BOB Debit Card PIN Generation Process 2023 – Best Ways To Generate Bank of Baroda Debit Card PIN Online/Offline

BOB Debit Card PIN Generation: The Bank of Baroda (BOB) is one of the oldest commercial banks regulating finances in India, giving assistance to millions of citizens across the country. It provides its customers with a number of bank facilities while charging as low-interest rates as possible. Given that it is a Government-owned bank, it is far more accessible to the common folks in several states.

Services like issuing debit cards, credit cards, and loans are common but every card needs a security PIN. This article targets the audience that needs help with BOB debit card PIN generation. So, if you are a BOB account holder, this will assist you in generating a Bank of Baroda ATM Debit Card Pin in simple methods.

What Is The BOB Card Pin Generation Process?

Bank of Baroda gives a lot of alternatives to customers which help with an ATM card or debit card PIN generation. With that being said, the BOB debit card PIN generation is relatively easy. There are mainly five ways to go with BOB ATM Card PIN Generation.

Firstly, BOB debit card PIN generation can be done through an ATM. The second option is BOB PIN Generation By SMS. The third option is Bank of Baroda PIN generation through Internet Banking. And lastly, we have two ie., mobile banking and customer care.

All these five methods are super easy to perform but choose the best one as per your requirement and make your card activated for upcoming cashless transactions or shopping bills.

Method To Generate BOB Debit Card Pin via ATM

BOB debit card PIN is easily generated in a Bank of Baroda ATM following a few steps. These are the steps for starting the BOB Card PIN Generation through Bank’s ATM:

  • Find the nearest Bank Of Baroda ATM and put your debit card in the machine.
  • Customers will come across a number of options on the ATM screen and click on the option that states “Set/Re-Generate PIN”.
  • They will be redirected to another screen. Put in the 11-digit card number and tap on the “confirm” option.
  • From there, the customer has to enter their registered phone number and confirm the number.
  • The customer will receive an OTP which will be valid for two days. After entering the OTP, you will be prompted to generate the BOB debit card PIN of your choice.

If you ever want to change the PIN using an ATM, then tap on the banking category. You will have the option for “PIN change” and must select that. You will be able to get a new PIN after entering the OTP you will receive on your registered mobile number.


  • Registering your active mobile number with the bank is a must-do for setting/resetting your BOB debit card pin at the Bank of Baroda ATM center.
  • Some of the debit card variants are not allowed for Green PIN. To those cardholders, a physical mailer will be provided.
  • Still, for any reason you’re unable to generate a card pin at ATM, do contact the branch or phone banking services at 1800 102 44 55 to request the physical PIN mailer.

Steps on Generating BOB Debit Card PIN via Internet Banking (BOB World)

Internet banking is one of the safer ways you can generate the PIN of your BOB debit card. The steps of generating a PIN through internet banking are far easier and more precise. Fulfill the instructions stated in the following lines:

  • Start with opening your bank’s BOB world internet banking service page and log in to your account using all the proper credentials.
  • Open the “Services” category and begin by selecting the “Set/ Reset Debit Card Pin” tab.
  • Put in your bank’s customer ID and tap on the “proceed” option.
  • You will land on a similar page where you will have various debit cards associated with your account. Select the debit card where you would want to regenerate the card PIN and select “Continue”.
  • You will receive an OTP on your phone from your registered number. Enter the received one-time password number in the requested field and validate it to confirm.
  • Now, enter the new pin number of your wish and re-enter it again for confirmation.
  • Select the ” Proceed” option. Following that, use your credentials in the transactional password and User ID.
  • Your BOB debit card PIN will be generated successfully if you get the success message on the screen & on your mobile number.

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How To Generate Bank Of Baroda Debit Card PIN Through SMS?

PIN generation through phone SMS is an easier approach for generating your Bank of Baroda debit card PIN. Similar to Net Banking, you will require your registered mobile number. Follow the procedure mentioned below:

  • To begin you have to Type PIN<space>enter the last four digits of the bob ATM card<space>enter the last four digits of your debit card and send the SMS using your registered mobile number.
  • Once you have texted via SMS, you will get an OTP on your mobile through the registered number.
  • This OTP will only be valid for up to 2 days for use. Using this OTP you can Re generate your debit card PIN at any bank ATM.

