Punjab National Bank ATM Pin Generation – How To Generate ATM/Debit Card PIN PNB Bank In 3 Methods?

Punjab National Bank ATM Pin Generation: Want to get an idea about how to set up or change the Punjab bank debit/ATM card pin online and offline? This is the best page for the solution you guys are looking for. As it discusses everything about PNB ATM PIN Generation Process Offline and Online.

If you applied for a New PNB ATM card and waiting to receive it then this guide helps you to some extent because it covers the procedure to get Punjab Bank ATM/Debit Card Green Pin and generate a new ATM PIN for PNB Bank Debit Card in simple ways. Learn the information in detail by scrolling down the page with no delay.

How To Generate Punjab National Bank Green PIN?

Generating the green pin is a must when you apply and receive the new PNB debit card for the first time and also when you forgot and need a duplicate pin. So, for these two reasons, we have to learn and generate the green pin for PNB ATM Card before setting up your new ATM PIN.

The First Scenario: If your bank accepted your debit card application then they will send you a debit/ATM card with other details in an envelope to your home. Also, the bank provides automatically a Green PIN to the registered mobile number while issuing the debit card.

The issued green pin is active for 72 hours from the generation. So within 72 hours, you can generate a new ATM PIN with the help of a green pin. If you missed setting up a new pin within the given time then follow the next scenario.

The Second Scenario: This scenario is applicable to all existing card users as it understands regenerating a duplicate PIN for setting up a new debit or ATM pin PNB Bank. Customers can utilize the feature of Green PIN to self-generate a duplicate pin or else they can get it by SMS too.

To get a Green PIN or OTP for generating a new pin, type a message in the format mentioned below and send an SMS to the given bank numbers from your registered mobile numbers:

Customers outside India DCPIN 16-digit debit card number to 9264092640
Customers within India DCPIN 16-digit debit card number to 5607040

After verification of your card and mobile number, the bank will provide the 6-digit OTP or green pin on your registered mobile number. Make use of this OTP in the next 3 days and change or regenerate your PNB Bank 4-digit ATM PIN with the help of the below-discussed online or offline banking services of Punjab national bank(PNB).

Methods To Set Up Punjab National Bank ATM PIN Using The PNB Green PIN Online & Offline

Here comes the main part of this page ie., useful ways to change or set up a new PNB Bank ATM PIN. This can be done with the help of the generated six-digit OTP or green pin. First, generate the OTP by following the above module then check out these online and offline banking service methods for Punjab National Bank PNB ATM PIN Generation. Below are the three simple and standard ways to generate a Punjab National Bank ATM/Debit card pin:

  • Steps For Punjab National Bank ATM Pin Generation Using PNB IBS Account Through OTP
  • Punjab National Bank ATM Pin Generation Process Through PNB One App Using Green PIN OTP
  • Guide On Setting Of Punjab Bank ATM/Debit Card PIN Through PNB ATM Using OTP

Let’s get into a detailed explanation regarding Punjab National Bank ATM Pin Generation online/offline:

Steps For Punjab National Bank ATM Pin Generation Using PNB IBS Account Through OTP

The process of Setting a PNB debit/ATM PIN Through an IBS Account Using OTP is explained clearly in the below steps:

  1. First and foremost, visit the official website and click on the Punjab National Bank Internet Banking Service page.
  2. Now, log in to your IBS Retail Account with the login details registered with the bank while signing up for IBS.
  3. If not registered then initiate the registration process then follow the below points.
  4. After successfully login into your IBS account, tap on Value Added Services > Card Related Services 4 >Set/Reset DebilCard PIN.
  5. Choose the account number and continue.
  6. Enter the requested information like OTP, card number, and expiry date(month & year) and hit the submit button.
  7. After validating the entered details, you will be allowed to enter and re-enter the new four-digit number as a PNB ATM PIN.
  8. If everything goes well then your PIN will be generated and the system display the confirmation message on the net banking service screen.

