM/Debit Card PIN Via IVR Facility

  1. Firstly, to generate the soft pin, you have to dial 0484 2866700 and click 1.
  2. Enter the birth year in YYYY format using a dial pad.
  3. Now, enter the last four digits of the debit card number.
  4. Instantly, you will receive the soft pin on your mobile number via SMS.
  5. After receiving the soft pin number, again dial 0484 2866700 and press 2.
  6. Do follow all the instructions on the call and proceed with setting a New PIN for your ATM Debit card.
  7. Finally, you have successfully set your new ATM PIN via the Federal Bank IVR service.

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How To Activate or Generate ATM PIN Federal Bank Through ATM?

Generally, you can activate your card by visiting the same bank ATM but with the federal ATM card activation, you can even visit any other bank ATM. So, try once by following the same instructions mentioned below:

  1. First and foremost, the generation of the soft pin can be done by sending an SMS from the registered mobile number to 9895088888 or 567672.
  2. The format for sending a message is as such: SP<space>Last 4 digits of debit card.
  3. Now, visit the federal bank ATM.
  4. On the ATM Screen, you can see the Soft PIN option like ‘For soft pin please press here’. Click on it before inserting the card.
  5. Next, insert the card into the ATM and hit the Generate A New Soft PIN option.
  6. Bank will send the soft pin to your mobile number registered with the bank.
  7. It asks you to enter the soft pin which you get on your phone.
  8. Now, enter the new pin of your choice and hit the ‘Enter PIN & Press To Continue’ button.
  9. Re-enter the new pin and click on the ‘Enter PIN & Press To Continue’ button.
  10. You will see the success message like Your PIN Is Changed Successfully on the screen.

Steps On How To Rest Lost Debit Card ATM PIN of Federal Bank?

When you forgot or lost the ATM Pin then you can regenerate it by following these steps:

  • Initially, you have to send sms like SP(space)XXXX (XXXX represents the Last four digits of the debit card) to 5676762 or 9895088888.
  • Collect the OTP and visit the nearest ATM of the federal bank.
  • Follow the same Federal Bank ATM PIN Generation Using the ATM process from the above modules.
  • If you get the success message on the screen and printed slip then you have reset the pin correctly.

FAQs On Federal Bank ATM PIN Generation Online & Offline Process

1. How can I activate my Federal Bank ATM card online?

You can activate your federal bank ATM Card online by following these simple steps:

  • Open the FedNet page and log in with your registered details.
  • Then, choose ‘Debit Card ON/OFF’ from ‘Debit Card Services’.
  • Enter the card number using the drop-down list.
  • Keep the status ON for the Contactless feature and hit the ‘Continue’ button.
  • You will receive the OTP on your registered phone, provide it and press the ‘submit’ button.

2. How can I generate my ATM PIN online for a federal bank?

You can generate your federal bank ATM PIN online by using net banking services and mobile banking services. Want to check the complete details about the process then look at our page.

3. How to activate a Federal Bank ATM card through SMS?

You can activate or generate a Federal Bank ATM card by sending an SMS to 9895088888 or 5676762 from the registered mobile number.

Final Outcomes

Hoping that this informative guide on Federal Bank ATM PIN Generation online & offline helped everyone to some extent. If you are finding other ways which are not discussed on this page then let us know by commenting down. Also, you guys can suggest or ask us anything related to PIN Generation via the comment section so that we gather can update more information for needy people.

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