The SMS method of generating debit card paint is a safer option because you get to operate the PIN in the safety of your own house. Hence, there’s barely any chance of info getting leaked.

Simple Process for Bank Of Baroda Debit/ATM Card PIN By Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking is another alternative that ensures a safe PIN generation for your BOB debit card. This method can be compared to Net Banking in a literal sense. Here are the steps you will have to start with:

  • For starters, install the Bank of Baroda bob World app (M-connect) using Google Play Store or App store or from the official site.
  • Open the application and log in with your details and credentials to finalize the registration protocol.
  • After you have registered, open the debit card control category and choose the “Change Debit Card PIN” option.
  • After that select the debit card which you want and regenerate the pin through the “SET PIN” option.
  • An OTP will be sent to your mobile phone using the registered mobile phone number. After you enter the OTP, enter the new PIN you want.
  • Attain the recent PIN you generated to verify and you are ready to use it.

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Safety precautions to follow for BOB Debit Card PIN Generation

There are a bunch of guidelines you should be aware of while using your Bank of Baroda Debit Card and while generating the card pin. Here is everything that you can be cautious of:

  • Never open any arbitrary links or visit any websites that ask you to enter or modify your debit card PIN.
  • Your debit card PIN should be changed frequently.
  • When making purchases with your debit card on authorized websites that ask for your pin, only utilize those sites.
  • Don’t ever divulge the PIN for your debit card.
  • Use caution when entering the pin for your debit card at POS (point of sale) terminals.
  • Try not to use invalid information or personal attributes in account passwords. Use strong characters and statements instead.
  • Make sure to keep your transactions and transaction history to yourself.
  • Avoid texting, emailing, or talking about your debit card PIN with anyone. Such a request for personal information or login credentials from a bank is never made.

How To Regenerate BOB Debit Card PIN If Lost/Forgot?

You can regenerate your BOB Debit Card PIN either from the ATM or from the contact center. In the case of an ATM, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Visit your nearest BOB ATM and insert your debit card. Click on the “Set/Re-Generate PIN” option.
  • Thereafter you will be asked to mention your credentials along with the passcode for activation or the OTP sent to your linked mobile number.

Remember that it is necessary that your mobile number is linked to your bank account. If not, you need to visit your BOB branch for registration.

In the case of re-generating your Debit card PIN via the contact centre, there are the steps to follow:

  • Use the linked mobile number and dial 1800 258 445 or 1800 102 4455.
  • Choose “Reissue Debit Card PIN” from the section “Bank service & Other Information.
  • Thereafter, give the last four digits of your card and mention the details related to its expiry. On providing these details, you will receive an OTP on your number.
  • Finally, you have to enter the received OTP and you will be redirected to reset your PIN.

Ensure to not share the PIN with anyone and use it safely.

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FAQs on How to Generate BOB Debit Card/ATM Pin Online/Offline?

1. Can I generate BOB Debit Card Pin online?

Yes, you can certainly generate your Bob debit card pin online. You can install the Bank of Baroda app and get started with the pin generation after you have logged in with your ID.

2. Is it possible to generate BOB Debit Card Pin at any ATM?

Yes, any Bank of Baroda Debit card holder can generate the debit card pin through an ATM. Find the nearest BOB ATM location and generate your debit card pain using your credentials and registered mobile number.

3. Is it possible to activate BOB Debit Card Pin at any ATM?

Yes, it is. To activate BOB debit card PIN, you must only go to a BOB ATM. It is best to activate the card using the Bank ATM that issues the card in the first place.

4. What is the number of digits for the BOB Debit Card Pin? 

As per the guidelines, the Bank of Baroda Debit Card must contain a four-digit PIN. This is the same with most commercial banks in India.

Key Upshots

Most bank account holders tend to begin transactions using a debit card in the initial phase. This is mainly because debit cards don’t let the customers pay any extra charges for the transactions. This is where the Bank of Baroda Debit Card is a great edition because it is used when millions of common folks in India.

That is everything about Bank of Baroda BOB Debit Card PIN Generation. If information like this helps you out, then visit our website and read related articles like How to Generate a Debit Card Pin, Difference between Credit Card & Debit Card, Kotak Debit Card Pin Generation, and so on.

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