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Punjab National Bank ATM Pin Generation Process Through PNB One App Using Green PIN OTP

Here is the simple procedure regarding PNB ATM PIN Generation using a mobile application ie., PNB One App. Follow the steps:

  1. Firstly, download and install the PNB One App on your device from the official website.PNB One App Download
  2. If your device is android then click on the ‘Download from Play Store’ button and iOS users should select the ‘Download from App Store’ button.
  3. After installation, please log in to the app with the registered credentials.
  4. On the home screen, navigate and click on the Debit card button.
  5. Later on, hit the Generate Green PIN option.
  6. You will redirect to the next page, here choose the account number of the card that you need to generate and hit on the continue button.
  7. The system requests you to fill in the details like Card Number, Expiry Date, and 6 digits Green Pin number received on your registered phone number.
  8. After entering these details crosscheck them once again and click on Continue.
  9. After thorough verification of the entered data, it will ask you to enter the new 4-digit ATM PIN of your choice.
  10. Re-enter it again for confirmation.
  11. If it matches then you will get a message like “Thank you, your PIN has been set successfully. Please do not share it with anyone”. on the app screen.

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Guide On Setting Of Punjab Bank ATM/Debit Card PIN Through PNB ATM Using OTP

If you don’t have internet access or any online facility to opt for PNB IBS or Mobile Banking Service to generate a Punjab bank ATM PIN then visit the nearest PNB ATM Center and set it by using the PNB Green PIN.

  1. After visiting the nearest ATM of Punjab National Bank.
  2. Insert or swipe the card in the ATM machine and choose the preferred language.
  3. Here, you have to select the ‘GREEN PIN’ option under Banking.
  4. Now, enter the received OTP number and Click OK.
  5. It will ask you to fill in the new 4-digit number of your choice as a PIN and re-enter it again for confirmation.
  6. Press the OK button and upon the completion of the process, it will take the given number as a new PIN and store it in the memory for further usage while online transactions, withdrawals, and point-of-sale transactions.

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What to do if I Loss/Theft of ATM/Debit Card PNB?

In case you hold the PNB bank debit/atm card and unfortunately if you lost it then the immediate action you have to take is blocking or hotlisting the card. This can save you from any misuse of the card by someone. Also, you can follow the safety measures mentioned below:

  • You can solve it online by login into the PNB one or PNB internet banking services.
  • Else, you can even send an SMS HOT<space>Card Number to 5607040 using your registered mobile number.
  • Also, call to the bank’s call center representative using their toll-free numbers 1800 180 2222, 1800 103 2222, or via helpline number 0120-2490000.

If you opt for the hotlist option then remember that de-hotlisted is not possible anymore. We hope this piece of information helped you very much in that worse situations.

FAQs on Punjab National Bank ATM Pin Generation Process Online/Offline

1. Can I Change my PNB ATM PIN Online?

Of course, yes you can change or generate PNB ATM PIN Online using IBS and MBS. If you opt for PNB MBS then download PNB One app and by using OTP, simply change the ATM Card Pin.

2. How can I generate my Punjab bank ATM PIN?

You can generate your Punjab bank ATM PIN by creating Green PIN using provided bank services and then setting up the unique pin via online and offline Punjab national banking services.

3. How can I generate my PNB ATM PIN by SMS?

With the help of the SMS banking service, you can create a duplicate card pin for your PNG ATM/debit card and then generate your new ATM PIN of PNB Bank. For setting the 4-digit ATM PIN, receive the 6-digit Green PIN by sending an SMS DCPIN space CARD NUMBER to 5607040 or 9264092640 from your registered mobile number.

4. What to do if I have issues while generating my PNB ATM PIN?

There are two ways to resolve your issues, one is by visiting the nearest branch of Punjab national bank and the other is by contacting the phone banking service or customer care at 0120-2490000 or at Toll-Free numbers 18001802222/ 1800 103 2222.

5. How To Hotlist PNB Debit Card Using PNB One App?

  • First, log in to the PNB One app.
  • Start navigating for the Debit card option.
  • Go to the debit card tab and then click on Hotlist Debit Card.
  • Follow the instructions provided on the screen and save your details and money.
  • Immediately do request for another debit card followed by other required things.

Key Takeaways

We think the furnished information on Punjab National Bank ATM Pin Generation is enough to help you set up your new or duplicate PIN for your PNB ATM/debit card. In case, we missed any other details regarding PNB Bank ATM PIN Generation, please let us know via the comment section so that we can work on it and update our article soon.

If you hold any other bank’s ATM card and looking to change the PIN then check on our PIN Generation Articles from this link and follow the procedures without fail. Do bookmark our Transferandpostings.in site for grabbing all the published guides on pin generation in no time.

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